Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its Cool to Homeschool and I have a new GIVEAWAY


Year number 2 of the Ga. Cyber Academy K12 program.

T spent a number of days over the summer organizing and getting everything prepared to have 2 of the C's sitting at the school table.  We received all of the packages and supplies and the kids were excited when they came.

T already had the supplies she needed to get the school year off on the right track.

C2 even got some school supplies in the mail from Nanny and PawPaw.

So on Sunday when the kids knew that Monday would be the first day, they were excited.  Mommy would be the learning coach and they would have a new teacher.  A teacher that lives in the area, so going to the outings would not be a problem.  It would be the first day of 1st Grade for C1 and for C2 he was now in Kindergarten.

T said she had a good first day.  She had to juggle a 14 month old wanting to be on her all the time and a 3 year old girl that was not getting any attention.  I know its tough or T to make sure she gets it all in and still be a mommy at the same time to the other 2 C's.  She does an awesome job and I can see it in the kids eyes that they love having her at home teaching them.

What was cool was that when I got home, C1 and C2 had their schoolwork ready to show me.  They were both so excited to go over everything with me and I was eager to listen.

C3 hated the fact that she didnt have any schoolwork to show me. She want's to do everything that the boys do and more.

So with the beginning of another school year, I am reminded once again of why I love the fact that T is homeschooling the kids.  I get home late and the kids get to stay up later so I can see them.  Another is that the schools in our area SUCK so bad that I do not have to worry about them being in the shitty school system.

Most of all I know that they are surrounded by love from T and each other.

So as the new year begins I want to say Thank You to T and I love you for doing a great job in raising our C's and doing a great job teaching them to be fine, smart little people.







Chels August 17, 2010 at 11:23 AM   Reply to

I think it's super awesome that T does all the homeschooling for your kids. I'd be way too paranoid about totally ruining my children forever if it were me.

Jennifer Johnston August 17, 2010 at 5:25 PM   Reply to

You forgot to mention the crazy lady nagging T all day with all of her k12 questions :) It was a chaotic day and even juggling 4 kids schooling 2 of those 4 and all of her other daily duties she was such a huge help to me! I am very lucky that she was there for me yesterday or I might have cried!

Lori August 17, 2010 at 5:54 PM   Reply to

Sounds like a great first day of school. We had a great first day too. Our public online schools have such a different accountability then traditional public schools do, so I know how much it means when you share your appreciation of T's dedication and time committment to the children. She sounds like a wonderful Learning Coach on top of being mom.

EYE can make that! August 17, 2010 at 6:42 PM   Reply to

Wow... homeschooling...I'd love to homeschool the kids but it's such a commitment, I don't think that I'd be able to do it. I admire T for homeschooling the kids. Glad the kiddies had a good start to the school year.
It's funny that you start your school year in August. In Australia our school year runs from Feb - end Nov...our big school break is 9 weeks over Dec and Jan.

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