Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-29-10...........Scary stuff

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Ok sing it with me, everybody get in a Sinatra voice mode

Hey Mr. Sunshine, Im gonna outshine your shine
Its just the beginning of a happy day
Im feeling kinda Friday......

Wanna meet someone that is not feeling kinda Friday?
Meet Mrs. Bryant aka Diamond Princess of Crime Mob and her whole crew.  The whole crew that was filming a music video in the ATL. late last night.  And what were they using? A nice brand new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro- BumbleBee edition, like the one in Transformers.  Watch and see what happens when my drivers track a car that has gps on it.

Sorry Princess, can't pay, you dont play!
Now that is scary

Guy's ever have something that you thought was a sure thing backfire on you?
Yeah me too.  Last night as a matter of fact.
I do the treadmill...Well, I don't actually DO the treadmill that would be pretty nasty.
I run on the treadmill and then take a shower, and I put a touch of the smell good on thinking that T would love the way I smelled and as soon as the kids were asleep, she would give me the goods.
Yeah didn't happen.
"I have a headache and feel sick to my stomach" T says
"Yeah that shit you put on gave me a headache" T finished with
Operation Sure Thing PO-DO.......FAILED
Now that is scary

I did share a great moment in father - son history last night.  Really, I did.  When T was changing C4's diaper before bed, he laid back with a smile and started to play with himself.  He looked just like I do when I do that exact same thing. 

Now, I will ask all of you to pray for me.  I suffered a loss this week. 
I (yes I) cut back our satellite package and ESPN is gone.
I've lost ESPN. (tear drops are falling)

Something occurred to me this morning after I got out of the shower.  No people, I already knew that I am well taken care of.  I started to dry my body off and I thought why do I dry my balls off and then dry my face.  Why do I dry my balls and then dry my hair.???????????
Now that is scary

Another thing I found out this morning...T got up with me this morning before I left for work and she sat with me on the couch and we watched the news.  It was awesome.  Now, not as awesome as getting some morning PO DO, but it was great.  Thanks babe.  Love you.

I get a text pic this morning (no not from Brett Farve) from T and it is a picture of a green bead.  A green bead that C2 blew out of his nose.  C2, please don't put shit in your nose. What the hell are you thinking putting beads in your nose?
Now that is scary

This is a weekend filled with fun for the kids.  The kids are so excited to be having fun things to do on both Saturday and Sunday.  So all weekend T and I will be parents to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and a Penguin.  I plan on dressing up as a daddy who changes shitty diapers.  I know scary right.
Now that is REALLY scary

T has been doing an awesome job putting together our Disney 2010 Vacation blog.

Time for your College and Pro Football picks.
Last week I bounced back with a 4-2 record.

I tried to do a video pick segment again but I rushed through it and it sucked ass.
So just read it.
(winners in bold)
College Picks
Texas(home)-7 vs. Baylor - Texas off a loss last week kills Baylor.
Auburn-7 @ Ole Miss - I know Cam Newton is bad ass but I like Ole Miss to cover.
Iowa(home)-6 vs. Michigan St. - MSU, continues to roll Big 10 foes.

NFL Picks
Dallas(home)-6.5 vs. Jacksonville - Oh man. Dallas wins and covers without Romo.
New England(home)-5 vs. Minnesota - Brady is playing, nuff said.
Pittsburgh-1 @ New Orleans - Even 0007 knows that the Saint's Aint got it this year.
The Steelers win in the SuperDome.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

See that bus, don't throw your spouse under it....

Being the sports maniac that I am, it is so funny how I can take stuff from the world of sports and bring it into the the world of parenting and still have it make sense

So here it is.  Sunday night my all time favorite qb Brett Farve had a not so great game.  After that not so great game his coach Brad Childress decided to call him out in front of the media.  Now is you follow sports, you know that this happens all the time. Players call out coaches, coaches call out players, and as Bruce Hornsby once sang "That's just the way it is, somethings will never change".  So then in his press conference, Farve decided to let the media know he didn't have to be told how bad he played by anyone (meaning his coach) he already knew himself how bad he played.

Some of you might be thinking WHERE IN THE HELL IS HE GOING WITH THIS?  While throwing people under the bus is common, there is one place it shouldn't be.....THE HOME!  I used to do this to T all the time, when she would put one of the C's in timeout or have one of the kids do something, I always used to make a comment or say something about it and how she was doing it.  She would make this for the kids, I would bark about it.  So alot of the times T was making a decision, I would throw her under the bus.

