Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can I learn from Kate being a Bitch

Being the awesome, great, handsome, sweet, caring, smooth love making, good looking baby making husband that I am, I do alot of things for T, that alot of husbands might not do.  I'm not going to get into that right now, what I am going to do is tell my wonderful wife that I am no longer going to be doing one of the things I do with her.

I will say it, I watch Kate plus 8 with T.  But NO MORE.  Last night after the Monday night football game, that T sat through with me, she pulled up the playlist on the dvr and played Kate plus 8.  We have watched this show since it WAS Jon and Kate plus 8.

We let me just say this and I think Kate is an even bigger BITCH than she ever was before.  I mean if you watch that damn show, she is a bitch to her kids, to the public and she doesn't even think twice about it. I mean last night (and every episode) she is telling her kids to move, sit, shhhhh, quiet, yelling at them, asking them a question and then telling them to not talk.  I have never been in the public eye, or had a show and I have never been divorced before, but since when does that give a mother a license to be a huge bitch.

Go back in time, Kate has always been somewhat of a foul person.  But it was always directed toward Jon.  Well now that they have gone separate ways, she is treating her kids the way she treated Jon.  T and I were talking about this last night and we agreed that we liked her before when she was married and miserable.  Now she is single and miserable.  You can tell, you can see it.

Now tv shows put a different spin on things for sure, but this is not acting, this is her being her.  My opinion is that after the divorce, she got all her goods (boobs) taken care of and now she wants to flaunt it.  Ok and fine, you want to look good, I get it.  Does that mean you have to look like a skank.  She really does.  A mother of 8, does not need to take her kids to school in a mini bus, with stripper heels and low cut shirts and skirts.  Is she trying to get a hook up with the Principle at the school. Shit man really.  She was better looking before, now she looks like a call girl.

A point I am trying to make is that, this woman is taking out her negative shit out on her kids.  Why in the world do you treat strangers nicer than your kids?  Why do you say "excuse me" to strangers but you tell your kids to move?  Try to listen to yourself next time you are out in public and see how you talk to your kids and how you talk to others.  Kate has lost all sense of what she is trying to do.  She said before that the show is a great way for her kids to experience life in ways they couldn't before.  Yeah Kate, now your kids get to see you acting like a filthy ass **** and how you have become so self absorbed in yourself.

While I agree that Jon is an asshole, Kate has turned into the biggest **** that there is.

Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I need to watch the show, you know so I can have a reminder for myself that I can't act like such a dick towards my kids.  I mean I was so pissed watching that show last night because I wanted to tell her she is a bitch.  I mean I act like a dick alot towards my kids and I usually hate myself for it afterwards.  I just need to slow down and think. Sometimes the frustration of working too many long hours and the little things that piss me off get taken out on the C's.  Sometimes I forget that the C's are kids and just because I think they are smarter than their age doesn't mean they won't make mistakes and do crazy things.  I do love that my C's know when I am acting like a asshole and they point it out to me.  I have to stay focused on the task at hand and try to be a good daddy and let my kids see that I love them and I am trying to teach them. 

Ok, so next week, I may be sitting in bed watching the same shit over and cursing Kate out all over again, but for now I am standing firm.





Alex Johnson September 21, 2010 at 10:58 AM   Reply to

I can't agree more mate! I don't watch the show often, but seeing the difference in her personality from when she was married to now is quite a shocker.

She always seemed to be a miserable person, but her misery was solely directed at John, now it's got no where else to go but to her children.

It's a shame really. And she seems to be taking this publicity thing WAY too seriously. I guess it just got to her head.

I remember her saying in an interview a while back that she only went on tv to begin with so that she could make some money for her family and keep being a stay at home mom. BULL! Now she's on the View and who knows what else.

Man oh man...

Elan September 21, 2010 at 3:26 PM   Reply to

never seen it but i think its good to not watch it if she is so unhealthy. t.v has all sorts of crazy shit!

Connie September 21, 2010 at 4:11 PM   Reply to

I don't get to watch her show anymore since we don't have cable.

I sure miss her. :)

Tam and John September 21, 2010 at 6:53 PM   Reply to

Love it! I used to love her, way back in the beginning when I thought she was all strong and a wonder mom. Then she got bitchy and I was kind of on John's side when he bailed on her...but now, your'e right...she's intolerable! She just makes me angry - a total opportunist as far as I'm concerned. And thanks for the reminder to all of us that we should never be nicer to strangers than we are to our kids! Great post!

~Rachel September 21, 2010 at 7:07 PM   Reply to

I think it takes these reminders to help us all out. Maybe I should try to watch it as well? There was a man belittling his son in the grocery store the other day and I just shuddered at what I heard come out of his mouth. Then, I went home and kissed my kids and made sure they knew how much I love them.
You made such a good point..they are kids! The same characteristics that make them fun can also drive us crazy. They should be allowed to be kids!

EYE can make that! September 22, 2010 at 5:26 AM   Reply to

Great post! I'm not a fan of Kate at all!!

Clarks N Idaho September 22, 2010 at 11:43 AM   Reply to

Hey gotta love ya,
My Big Daddy has always asked me "how in the "He**" can you watch that show? Thoes two people just look sooooo misreable. Who would really want 6 kids all at the same time? I just never really thought about it. But, sat down the other night and watched and thought all of the same stuff you said what a FFN Biotch to her kids. Now gotta go give my kids a hug and kiss.

Helene September 22, 2010 at 12:40 PM   Reply to

I used to watch her show awhile back when it first came on and I'll admit I was in awe of her, though I always felt like a shitty mom because while I could barely keep up with 4 kids, she was there making organic granola for her crew. Turns out the bitch had a personal organic chef the whole time and only set foot in the kitchen when the filming crew was there.

I totally agree with you...she's an even bigger bitch now. Did you see that one interview awhile back when her daughter literally cried for a glass of water because she was so thirsty and Kate yelled at her to shut up, while SHE herself sipped water from a water bottle. Not once did she ask the staff to get her kid some water or did she offer to share her water with the girl.

Tim and I discussed her plenty this past week when we saw her article in People magazine. I don't believe for a minute that she didn't have a boob job. And the only reason she can work out that intensely is because she has people to watch her kids for her and she can afford a chef and a trainer.

Okay, I need to stop...clearly getting worked up over her and she's not worth the time.

Karina,  September 24, 2010 at 5:27 PM   Reply to

I agree. Kate Gosselin has turned into a money-hungry fame whore. She's mean to her kids, and without them, she'd be broke. She should kiss their feet.

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