Thursday, September 30, 2010

What did you say?

I realized something the other night and I didn't get it on video to prove my point but it finally hit me that I do not want my sweet little Princess C3 to get any older.  I want her to stay 3 yrs old forever.  I'm am sure there are many reasons this thought is running through my mind but it was just the other night I figured it out and it was for this very reason.

(disclaimer- C3 if you ever read this, I am not making fun of you- I promise)

You can ask anyone, right now at her age she is sometimes hard to understand and she talks very fast alot of the times.  T and I were talking to her the other night and we were focusing on a certain word....WEEZY (character from toy story).  She tried over and over to say it and get the Z out, but it just didn't work.

We started laughing and she finally got it right, for the moment. 

It was at that point and time that I put my hand on her head, looked at her and said "Please don't grow up and stay this age forever".  Yeah I know I am a sweet and caring daddy right.


I looked at T and said "Can you imagine all the shit she is gonna say to me when she is older and spitting out words galore and we can understand her?"  She is gonna let me have it I know she is.  Right now all she does is stick her tongue out and give me looks T passed down to her, mean, nasty looks that burns holes in your skin worse than cigarettes.  Looks that say F-YOU daddy, why don't you go sleep outside when I dont' use my inside voice?  Looks that say Screw You Daddy, I will brush my teeth when I want to.  Looks that say HA HA, I will jump on my bed, your bed and my brothers bed and there is nothing you can do about it.

What does sticking the tongue out mean anyways?  I mean that shit doesn't hurt me. It doesn't bother me.  All I really have to do is grab that little pink tongue one time and yank on it and she wont ever do it again.

So is my sweet little princess going to get older and say sweet things to me or is she going to finally get out the words she has been trying to but couldn't?

Cant wait.  Maybe this is the reason parents say they never want their kids to grow up.  We don't want to hear them say the shit that is really on their minds. 



Unknown September 30, 2010 at 4:39 PM   Reply to

Yes! You do want her to stay right where she is right now! I have a 12 year old going on 20. She gives the looks and tells her friends how mean I am or how I did something to ruin her life.

It's gonna be fun...

~Rachel October 3, 2010 at 4:43 AM   Reply to

So true! I think I would much rather hear the unknown words of a young one than those of a teenager. That is a phase I am not looking forward to.

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