Then it hit me like a nasty f-ing diaper from C4. T is the qb of our team.  She is the one that leads the team through the good and the bad.  Who am I to come in and second guess her.  She has been a winning mom for years.  So when I second guess her and try to correct her in front of the C's, that is like me throwing her under the bus.  I am only home for a couple hours a night before the C's go to bed. Then I am home on the weekends.  In fact to have it make more sense, T could be considered the head coach and I am the qb that needs to play in her system.  If I go out of her system and screw something up, she is not going to throw me under the bus in from of the C's, she will pull me aside and give me a way to correct what I did.

That is what it is all about...Working together to make this a championship team.  If  T and I work together and discuss our problems and differences behind closed doors, it will make us stronger because the C's will never even know that we had a fault in the game plan. 

As the Vikings Childress/Farve World Turns, that is a soap opera that is not going to end in a happy way.  They have already broken the trust of working as a team and keeping everything behind closed doors.  They have set each other up for embarrassment in front of the public.

What you can do to make sure this doesn't happen to you and your spouse?  Work as a team.  Together.  A unit.  Before you throw each other under the bus, remember the other teammates...your kids.  Who will your kids look to as a leader if you start bashing each other????!!!!  As long as everyone is on the page, I feel like having two leaders, two head coaches, two qb's can never be a bad thing.

I am glad that T can wear the headset and go in the game to be the qb as well.  Cause if I was the qb this is how it might turn out...........

Oh, come on.  You really didn't think I could make it through an entire post and not write or post something goofy did you?  You must have forgot what blog you were reading.




Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morning from H to the E to the Double hockey sticks

Man, what a f-ed up morning I had.

Woke up late.  Real late.  I woke up so late that the only thing I did in the shower this morning was wash my face, pits and my front junk. I usually take a nice long shower and clean myself up good but today was one of those 5 minute deals.

Rain....Yes, it is falling hard on my car on the way to work.  Not a good drive.  I don't know if I was just too tired, or spaced out or what but I almost hit a car. Yeah my driving skills pretty much suck.  So what did I do as I was almost hitting this car.........I changed lanes and thankfully no one was there and I continued on my drive to work calling myself a dumb ass every other minute.

On my desk.....yeah this is awesome....had a cup of oj and guess what i did with it?  Spilled the shit all over my desk.  That is such a great feeling.

Then whats bottle of cran-grape....yeah, the cap is off and I knock it off my wet desk and spill that on my floor in my office.  Yeah for me...

So what am I going to do today to get myself back in the positive flow and try to have a good day?

*Im gonna try to find and trick some people into telling me where they live and work so we can go repo their cars.....
*Im going to look and try to find some coloring sheets to print out for the C's, they are wanting me to print some Toy Story3 pages with all the new characters.  Last night they were hitting me with character names like pellets out of a paint ball gun.
*Im going to work on something that T and I talked about the other day
*Im going wish all day long that I was home with the wife and C's.
*I will probably look at ESPN somewhere around 50 times.
*I will pat myself on the back numerous times for running on the treadmill again last night.  I have done a mile for the past 5 nights.
*I will wonder if something is wrong with me since I didn't try and get some Po-Do from T.  I try that every night, oh well, I will try double hard tonight.
*I will sit here and wonder if I stink since I took a super fast shower this morning. Geez, I hope my balls don't smell.  I can handle having smelly pits, but smelly balls...Ok, I have to go re-talc.

But the one thing that will make my day start to seem better and make me know that I can turn this day around.................
 ............................Make fun of my favorite qb Brett Farve

Ok.  Wow, suddenly my day doesn't seem so bad.

I had to do something to make myself laugh and put me in a good mood.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to stop being a Wade Phillips

So, last night something happened and it didn't occur to me at first when I saw this guys face but it hit me this morning when I heard someone talking about it on the ESPN Mike and Mike show in the morning on my Sirius Satellite radio. (plug for free service please).

Last night after Tony Romo got knocked out of the game, the Cowboys who already have become a sad sad example of a football team, folded.  The coach Wade Phillips sat on the sideline and put his face in his hands and looked like a beaten man.

So this morning I am listening to the radio and I hear "Dallas has no leader, no one to say, look we can do this!" They are a team without a leader, just sitting and waiting to fail.

That right there applies to me......

