Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little more Fair and Im Easy Like Sunday Morning

Here is the last couple video's from the fair

C2 and C3 Ridin' Pony's
C's on the Tea Cups

Ok, now that all the fair shit is out of the way.  Time to get down to business.

Sunday was such a damn good day.

But even with Sunday being a great day, I was faced with some tough inner battles.  I had to make some choices that might make others buckle at the knees and cry like a bitch.  These are only the decisions that the strong can make, the only thing here for the weak is the coffee.

As the clock got closer to 1 pm on Sunday, I could feel the chill in my bones.  The sweat dripping down my forehead.  I could feel a tingle in my balls.  The leaves were falling from the trees.  The air was cool.  The house was still.  All signs pointing to it being close to
It is only week 3 in the NFL and it was already a HUGE game between the Falcons and the hated Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints.  The only team that stood in our way, the only team blocking us from winning the NFC South.
I could feel it was our (yes OUR, my team) time to beat the Saints, even in their house.  No Reggie Bush, No Darren Sharper, our defense was better this year, we have two stud running backs in Turner and Snelling and we have a solid qb in Matt Ryan.
It was that time, time to cover myself in the #2 Matt Ryan jersey, and face the lid backward on the noggin.  Black shorts on. All systems a go for a great Sunday battle.

Rewind to Friday.  A certain someone who I won't mention, oh well Triple 0007, started talking shit on Friday about how the Aint's would beat my Falcons.  I talked shit about how Dallas would beat his Texans. Back and forth we went.  The lines were drawn in the sand.  Bets were made.  My kids, for his kids.  Wife swap and kids swap.  He would get diaper detail and I would get the last laugh.

Fast forward to Sunday.  Fourth Quarter of the game. A game that would feature a lot of big plays, big hits and fights between two teams that hate one another. With T by my side and C4 jumping at every scream I screamed, we watched and cheered as the good guys (my team) were up 3. And his other team the Texans were getting BLASTED by Dallas.

I reach my hand in my pocket, to rub my balls.  I reach my other hand in my other pocket to grab my phone.  (in my mind) Yeah call Triple 0007, yeah call him and talk shit about his sorry teams getting waxed. Yeah rub that shit in...My fingers on the phone gripping it tight, looking at it and preparing myself to dial the Texas number. 

Wait, I start hearing something.  A voice speaking to me softly in my ear. The voice was in the soft sweet tone of Kim Kardashian (know jock sniffer) telling me "Don't call, if you do and talk shit, your team may lose and how will you feel then?"  My head tilts and I think to myself, "She's right!!"  I cant do it.  I cant call my Texas brother and strike a death blow just yet. I must wait.

So....I wait.   And Wait.
And let me tell you something, It is a damn good thing I waited too.  The F-ing Falcons about gave me a heart attack, made me look nuts in front of T and C4, screaming and yelling about giving up a field goal to tie it and send it to OT. Then the Falcons getting the ball first and throwing a f-ing bomb to an open receiver who arms stopped at his wrists. bastard had no hands and should have had the catch.

Then holy shit, the Saints go marching in (pun) and line up for a chip shot field goal.  I am going ape shit now, we have lost the fucking game, great we had it and now we have...
OH MY GOD, HOLY SHIT, HE MISSED IT.  I am shitting my shorts now and C4 is looking at me like who the hell is this man. T is laughing at me saying "See, you gotta have, negative asshole"

Wow, then just like we did all game long, we ran, we ran some more and we ran ever more. We ran like Forst Gump looking for Jenny. Got the ball down close enough to nail a 46 yarder.  The field goal to win the game.

At this point I was to excited to call my enemy and hammer him with negative statements about his sorry ass teams.
So Kim Kardashian really helped me out on Sunday by talking me out of calling Triple 0007 and talking shit. 

And every one knows that is the reason the Falcons won the game.

When you talk shit before the game is over, your team will lose.

This weekend is another weekend Triple 0007.



0007 September 29, 2010 at 9:35 AM   Reply to

Yea, I and I still have to type up something terrible---could be today...I'm known for dragging my feet. It will be done.
And yea, this jinx-theory of yours is very powerful. I usually don't talk shit because its only caused me lots of disappointment. But I just got out of control last week and jinxed myself into having to see the Saints lose the the...can't remember who they lost to, but it was SOME NFL team. ANyway, next I had to eat so much f'n crow over the Texans loss...grr...well, I did win ONE fantasy game this week so there's that....

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