Thursday, September 23, 2010

Will you stop doing this shit????????

I have something that drives me insane at the house.  While I am only home a few hours before the kids go to sleep, this shit still drives me nuts.  T has to deal with it all day and I swear I would get a f-ing chainsaw and dismantle everything we own if I was home all day like her.

"Im going to cut the f-ing legs off the table in a minute"  That is what I said to T last night

I am talking about my almost 16 month old C4, the child that will find anything in the house to climb on.  ANYTHING.  I can't handle this shit.  Son, when you read this later in life, know this, you have climbed on everything in the f-ing house.  If someone is in your way, you try to move them so you can climb. I get you and put you back on the FLOOR.  You cry, then you get back to climbing.  You wait till we are not looking and then you climb.

Son, you have fallen off of shit and hit your head, you have hurt yourself time and time again.  I try to tell myself that boys will be boys and you are going to climb and what happens....happens....But damn son, every 5 minutes I am getting you off of the table, the chair, the whatever the heel you climbed up on.

Look, I know I am bitching about something that alot of kids do, but T and I are sick and tired of this shit.  Last night I got him off the table and put him on top of the fridge, the entertainment center and he didn't like it.  Will it stop him from climbing NO!  Shit if falling won't stop him, I dont think anything will.  I told T last night I wanted to put a weight vest on him.  Shit maybe velcro shoes?????????

I am punching myself in the face and drop kicking myself in the nuts over this.

Now pretend these next captions are what little C4
is thinking in his head
Ok, if I get this chair out a little I can climb up on it

Ok, good chair is out, now time to start
climbing, put my hand here and foot down here

Ok, made it.  Now I need to check out the scene
and make sure the coast is clear

Look, I see the other kids have something
I want. Im getting on this table

Look, this is so easy.
Hey, MaMa.
No wait, I have to be like a ninja spy, slow and quiet

Look, I made it.  On the dining room table.
Man, no one can stop me.
Oh shit, here comes DaDa, damn it he is
going to get me off of here again and I am going to pitch a f-ing fit and scream and cry till
I find something else to climb on.

Yeah, look there is the kitchen table and some chairs,
I will climb on that again

Is this in our future?




Unknown September 23, 2010 at 10:59 AM   Reply to

That's about the age my youngest started doing that same thing. She's almost two and we're still dealing with it almost a year later. She even climbs into her high chair by herself. Even if the tray is on it! Good luck!

ericdbolton September 23, 2010 at 11:23 AM   Reply to

Have you checked the house for radioactive spiders?

Sarah Q September 23, 2010 at 11:32 AM   Reply to

Dude. I was a daycare teacher for 4 years. Imagine that times 10. And I couldn't tell the kids 'no'. All I could do was say 'Feet on the floor, please!' with my voice full of sunshine and rainbows.

inactive September 23, 2010 at 3:20 PM   Reply to

great post.....I too was a daycare teacher like Sarah repeating this constantly!! Fortunately everything in a classroom is usually low to the ground for that reason.....My oldest daughter was a dare devil and did not learn from I feel your you should just put him in protective gear all waking hours...haha

Elan September 23, 2010 at 6:30 PM   Reply to

ha im definitely taking you to the top 2. Unfortunately, the other house mates will be hypnotized by my charm and vote unanimously for me ;)

S.I.F. September 24, 2010 at 1:41 AM   Reply to

Stop trying to stifle your child's clear talent Scott... You could have a world class climber on your hands, and you're trying to keep him down!

Damn the man!

Clarks N Idaho September 24, 2010 at 9:46 AM   Reply to

I too had this problem. My son at about 2 fell off of a little tykes plastic picnic table in the kitchen that i let the kids eat on. Needless to say he broke his wrist so the smallest cast I had ever seen was on my little boy. I felt like a shit parent. Anyway 3 day later my son was playing at a friend house with my husband and when they came home I saw my son's elbow all brused up and scraped and it happen to be the same side he had the cast on. So down to the ER and I made my husband come with me and the dr. come in and says look like he broke his elbow. Talk about a white trash family. as we were looking at the Xray with the dr to see how bad the break was. We turn around and my son was standing on the little black rolling chair the dr. usually sit on. The dr. says okay i say how this happened, You need to keep in grounded play video games or something that will keep him from climbing. I was never to from the previous er visit that a cast would make my son balance be off and that is how he he broke his elbow. It is a pain to have a little one in a cast and have them sleep and the cast hit them in the head at night OUCH!! Anyways just wanted to share. but, the long run is he drives a race a car and his left arm is good!

Heather September 24, 2010 at 1:46 PM   Reply to

I would think that him being boy #3 you would be used to the climbing. Audrey started that well before she turned 1. She couldn't even walk yet but she could climb. My little monkey!

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