Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing My Madden, Sexy Dinner and a NEW SURPRISE 4 U

Today, I am a sad man.  I am out of the loop.  Out of the club.  I am no longer one of the boys.  One of the men.  Today is the first time in YEARS, I mean many many YEARS that I will not be doing it.  I will no longer be sitting on my couch for hours and hours and hours of fun.  I will not be connecting online to play people from all across the country anymore.

Today is a huge day.  This day has forever been one of my favorite days.  Madden 11 came out at midnight last night.  I am usually on this game when it comes out and I start playing it as soon as the kids go to bed.  BUT..................

I sold my PS2 some time ago when we got the Wii and POOF there went my Madden.  T and the kids actually got Madden on the Wii for me and it SUCKED.  Worst game purchase ever.  No one played online and it just wasnt any good. The players were too cartoonish.

And it hasnt been a big deal.  I love the Wii. The kids love it and there are a ton of family games and kid friendly games on the Wii.  I love the Tiger Woods game on the Wii.  I have gotten back to the Wii Fit and it is a great workout.

But with Madden 11 coming back out this week, I have started to miss my Playstation again.  My little black PS2.  Don't get me wrong I would love to find a PS3 sitting in the street somewhere, cause I would damn sure pick that shit up.

I can remember sitting on the couch and the kids would wake up and come sit down next to me and watch me play.  I had my wireless remote and even the head coach looking headset so I could talk shit to the people I was playing against.

So I am going to try and fix the broken PS2 that T's little brother gave me.  I am going to keep my eyes open for a lost PS3.  Cause once I get my hands on that system, I am going to get my hands on that game.  Believe that.  Then I can sit up in bed all night and play me some Madden 11.

And another reason I am glad Madden 11 came out.  Drew Brees in on the cover and there has been a Madden Jinx EVERY YEAR.  The year my boy Michael Vick was on the cover, the Baltimore Ravens broke his leg in a pre-season game and there went the season.  So the N.O. Aint's who I HATE are gonna feel the pain this year.

Don't worry Madden you'll be back in my hands one day.

Now to the happy stuff. 

You would not believe what was waiting for me when I got home last night.  Let me break it down for you.

I walk in the door and ask where the kids are.  T tells me that they are with her mom. All the lights are off and candles are burning.  The house is looking romantic as could be.  I call for T and she is in the bedroom and the lights are off and just some candles are lit in there.  My mind is running wild.  Im thinking WOW. HELL YEAH.  I practically run over to the bed where she is waiting for me dressed all sexy and as soon as I get over to to her...............
..................................................POOF POOF POOF........................

I am back sitting at the kitchen table eating pasta, shrimp and lobster tails.  Yeah, thats how good this f-ing dinner is.  Waiting for me when I get home is a great dinner that she cooked. That dinner was equal to the crazy paragraph above.  Eating that lobster tail and shrimp and pasta was as good as walking into a house with a sexy wife waiting to have sex with me.

Baby you are awesome, thanks for a great dinner.



Enjoy and good luck.



Gretta August 10, 2010 at 10:49 AM   Reply to

David & I gave up our Xboxes for the kids Wii. I loved the Xbox though and even played with a professional gamer girls clan. It was hard to do but we spend more time gaming as a family now rather than individually.

Connie August 10, 2010 at 2:56 PM   Reply to

LOL! I like Lobster too.

Sorry about the game...hope you get to play again someday.

Helene August 11, 2010 at 1:04 AM   Reply to

We have a Wii but the kids hog it all the time!! I'm sure Tim would love a PS-whatever. I'll tell him to buy it for himself for Christmas.

So nice of T to make you lobster tails for dinner....yum! She obviously knows the best way to your heart is through your tummy!!!

Hey, Tim did a guest post for me today for our anniversary. You might like it.

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