Friday, August 6, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-6-10 Vloggie Style

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Yippe Ki Yeah Fother Mucker
Its Friday.

I love Fridays. The end of a very long week and every week here at work is a long week.  Fridays mean PAYDAY, well every other Friday, but still.  Closer to the 2 days I get to spend more time with the C's and T.

I was thinking this morning about how much I love Fridays and then a song came on the radio and I have to just sing along.  Im not the best singer, but I am a notch above the fake American Idol losers that try to pretend they can sing.

Ok, so maybe I am not better than the fakes on American Idol.  Keep your comments to yourself.
And yes, for all of you out there that are going to comment about my overgrown beard in the summer, I am going to have T hook me up this weekend.
She is going to give me a mini makeover.  Trim beard (damn there is alot of gray in that beard), pluck the brows, shave the back, all the good stuff.

Isnt it great when the kids get excited to brush their teeth.

C4 really loves to brush his teeth
He screams "MY TURN"

C2 also Rushes for the Brushes

Bet you never thought I would but a video of C4's stool sample on here
Well here it is!

Everything has been good this week at home.  The kids are good, the wife is good.  I have been working out all week, either on the Wii Fit, the dumbbells (easy now), and the resistance training with the bands.  I plan on keeping it up this weekend and the kids are even going to do it with me, maybe.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  We T has to get things, clothes and toys and what not ready for the big church consignment sale, I need to do 4 product reviews and that means I have got to figure out how to change my blog and get some tabs or maybe just set up a button, shit I don't know, I just have to get it done.

This weekend is yard work weekend. Time to get it tight and get it right.

And now for some headlines that smacked me in the face this week

Talented Falcons could lurk as the NFL's surprise team of 2010 - That's right haters. MY ATLANTA FALCONS. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and a re-vamped Defense.  Watch out this year!!!!

Band of billionaires pledge to give to charity - Damn it, I need my name on that list, either list the Billonaires list or the Charity list.....shit

Pregnant women who gain too much weight may raise child's obesity risk - Ok, so do women who gain too little weight raise the risk of a child be anorexic?

Officials target renegade lemonade stand run by 7-year-old - The girl was spiking the lemonade and the parents were happy but the officials were not.  I guess the officials were not able to drink that day.

Smell that????

No I didn't fart!

Its the smell of Orlando....

Disney World is getting closer.




Unknown August 6, 2010 at 1:44 PM   Reply to

Hahaha!!! This whole thing is awesome! I was so scared to watch the "stool sample" but it was WAY cute!! And dude! You have American Idol in the BAG! ;-) Have a great weekend!

Holly Diane August 6, 2010 at 2:39 PM   Reply to

Great Blog! More Daddys should blog :) I love that you add videos to your blog..I do that too.

Debbie August 6, 2010 at 3:03 PM   Reply to

loved the videos.. you rock!! :) thanks for comment on my blog and I promise to slap myself back to happiness if I find myself slipping again! have a GREAT Friday and weekend!!!:)

Lisa August 6, 2010 at 9:24 PM   Reply to

Great blog! And as a Dental Hygienist turned mom of 6, I love the focus on oral hygiene. :) Congrats on being featured on Friendship Friday!!! So glad you were. I'll definitely be coming back to read more about your beautiful family. I'm now your newest follower!

Please stop by & I'd be honored if you'd follow back too. :)
Lisa xoxo

Lori August 9, 2010 at 10:06 AM   Reply to

Videos are too cute and your singing rocks! Just love stopping by your blog, it always puts a smile on my face!

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