Thursday, September 16, 2010


I promise you that when I say "There is no way on God's green Earth that I could stay home with four C's"  I really mean it.  I would love to do it, I love spending time with my kids,  but the shit they do drives me f-ing bonkers.

Take my beautiful C3.  Looking at this girl you would never think that she could be a problem at all.  You might never believe that she could be as big of a pain in my ass as a proctologist with extra long fingers......but she can be.

This darling daughter of mine pushes buttons better and faster than a NY city hotel elevator operator.  Just ask her mother and her brothers.

Last night I get home and I look at T with my sexy eyes and she says my least favorite thing "Don't start with me!"  I start laughing and she does not think I'm funny.  T starts doing sight words and flash cards with C1 and C2 and there is my beautiful daughter messing with the boys.  Instigating them and doing her best to basically get them to lose focus.

T then tells me that "This is what she has been doing",  messing with the boys.   I guess the boys wanted to watch Survivor with T (they like that show) and C3 would not stop messing with them.  This girl plays around so much that sometimes she has no clue of what she is doing.  She spilled 2 full cups of milk all over the kitchen and just continues to play.

I tried taking her into her room to do flash cards with her and as soon as she left her room, she was back at aggravating the boys.

I thought girls were suppose to be so sweet and gentle and calm but NO.  She is crazy, wild, stubborn, and she has these looks that burn holes in your skin like Buzz Lightyears laser beam.

The funny thing about this is that when all is said and done and the craziness has come to an end, my sweet little C3 gets her "I'm gonna get Daddy to do whatever I say" voice on and strolls into our bedroom and asks "Can I lay in your bed for a few minutes, when C4 goes to sleep?"

As hard as I try sometimes to tell her no, I just can't.  So while my only daughter does everything in her power to piss me the F off and bug me to no end with her higher than high inside voice,  she still know that Daddy can not tell her no.




The Zany Housewife September 16, 2010 at 9:35 PM   Reply to

You think your daughter is wild and crazy? You should meet mine. And the dirty looks!!! Not what I expected at all when I heard I was having a girl. I think I gave birth to a rabid squirrel-pitbull hybrid.

0007 September 17, 2010 at 10:39 AM   Reply to

oooh yea, I have a 3 year old daughter too. Its amazing to me how they play out all our sexist stereotypes. Snappy can be doing all the things you're saying, then when you call her out (even in a nice way) she breaks down into the most pitiful crying you've ever seen...and yea, she plays daddy like a piano...and I don't even care....

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