Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just another night at THIS DADDYS



Now for our regulary scheduled post for the day

Now close your eyes and read
Ok, I mean read and close your eyes
Shit, whatever

Just a normal evening in the home of


Shit the past 2 nights have sucked ass.  I am suppose to get of work at 8 pm and then drive my ass an hour to the house.  Lets see, Tuesday night one our our drivers didn't get in till after 9pm when his stupid ass self was suppose to be here at 7:30pm.
Last night I made the mistake and sent a driver to bum farken Eygept and he didn't get back to the office till 8:45pm.

So the past 2 nights I havn't gotten home until late and it really screws up the nightly routine, that goes like this

I walk in the door, bells and whistles go off and the C's are jumping up and down and waiting for me.  T is dressed in some knockout skirt and a sweet shirt, showing me some boobs.
(ok none of that is even close, but sounds damn good)

Go sit at the table and eat a nice meal that T has whipped up and she hold my drink and lets me sip out of the straw.
(Bullshit again)

I sit on the couch and watch some ESPN while she handles the kids and gets them ready for bed and then we act out stories like movie stars.
(Yeah, not even close)

Get the kids to sleep, and then we make sweet love all night long in a bed full of rose pedals and candles lit all around the room.
(Too much work)

Fall asleep holding each other as our milky soft skin glistens in the moonlight and we dream of more wonderful nights like this.
(Yeah Dreaming alright)

Who am I trying to fool

It really happens like this

I get home and maybe if I am lucky C4 will meet me at the gate.

I get a half ass welcome home kiss from T, and thats ok, since she gets hung on all day.

I eat my dinner and like it (except the roast, hate that shit)

Play with the kids for a bit, until it gets out of control and I lose my mind or T tell us we are too wound up and to stop, most of the time it is because I lose my mind though.

Get the kids ready for the nightly snack and spend minutes upon minutes trying to figure out what they are going to have for snack. And its not junk either.

After snack either T or I will read to the kids or C1 will read to us all.  During which C4 will do whatever he can to turn it into crazy time.

Then it is off to brush teeth, which usually is ok for C1, C2, C3 well she is another story.  She loves to fight me every night about if Mommy or I brush her teeth, if I am going to floss her teeth or if she is.  Is she gonna do the SmartRinse or me.  It is drama with her.  Then C4 like to steamroll everyone and barrell into the bathroom and scream while he brushes his teeth  "MY TURN".

Then C1, C2 are off to bed with no problem, they usually read in bed or C1 will sometimes draw.  C2 usually falls asleep so fast he is out before we can even tuck him in.  C3, begs, screams, pleads, asks 50 million times "Can I lay in your bed for 5 minutes" or "Can I lay in your bed after C4 goes nigh nigh"

We always give in and she is in our bed until she falls asleep.  The I take her to sleep pee, and off to her bed.

Then T and I have our time. I love our time.  We watch funny shows, talk shit to each other, maybe some Pants Off Dance Off, (If Im lucky).

And then after all that.

I wake up and look at my family whether in my bed or theirs and realize that I am one lucky fucker to have a great wife and 4 awesome kids.

Even if all of them drive me nuts sometimes.



Tracy August 12, 2010 at 7:13 PM   Reply to

Funny you fail to mention that when you come home you act like a 5 year old that just ate 2 lbs of sugar. You are the one that gets the kids crazy!!

Kat August 13, 2010 at 9:15 AM   Reply to

Ha, that is definitely one way to put it: I am one lucky fucker

Hilarious and so true!

Merrie August 13, 2010 at 4:07 PM   Reply to

Pants off dance off -- I love it.
Sounds like my house at night, too -- craziness until the quiet comes. Oh how I love the quiet. But I love those sweet moments, too, when the kids want nothing more than to cuddle with me and tell me I'm beautiful and the nicest mommy in the world. I'll take anything at this point!

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