It so applies to me because instead of me being a leader in my household, I let shit get to me and fuck with my head.  Instead of walking in the door and taking the leadership role, I let things bother me.  Instead of remembering what its like to be a excited child, I get aggravated.  Instead of embracing the enjoyment of my kids loving that I am finally home, I stress about shit that is not done.  Instead of relaxing and realizing that I am one lucky s.o.b I let things bother me and put me in a foul mood.  I allow myself to become Wade Phillips.

When I heard that that comment this morning all of the above thoughts went rolling through my head. So every night when I get home should I let my team down.  Cause you know I think of my family as a team. I always have.  We all have positions to play, jobs to do and roles we fill.  I can't let my team down.  I know that as a team we are going to have good days and bad days.  Some of us will fail at our daily jobs and some of us need to pick the others up.  I know the C's are too young to understand their roles but my job and my role on the team is to make sure everything flows no matter what.

So like last night when I got home and C3 was so fucking aggravating, instead of being a Wade Phillips and putting my head in my hands and allowing myself to fail in my role, I should have been the leader and got things going in the right direction.

You know what is about to happen to Wade Phillips?  His ass is about to be fired cause he can't lead his team.  You know I don't think T would fire me, but she might not be happy with me if I get back to the place where I come home and I am a miserable bastard.

Time to go back over the game plan, make adjustments, redefine the roles and get back to winning.




Monday, October 25, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun......Headbanging good times

Ahhhhh yes, how sweet is is to be woken up to the sounds of a thunderstorm when we haven't had rain in forever.  What's even sweeter is when there is so much lightening that I couldn't even take a shower, I did take one last night so the morning funk wasn't too bad. But to make it EVEN BETTER, thrown in a siren going off in the area from tornado warnings.  That is saaaa-weeet.  I never knew how cool it was to see Dorothy and the gang flying by my bathroom window.  Seeing my basketball goal blown over in the driveway was great too, I am so glad that my car was in the garage, I would have been so pissed, cause the goal fell where I park my car when I don't put it in the garage.  So whats better than an hour drive to work in the blowing wind and driving rain???????

We had some awesome things happen this weekend.  Yeah, awesome.  I went running on Saturday and then yesterday I ran a mile on the treadmill.  All I have to do is keep it up.

T and I are very strict with what we let the C's watch on tv and movies.  Saturday the other kids were already asleep so we decided to ask C1 if he wanted to watch the new Karate Kid movie with us. This would be his first big boy PG movie.  It was funny when I first asked him if he wanted to watch it with us he asked "How old do I have to be?" I told him it was a PG and he then said "I will see if I like it".  Well he watch pretty much the whole movie with us and I think he liked it.  T and I both loved how innocent he was when I was trying to lay out the story for him and told him some kids were "picking on the other boy" he asked what does picking on mean?  He seemed to like the movie and said after that he is ready for his next big boy PG movie.

C2 cursed out someone again this weekend.  This time it was T.  He ran off into his room, did the door slam and proceeded to call T "Scum" and tell her she is "Fired".  That is some funny shit.  Scum and Fired.  Could be worse, alot worse.

You know we have a future MMA fighter in our family. I used to think that C2 was the tough one.  Then when C3 came along, I thought she was going to be the tough little shit and kick the boys ass.  Well now we have a mad, crazy, hard headed, did I mention crazy 16 month old.  This child of ours like to head butt....everything!!!  At anytime.  When he is mad....he headbutts.  When he is happy....he headbutts.  He headbutts all the time.  It is fucking insane.  He got mad Friday night and got a running start and ran his head into the bead boarded wall. He would have put a hole in the wall as hard as he went. 

So now lets add on to that....The same 16 month old C4 who likes to ram his head into everything, happens to be the same child that fucking falls all the time and when he falls he like to fall on his head and face.  He has bruises on his forehead, a bruised up nose and scraped up knees and toes from falling.  I mean it is so scary to me that every time he falls he is slamming his head. I am at the point I am going to put a damn helmet on the kid.

So right now C4's face looks like that of a beaten boxer or MMA fighter.  Nice. Yeah, not so much.

Football was awesome this weekend.  My picks were pretty good this weekend getting back on track.  I am in the running for the money here at work. I need Dallas to win and cover the 3 and I need alot of points scored by both teams.  Come on Romo, don't screw me like Farve did last night.  Farve really sucks ass.  Hey here is an idea...throw to YOUR players dip shit.

Anyways my picks that I made on Friday for you all went 4-2, 3-0 in college and 1-2 in the NFL.  You made money and that is the point, right??

