Thursday, August 19, 2010

A sleepwalker and Matt Ryan

On any given night T and I can have one or more of the C's make their way to our bed. 

C2, will sneak in and sleep on the floor for a while until he makes his way onto the bed.

C3, well she just comes in and climbs on the bed and curls up in a little ball.

C4, shit he is a co-sleeper so he is in the bed with us anyways.

Well last night or this morning sometime, C1 came into our room and did the same thing he always does when he comes into our room at night.  He scared the living shit out of me.  He comes in about as quiet as a moth.  You cant hear him, he doesn't say anything.

He gets into our bed and sits up, just sits there. T and I are trying to ask him whats wrong?, you ok?,  and then we just keep telling him to lay down put your head on the pillow, and he is not moving or saying anything.

I get up to pee and T is still telling him to lay down and when I come back from the late night pee, he is finally laying down. 

Back to sleep.......

Then sometime in the morning, later on.....C3 stumbles into our room, I get her to go pee, and I sit up and notice that C1 is not in our bed anymore.  One goes out, one comes in.  When did C1 leave?  When did C3 come in?  No clue.

T and I really believe that C1 sleepwalks and sleeptalks.  I mean he comes into our room and it is like he is a ghost or something.  It is kind of funny when you tink about it.  A almost 7 year old, taking a midnight stroll around the house.

The problem I see in the future is that since he is so quiet when coming from his room to ours, T and I will have to be careful when the Pants Off Dance Off is taking place.  All this really means is that I will have to make the PO-DO 5 minutes instead of my studly 10 minutes.

Now on to another reason that I love my T so much.  It is not often that I cry to her about shit.  Well ok, I cry to her about shit ALL THE TIME.  But this time I cried to her about a certain thing and she must have gotten tired of me crying about this and she took action.
I am a huge, mega huge one time season ticket holder of the team and I love to have football jerseys.  I have gone from my Mike Vick #7 jersey, to my Jerious Norwood #32 jersey, I even bought T a Tom Brady jersey, which I will never ever wear.
Jerious Norwood has for the most part has taken a back seat to Michael Turner, so I felt it was time to get a new jersey.  So many big names on the team I could have gone with.  John Abraham (old), Roddy White (better get your hands back), Tony Gonzalez (old but awesome), or I could have gone with the youth movement, rookie Eric Witherspoon, or big time free agent pick up Donte Robinson.
I went with my boy, my franchise QB who I bet my wife on he doesn't get busted for dog fighting
T got me an authentic Matt Ryan jersey off of ebay.  I am foaming at the mouth to get this in the mail.  I am ready to put it on and rub myself.  And not in that way people, get your minds out of the gutter.

I hope to get home tonight and it is there for me.
I will put it on for the Falcons game tonight vs the Patriots.

Thanks honey, I will not bug you for anything else.

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LJS August 19, 2010 at 11:19 AM   Reply to

We had to put a hook and eye lock on our door not so much for interrupting sleepwalkers (we have one too) but more for my own paranoia! The kids have never asked why it is there!

Anonymous,  August 19, 2010 at 3:05 PM   Reply to

TRex does the weird sitting up thing where he's still asleep. He'll be asleep and just sit straight up and start mumbling things. He talks in his sleep the same way he talks when he's awake. It's like he's playing in his sleep! And totally does that sneaky thing where they aren't there and then all of a sudden they are right beside you staring at you while you sleep. Scares the shit out of me!

Connie August 19, 2010 at 6:52 PM   Reply to

My daughter sleepwalks/talks and I shared a bed with her when we were moving and she sat up in bed with these glazed eyes and freaked me out.

Can I lock her in her room at night?

We are huge Bronco Fans and hubby has season tickets. I got a jersey for this season and I was so excited that I got a deal on it....little did I know it was because the guy doesn't play for the Bronco's anymore. So..I've instructed everyone to say 'What you talkin bout HILLIS' whenever I wear it.

Anne DiNapoli August 19, 2010 at 7:52 PM   Reply to

Awesome jersey. Josh has a man crush on Matt Ryan, he'll be jealous.
Julie just started making her way into our bed this month. It drives me crazy cause I can't sleep, but it is so sweet to wake up next to her curled up in our bed.

Josh August 20, 2010 at 9:05 AM   Reply to

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