Monday, August 16, 2010


Friday night a wonderul thing happened.  Well a few wonderful things happened.

I get home and T is on one of her wild cleaning rampages and going through this and going through that, and she gets some toys together to sell at the church consignment sale next week. She put one of the toys on Ebay and it sold in a few hours for over 30 dollars.  Hell Yeah.  And then being the great wife that she is she started looking for a new Falcons jersey for me.  And the Falcons won on Friday night also.

So on Saturday T went to the store with the MASS book of coupons in hand.  I had a checklist of things to do around the house and that gave me the perfect chance to use the cleaning products in received from Seventh Generation. (watch for the review and giveaway tomorrow)  But I got a little out of control and used each of the products on the different parts of the bathroom.  I got the biggest f-ing headache and felt sick, so don't be a dumbass like me and use so many different things at once. 

Later that night T made her awesome chicken nachos and I once again took the chance to do somethings not so smart.  Our cousin Stephanie gave us some of her jalapeno's and she also threw in some red hot peppers.  I cut the jalapeno's up and ate a couple and that was ok. Then I cut the red hot peppers up and I licked top of one, and that set my mouth on FIRE.  Lips, tongue, and nose all burning at this point.  So I did what any good Texan would do and I chopped them up and mixed them in the taco's just so I could eat the hot stuff.

Sunday we went to the place where some kids try to look and act like adults and where the adults 100% try to act and 150% try to look like kids again.  We took the kids to Sparkles Roller Rink.  Thankfully they have a playground for the kids, because I am not about to get my ass on skates and try to get kids around the hardwood.  NO WAY.  So T, does coupons, I chase C4 and watch other adults fly around kids on the floor like they are winning something...I see moms singing and shaking their shit like they are 15 again.  I see dads skating so fast as i they are chasing said mom shaking her shit.

But we can have some cute moments
like this
And the bigger kids do this

After that, T was sweet enough to make sure I was home in time to start the Fantasy Football league.  I picked a damn good team and I want to thank everyone for joining and we will have a fun year.  Josh(Your Mom) and T and Josh(Redskins) and his wife Annie (Tebow) we all present and talking a little smack.  I will WIN, I am saying it now.

Today, Monday is a HUGE day.  C1 and C2 start school today.  They are excited and T did the last minute stuff last night to make sure she is ready to start and I can't wait to get home and hear how it went.  More on that tomorrow.




Helene August 16, 2010 at 11:19 AM   Reply to

We don't have a roller rink kids would probably have a blast there! And I'd have a great time making fun of the moms who think they're still 15 yrs old.

I'm anxious to hear how the kids did at school!! Mine start on Wednesday!

Chrissy August 16, 2010 at 11:41 AM   Reply to

My mom asked Josh if he knew you personally, and he said something like, "Well, Chrissy and Scott are blogging buddies." LOL! Did you know we are blogging buddies? ;o)

Anne DiNapoli August 16, 2010 at 10:28 PM   Reply to

Hope the kids had a great first day of school! I had fun during the last two picks of the draft. Prior to that, I was cursing Josh for taking the "good" computer. I told you he would sabotage me! And yes, you do have a pretty damn good team. Although, I'm not giving up on all my Jets, Tebow and Eli. Except now, half of Eli's head has been ripped off by my Jets...things are not starting so well for me.

Kanwal Liaquat August 4, 2021 at 7:13 AM   Reply to

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