Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honey, you DESERVE a night out


So I know it is only Wednesday but there might be something going on Friday night and I am looking forward to it.  For a couple of different reasons.................

T tells me this past weekend that there is going to be a kind of girls night out thing on Friday and she was thinking of going.  I said hell yeah, you should go.  I was happy for her that she thought about going out and having her some WOMAN time in place of her MOMMY time.

This is the problem.  T, NEVER thinks of herself.  She is ALWAYS putting the kids first, just like any good mom would do.  But I do believe that she deserves a break and a chance to get away from the mayhem and the stress' of taking care of 4 kids all day long.  I am really no help to her so trust me when I say she is taking care of the kids ALL DAY LONG.  And by her getting a break, I don't mean taking a long bath, with a 14 month old beating on the door, or me calling for her when the 14 month old shits himself.

I think she DESERVES some time to be out, with friends, some family and doing whatever it is she wants to do.  Shopping, chit chatting, getting hair and nails done.  Whatever she chooses to do.

But she NEVER does it.....So I am begging her to go out this Friday.  She has to be there by 7 pm.  Problem is I dont get off till 7 and it takes me an hour to get home.  This sucks.  I hope she still goes out.  Has fun.  Parties hard.  She doesn't drink so I know she will be ok.

Another reason I WANT / NEED her to go out, is that I WANT / NEED to prove to her that I can take care of the kids for more than a few minutes.  I can (if I have to) change shitty diapers.  I hope not, but I can do it.  I want her to feel ok, that she can go do something without worrying that her kids are left at home with their daddy.  It scares me too, so I know where she comes from.  We can play, read, color, eat snacks, play lego's, lots of fun things.

And the last but by no means the least reason (AND REALLY MY MOST IMPORTANT REASON) I want her to go out Friday night is because she was invited to a................


Uhhhhhhhhh.  Hell Yeah.  Please Go!!!!!!   Here is some cash, shit forget it, take my credit cards and the cash, BUY BUY BUY!!!!  Once she told me the kind of get together she was invited to, I got a huge smile on my face.   I heard about these parties.  Wifes go to them, then come home hours later with a bag full of fun things.  I like fun things. 

So while I am being really honest in saying that I truly believe that T DESERVES some WOMAN time, I am so damn excited and happy for her and ME, that the WOMAN time she might be taking for herself, happens to be a party....A fun party.....A Sex Party.

Go ahead babe, RSVP.......YES.  I got this at home.  We will be fine.  Stay out as long as you want.  Trust me when I say, I will be waiting for you when you get home.

                                                                                            Love, Me.



Erin August 11, 2010 at 11:27 AM   Reply to

Haha.....Love it! Hoping that T goes for your sake and her's. Those parties are a lot of fun, we had a few in college!

Helene August 11, 2010 at 12:52 PM   Reply to

I hope she goes too!!! I tend to feel bad about going out with my friends sometimes too but then once I finally do it, I'm glad I went. Tim's always encouraging me to go out...but I think there's a selfish motive there. He's just happy to have me out of his hair for the evening, even if it means he may have to wipe a few dirty asses and put the kids to bed by himself.

EYE can make that! August 11, 2010 at 7:09 PM   Reply to

Hahaha... sounds like a win, win situation!
Hope T has a wonderful girls night and I hope you have a fun night with the kids.

Kelly August 12, 2010 at 12:19 AM   Reply to

sounds like everyone has it made, kids get a night with daddy, T gets a night with her girls, and you both get toys :)

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