Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 9-24-10.....Gonna be a Redneck

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Before I get into the FFT, wanted to let you know that T has up the blog for our
2010 Disney World Vacation
or try this

Ok, so tonight I am going to get into my redneck mode for a bit.  Now I wont be wearing a cowboy hat (I look stupid) or boots (never) and no tight jeans with a circle in the back pocket (makes my balls hurt).  I wont have my spit cup (nasty) or my Marlboro (never) hangin', I am going to the


Yeeeeee Hawwwwww.  The fair is actually cool, we have been going for years, the kids love it.  We love it.  They have rides and good food and good music to listen to while you walk around.  How can you not love fair food.  Corn on the Cob, flavored at that, thin potato sliced fries, funnel cake and all kinds of fried shit. (Ok not really fried shit) 

They have a clown in a dunk tank that talks mad shit about you and he is so funny.  I have dunked him every year that we have gone, cant talk to to the lefty. (yeah me) I think I am going to ride the bull again this year.  Shit 2 years ago, I lasted like 5 seconds.  They whip you in that things and you go flying off.  The kids loved watching me fly off the bull.

The kids Uncle Nolen and Aunt Bing Bing have been taking everyone for years and that is very nice. Shit is usually the only time we see the rest of that side of the family. And it is for a few minutes, you catch up, laugh, go our separate ways and then talk shit about the family we just saw.

Oh damn, how can I forget another great thing about the fair.  People Watching!!!  Holy Cowshit, you haven't seen anything till you get all types of folks together at the fair.  It just reminds me that folks out of the redneck, but you cant take the redneck out the folk.

Really though, the best part of the fair is that the C's love it.  They love the petting zoo area, they love seeing the prize winning bull, they just look forward going and that is enough for me.  So even if it is for one night, I will become the biggest redneck in the world so I can see the C's smile.

On to the portion where I talk shit about my wife.  Last night I almost lost my shit. (shit seems to be the word of the day here) Why is it that I, me and only me can not get C4 to brush his teeth without him throwing a fucking fit.  He runs into the bathroom and as soon as I hand him his toothbrush his legs buckle and he tries to leave. Screaming and crying.  So last night I go into the bedroom where T is and ask her "How do you brush his teeth? Show me please" She can tell Im frustrated, so what does she do?  Being the most awesome wife....She starts fucking laughing at me!!! Yes, laughing at me!!!! At this point I am more pissed that she is laughing at me.  I tell her "Good, you think its funny, you brush his fucking teeth" So what does she do then???? She laughs MORE.
And then she gets him in the bathroom and brushes his teeth with no problem


She is lucky I still love her more than the world or she would have gotten a nice surprise in the middle of the night.

Ok now for the football picks for the weekend
Last week I was 6-1 for the blog and on the money sheet here at work I was
24-7. Beelee dat!!

College Picks
Boston College to cover the +4 and win straight up at home against Va.Tech
Arkansas to cover the +7.5 at home against Alabama
Oregon St. to cover the +17 at Boise St.

Tennessee to cover the +3 at the NY Giants
Minnesota to finally win and cover the 10.5 at home against Detroit
Cincinnati to blow out Carolina in Carolina and cover the 3

And just for my buddy Triple 0007
Dallas will cover the +3 and pull the upset against the Texans at Houston




Unknown September 24, 2010 at 11:13 AM   Reply to

Boy, I hope you're right about Dallas. They're already starting to piss my off.

Lori September 24, 2010 at 1:16 PM   Reply to

I love the state fair. Enjoy. I'm gonna go check out your pics from Disney.

0007 September 24, 2010 at 1:29 PM   Reply to

State fairs are tasty as all the fried stuff is, you were right, it IS fried shit...but I will still eat it when at the fair. Indulge, everything is better when fried-even shit!
I gotta say, I'm inspired...I love it that you guys just laugh in the face of your kids, or each other even, when someone is losing their cool. I can see how effective it is. To the one that's frustrated, I realize that its not going to fix anything, hell, its just going to make you REALLY pissed off: but when they laugh at you, you are forced to eat the fact, that you're being ridiculous...I really gotta do more laughing at people when they're losing there cool...because it IS funny!
And Dallas over Houston? Not this year, pal...

Gretta September 24, 2010 at 1:42 PM   Reply to

Hope you guys have a great time at the fair and can I just say one final thought for your weekend....ROLL TIDE!!!!!! :P

Rachel September 24, 2010 at 6:22 PM   Reply to

We love the state fair! They usually have fried oreos..Mmmmmm. And catching a greased up pig contests are always a hit with my clan.

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