Friday, September 17, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 9-17-10....Making my kids cry

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Back and better than ever.
I took a few weeks off with vacation and all and then doing the vacation posts, but now it is time to get back into it and give you what you want.

You know you want it, you can't say no.

Ok, so for the few of you that asked for the C4 DaDa comments to be on video, it is coming.  It is a work in progress.

I can't be the only Daddy that tortures his kids, can I?  I didn't think so!

So last night the kids wanted to get a little crazy and start messing with the old man here.  Wanted to rough it up a little bit and play chase and catch me if you can.  No problem, This Daddy can still move, I may be old, but I am not dead,  I took on all 4 C's.  They would chase me and then I would chase them.  C1 knocked himself out of the battle first by throwing something, hitting a picture frame on the wall, knowing he did wrong and then pretty much crying.  T then looked at me and said "ok, 1 is crying can you go for 2?"  I am not one to back down from a challenge so with that, I got to chasing C2 and then out of the blue, he started crying!  T chimes in "That's 2 down and 2 to go"
Then it was time to take down the loudest of the crew.  C3.  This was tough, she was not going to shed a tear easily, so I had to chase her around and finally got her and tickled her to tears.  "Ok, that's 3" T fires out of her beautiful mouth while laughing. 
Well C4 is too tough for me, so it all ended there and the kids waited for the brownies T made.

I have to put it out there and tell T I am sorry for my NON-Actions this week.  I always say that T works so hard during the day and anyone who is smarter than a brick knows that taking care of 4 kids, homeschooling, cooking all the meals and cleaning the house is not easy.....It really is a job.  She works at home.
Well this week, I have not been putting in my 15 minutes a night helping out.  Dishes, cleaning, laundry and just whatever needs to be done.

Ok, I have to tell everyone that my man crush on Ben Affleck is back, and stronger than ever.  His new movie "The Town" looks bad ass.  I wish movies were not so expensive, because I would love to go see this movie.

Today I am adding songs to my music player.  Time for some new tunes, or old tunes.
Give me some ideas, I love music and I will take anything into consideration.
So far today I have added
Paul McCartney and Wings songs.  His shit rocks!
Warren Zevon.  Thanks Dad, for hours of listening to his shit in your car, warped my mind
Pet Shop Boys. For some reason West End Girls was in my head this morn.
Maroon 5.  That lead singer can hit it man.

So tell me what to look for and I might check it out.

Ok now I have to end it with the sports portion.
And this is the gamblers part also.
I know my shit peeps, put money on it!!!

Texas -3 at Texas Tech.  Even with a young Qb in a hostile setting the Horns beat Tech and cover the 3

FSU got the snot bubbles knocked out of them last week, so look for them to rebound against BYU and cover the 9.5 points at home.

I hate Alabama, but with Ingram back, look for the Tide to smoke Duke and cover the high 23.5 points.

And another team I love to hate is the GawGa Bulldogs.  Even in Athens this weekend they will get hammered and lose as Arkansas cover the +2.5 and wins straight up.

For the NFL games,

I love the Falcons every week and this is a lock.  Coming home and opening up the Dome, watch Matty Ice Ryan bounce back as the Falcons cover the 7 and destroy Arizona

Good Lord, never thought I would be picking a f-ing Green Bay game but damn, Buffalo sucks ass.  Easy 13 to cover as the Packers run and pass over the Bills

Why are the Jets (even at home) favored against the Patriots?  I know my wife loves Brady and I love him too, so much that the Patriots +1 will put the Jets at 0-2

And I predict that I will go 2-0 in the Backyard Bloggers Fantasy Football League this weekend behind my one time man crush Mike Vick as he lead my team to VICTORY.

I know this was long but you have nothing better to do and you have all weekend to read it.




Alex Johnson September 17, 2010 at 11:02 AM   Reply to

I didn't know that your family homeschooled! I was homeschooled from k-12. I loved every minute of it!

I remember being chased by my dad and thinking it was the greatest thing in the world. Until one day I closelined myself on a playground entrance. Ah, the memories...

I want to see The Town too! It's got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, and come on, who doesn't want to see nuns holding up a bank?!?

As for music, I just discovered Smashing Pumpkins. I know it's older stuff, but I LOVE it. I listen to 1979 and Tonight, Tonight, the best ones IMO, at least once a day!

Oh and when the Patriots win and the Jets lose, it's a good day for me. :P

MollyinMinn September 17, 2010 at 2:29 PM   Reply to

Okay Scott that was somehow 17 blog posts all crammed into one. I feel like I might just be fully caught up.

Have a great weekend.

Gretta September 17, 2010 at 3:09 PM   Reply to

Lovin your football predicts ~ I vote Bama all the way too! :) And that was a lengthy but great post-Disney catch up blog.

0007 September 17, 2010 at 3:44 PM   Reply to

Vick sucks.
If your birds don't beat ' might as well start looking at next year's draft-class.

Connie September 17, 2010 at 4:02 PM   Reply to

What do you think The Broncos are going do this week?

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