Monday, August 9, 2010

I am too damn old for this wee-kend fun shit

Its Monday and thats ok.

I feel like shit today and thats ok.

I am tired, so damn tired today and thats ok.

We got alot done this weekend? I guess.  Yardwork, housework, laundry, swimming and changing diapers.

Shit you believe that I changed diapers.  Think again. Nope...Not Me....No Way!!!!

A sign that I am too too too damn old now.....

Staying up to 3 a.m. on a Friday night.....Can't do it anymore.

Staying up to past 1 a.m. on Saturday night anymore....Can't do it.

Shit Im old.

Old like Fumunda Cheese.....You all like Fumunda Cheese?  Let me know!

I don't mind the heat, I love the heat, the sun...that stuff doesn't bother me.  But yardwork kicked my ass this weekend.  I did my yard, then went over to T's Moms and T's little brother Ethan and I landscapped her from garden and layed rubber mulch down.  After I pulled weeds.  Yes, dad!  Catch your breath.  The one thing you tried to get me to do for all those years,  and I hated every minute of it, I did.  Ok dad breath.  And oh yeah dad, get your own weed puller.

I did happen to meet someone on Saturday, that I hope to be spending time with in the future.  NO ITS NOT A WOMAN!  Yes its a dude, but this is a cool dude. Its one of T's moms neighbors and I was talking to him and noticed he had a Falcons tattoo on his leg. We started talking about football and the Falcons and how he has people over his place on Sundays and has a big screen in his garage. Hell Yeah. He invited us over to watch the games.  Im so there!!

I gave Ethan his first lesson in shaving.  This kid is 13 and is rocking some facial hair.  And yes, assholes I do know how to shave,  Just because I always sport some facial hair, I can shave!!

T fixed up her brothers room, while the kids played Wii.

Yesterday we spent the day at the kids Aunt Bing Bings and Uncle Nolans pool.  They love it, I love the pool.  It makes for a long tiring day.  But it drained me. I was so tired.  The weekend just wore me out.

So today, I am dragging ass, feeling like shit.  I really feel like, I have a hangover for some reason.  I really feel like I drank my ass off yesterday and woke up sick today.  Cotton mouth, bad stomach, headache.  The shakes, sore body. 

Oh and for my C1 if you read this in the future......Just because you have a bad swimming day, doesn't mean your swimming life is over.  He had trouble yesterday because of some allergies, swimming under water like he always does.  He got so down on himself.  Shake it off and get back at it son.

C2, I know that, I need to do a better job around you, because you are turning into little me.  A smart mouth, back talking little shit.  I am going to re-focus myself on my parenting skill with you and see what I can do better to get you out of this phase. FAST.  And you are a damn fast swimmer.  Keep it up, Tarzan.

C3, As my only daughter, I love you to death, but for the love of god, if you pee in my bed ONE MORE TIME, I am gonna......Yeah right.  I wont do shit.  I will put the pee pad under you like I always do.  Please go pee pee before you go Nigh Nigh...more than once.  Get it all out. Thanks.

C4, Big Baby, if you ever again bite your Mommy's Ninny in the middle of the night and she screams loud like that and scares the shit out of me again, I promise I will....Well I probably wont do shit except get the shit scared out of me again.  But please son, as Yo Gabba Gabba sings

"Dont bite, Dont bite your friends"
Or a ninny

As of last night.  Football has officially started!!!




0007 August 9, 2010 at 4:03 PM   Reply to

Sounds kinda like my weekend. I cut my grass last weekend sos I'd not have to do it on Birthday Party weekend. I just saved a little weed-eating for Saturday morning. Well, I have this empty lot next to my house that hadn't been cut in months. I'm serious: 10 foot-tall weeds & grass. Well, lo & behold, they cut it this Friday. When I got up Saturday morning to finish off the weed eating, I noticed that they had left about a 2-3 foot wide "Weed Fence" down the side of my yard that would be the backdrop for the party. Well, can't have a 3 feet thick weed fence for the party! So, savoring the opportunity to break out my brush hook (you know what that is country boy?) I resigned to go straight 300 on these Persian weeds! On the second stroke, the already cracked handle (long story - I let an idiot use it once and he cracked the handle) gave way leaving me with about a 3 foot blade with only about a 1 foot handle. Now I'll be forced to swing about a 10 lb blade many times without the 5 foot leverage your supposed to have. Did that deter me from using it? Hell no! Like a true Spartan I tore through the entire Persian force in blazing heat with my broken brush hook in one hand and my trusty machete in the other. It took about an hour and my arms felt like they were going to explode! Then on to partying with the fam 'til the break-a-WHAT?! Sunday? Shit, I took it easy, and surprisingly, I wasn't even sore from all that chopping and party prepping and partying. It was such a success, I just spent the next day reveling in'll see some pix soon - we even did a good job shooting pics at one of our own events!

Unknown August 9, 2010 at 4:46 PM   Reply to

i feel 80 most days, i understand :)

Megan M. August 9, 2010 at 6:33 PM   Reply to

Awwww yeah, it's football time.
Not that a Cowboys/Bengals game REALLY counted, but it made for a nice transition. Especially since I was wiped out - we drove to Nashville Saturday to catch the truck race, then back home Sunday. Yeah, 10+ hours in the car with the kids to get 24 hours of fun is kind of a lot. Not yard work, but still, enough to leave me drag-assing.

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