Monday, August 23, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun and a little more

Count them......4 days.  That is correct folks, 4 days till we get on the road for Orlando.  I am so ready, the kids are ready, I am not sure if T is ready though.  She is the list making, grocery buying, planning to the extreme nut.  She made her lists out yesterday.  It is like 5 pages long.  But I know we will leave nothing behind, since she is the master at planning.  She might leave me behind since I am no help at all.  I load the van then  I crash out and she drives.  I think I may drive the last hour or so, just so I can say I helped. So there you can the countdown has gotten smaller by the day.

Friday night I went to play basketball and it was the first time I had played in forever.  I had a really good time and I played pretty good. I still have the range, but the legs lose steam faster than they used to.  The one thing I havn't lost is my shit talking ability or being an asshole on the court.  One little guy kept crying about getting fouled all the time.  Ok first off, in games like this...If there is no blood, there is no foul.  So I made sure the next game that he had a reason to call foul. Note to that guy.....Now that was a foul wasn't it.?!!!Thought so!!!!

Saturday, T went to a baby shower at her best friends house in the morning.  The girl having the baby is a girl that T has know since they were little, and it is nice to see everyone that has grown up together all have families of their own.  C3 and C4 went with T and C3 loved hanging out with the big girls that were there. Taylor and her friend, C3 loves Taylor so much that at the pool, C3 kept trying to get her attention when she would jump off of the board.  It was cute.

I stayed home and cleaned and C1 and C2 stayed with me and helped me clean.  We got laundry done, rooms cleaned and suitcases brought upstairs.  We got alot done before the pool party for C1 pre-bday bday party.

Before we left for the Pre Bday Bday Pool Party, C3 decided to get into a fight.  Yeah my beautiful daughter got into a fight.  Not with her brothers or Me and T, she got into a fight with a door knob.  And....she lost.  She did get back up, but she took the worse end of it. 

Pre Bday Bday party?????  Yes that's right....Since we will be in Disney on his actual Bday, we had him a pool party and all his friends came over.  T's Aunt and Uncle are always nice enough to let us have parties at their pool.  We had hot dogs and lots of them, cold drinks and a nice cool pool on a hot day.  We had cookie cake too.  Cookie cake that T got for free since when she went to pick them up, they were not right.  Birthday was spelled wrong and I think she said C1's name was wrong????????  Yeah, so T being T, she got the 2 cookie cakes for free.

We all had a great time at the party and C1 loved all of his gifts.  Someone even mentioned to T that C1 might be the only kid that sits and reads the cards before opening the gifts.. Thanks to everyone who came.  C1 really enjoyed all of his friends.

C1 riding his new bike he got from Mommy, Daddy, Nanny and PawPaw

Yesterday, was do it day.  If there was an IT that had to be done, then we were doing IT.  I was Mr. Yardman yesterday, doing all of the yard work and I even finally fixed the fence. 

I packed my shit yesterday and I think, I only need one more pair of shorts, a few more pairs of socks and some more ball organizers. (boxer briefs for those of you...)

It was a good weekend and I am ready to go.....

There are alot of other bloggers that entered the Tasteful Selections Potato Contest and they came up with good videos for their recipies, but please go and watch my goofy video and vote for me. Please!!!! and Thanks!!!!

Link to Video.  To vote, just click the LIKE button.




Lori August 23, 2010 at 12:03 PM   Reply to

You guys really had a busy fun-packed weekend. That's some shiner your little girl got, are you telling really great stories about how she got it? Just popped over to your You Tube video and voted. Those passion potatoes sound yummy! Happy countdown!

0007 August 23, 2010 at 4:31 PM   Reply to

Doorknob eh? Fishy fishy fishy...seriously though. One of my favorite comedians mentioned a story like this. His little girl had a similar accident, then for some un-related reason he took her out for ice-cream, not realizing what kind of ignorant stereotype he was creating. About 1/2 through the icecream, he grew tired of all the raised brows he was getting so he just let 'em have it: "Come on people? What?! You think I hit her? Look at the size of my fist? If I had hit her, the whole side of her face would be black, not just her friggin' eye!"
I just know you're getting a few brows raised from this so I thought I'd mention that story, because its so true. Any time your kids get one of this visible injuries, you get those looks. And I gotta go with Louie C.K. on this kind of thing. People are so dumb sometimes. In any case, its a pretty minor black eye anyway...looks kinda tough on such a pretty little face. Congrats on the fence, I know how finally getting something to scratch off on your own list is something to celebrate---you should go to Disneyland for that one! hehehe--have a great trip. You guys deserve it!

So Who Is The Crayon Wrangler? August 23, 2010 at 11:26 PM   Reply to

Thanks for visiting with me! I totally "liked" your video. I think it was the way you said "passion"...I am a sucker for a man who even knows how to say the word!
We may be competition but I am loving your potato recipe! Well done!

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