Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes a Reality Show can almost be really Real

Wide Receiver Terrell Owens is one of my favorite football players.  Why?  Could it be because he is a F-ING human muscle machine?  NO!  But he is a damn brick wall.

Could it be because he has played for one of my teams?  NO!  Never liked the 49ers, can't stand the Eagles, Dallas, nah - Buffalo, I didn't know they still had a team, and now the Bengals, still NO. But they are close since their QB has a great first name and they ave another player that I like.  Ochocinco.

Could it be because he is a great athlete and can still play at an elite level.  Well I hate to admit that he is awesome because he is coming to Atlanta to play the Falcons this year, but T.O. is still a great WR.

Maybe its because he has moments on his reality show on VH1 that make me laugh so hard that I want to piss myself.  The other night T and I watched the latest episode and it was so funny.  It hit too close to home and it was SO TRUE.

First, if you have never watched the show, he has 2 women that are his closet friends and they handle all of his business stuff and have for years.  One woman (MO) is pregnant, and when I say pregnant, I mean extra large and in charge pregnant.  Her husband is out of town and needs someone to go to the child birth class with her.  Funny as hell.  T and I did this before C1 was born and we enjoyed it, but we didn't use a damn bit of what we learned in that class.  Check out how T.O handles going to the class with MO

As T and I watched this, we were laughing so hard.  I mean, there is NO WAY IN HELL, I would ever do a birthing class with another woman, I dont care who she was.

Then it all of a sudden comes out that T.O. wants a dog.  Not just any dog, this big bad ass athlete, this stud of a guy wants a little shit dog.  He want to get a teeny tiny dog.  WHY?  I have no idea.  But watch the clip of him and his girlfriend discussing it and you can see why, I guess??????  This is just like anyone wanting something, but you can never figure out why.  Like if I wanted a sportscar, yeah it would be cool, but I have 4 kids what purpose would it serve?

So now he gets a friends dog to dog sit.  What in the hell.  The only thing I can figure out is that he can get some chicks with this small dog thing...But he has a girlfriend and shit I dont know, it just baffles me.  But this is just like someone saying they want a baby and it being cool for a while....till the baby shits itself and you have a problem.  And then he takes the dog to the gym while he plays hoops with the fella's. That is like me, back in the day, going to play ball with the boys and showing up with a friends baby.  Back then, it would have made NO SENSE.


Now the best part here is when he has a little fun with MO.  He is a good guy taking a friend to the gym with him and trying to get her to exercise.  But then he gets home and finds out that having a dog is not all its cracked up to be.  Just  like anyone else who has had this happen, he has had it.

 So while T.O's life may be larger than ours, may be more happening than ours, he still goes through the same bullshit that we all go through.  Doing things for friends in need, even if we look like jackass', trying out something new and realizing it sucks.

But the best part is when you watch it on tv and laugh about it.  I think watching some reality shows can be a waste of time and mind numbing, but for me watching this show, gives me a sense that while alot of people talk about what an asshole T.O. is, he is still just a regular guy doing everday regular things.

Sometimes watching these kinds of shows can put you into a different world and let you forget the daily stress you might have in your life.

If you would like to watch previous episodes of the T.O. Show you can go hereVH1's The T.O. Show Season 2



0007 August 5, 2010 at 2:34 PM   Reply to

YEa, he's a nice guy, but I think he's lost a step and the corners are faster than he is. We'll see how the treat him in Cinnci...I don't know, that team seems destined to implode...ahh football season...hurry up!

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