Hey T, thanks for treating me like king this weekend. Your awesome and I love you.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-22-10...........Music, Videos, Football and PO-DO

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Another Friday is here. Its about damn time.  I am ready for the weekend. But first I have to get through today.

Getting through today includes starting the day waking up and heading to the toilet to take the morning leak and I open my crusted eyes and see my 3 yr old princess sitting in my spot.  Im glad I opened my eyes before I sat on her.

For some reason this morning a steaming hot shower felt way better than it normally does.

And as I got dressed I realized how lucky I am, as I see all of my kids in the bedroom scattered out and resting so peacefully.  T and C4 snuggled up tight and T's boob hanging out as C4 looked like he was in heaven.  C1 and his long body occupied my spot, C3 was curled up like a ball at the end of the bed, you know, how dogs do, and that sweet daughter that I almost sat on, she was on the floor all covered up.

That right there is a awesome feeling.

Then I proceed to get myself ready for the day by
rocking out

Then I have to make sure I get my dosage of a favorite

After that I have to feel the love and remind myself of T and my love for her

And just before I get to the office I have to get funky

Ready for the day.  Time to find some cars to steal.

I have a game plan this weekend.  Get back on track for exercising and working out.  The ipod is loaded and the tight spandex shorts are out and the shoes are laced up. Time to get my Baywatch body back. (stop laughing assholes) That includes shaving the body.
Another plan I have this weekend...T are you listening (well reading)
PO-DO.  Honey seriously, PO-DO.  I will massage you till the pigs fly, but I am a man and I am about to explode and my wrist hurts.  Honey I will rub your feet, your back, your head.  I know Im begging and I dont give a shit.  Like Whitney Houston sang "Im saving all my love for you" or George Michael sang "I want your sex".  I will even put on the Tom Brady jersey for you.......

Oh shit, now that I am done fantacising about some PO-DO with the wife, it is time to well lets see
make some football picks.
And today we are doing it video style




Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it really "In God We Trust"??

I just don't like the guy. I admit it, I'm a hater.  I also admit he is a great athlete and a damn good football player but I have no love for Brett Farve. 

So when I was sitting on the couch this morning and saw that Good Morning America was doing a story on his wife Deanna Farve and her "relying on faith" to help her get through this tough time of him sending dick pic's and dirty texts to another woman, I wanted to throw something at the tv.

I'm going to rant so if you don't want to hear it, read it or whatever...leave now. 

First I am going to rant on Brett Farve and the allegations of him sending inappropriate text messages and photos to a woman who worked for the NY JETS, when he played for them.  My thought is that they would be making a MUCH bigger deal about this if he was someone else.  Farve pretty much owns the NFL. Why else would they put up with his shit.  Now that he had his meeting with NFL security about the matter the headline that came out of that meeting was

"NO COMMENT" - Doesn't that pretty much mean he did it?  I think so!  If he didn't send those things, then why can't he come out and say "I DIDN'T DO IT!"???  

And now his wife comes out and while discussing her new book on Good Morning America she talks about the shit that is going on with her holier than thou husband Brett

NEW YORK -- Deanna Favre says her religious faith and an outward focus are helping her overcome the allegations of improper behavior that have been leveled against her husband, Brett.
Deanna Favre was interviewed Thursday on "Good Morning America" about a book she co-authored with Shane Stanford called "The Cure for the Chronic Life," which is about getting past hard times and patterns of unhealthy behavior.
During the interview, Deanna was asked how she's handling the accusations against Brett Favre, who is being investigated by the NFL for allegedly sending suggestive messages and lewd photos to a woman who worked for the New York Jets.
Deanna Favre says: "I'm handling this through faith."
She did not address whether the allegations against her husband are true or false.

So while Brett is "maybe" doing improper things involving other women and his phone, his wife is using faith to help her out?????  Come on, really?  Why cant she just say "I'm being a strong woman"?  Why is everything that goes wrong in the world waiting on "FAITH" to save it, cure it, fix it??????

If people having FAITH made everything better, then why wont having FAITH just not let this shit happen in the first place.

I believe in God, really I do.  But I am not going to sit here and think that the minute something goes wrong or not how I want it to go that bending, praying and looking at the sky is going to help me out.  If that were the case then my mother wouldn't be in a wheelchair, my son would not have tortacollis, my wife and I would not have lost a baby and I my family and I would not be in debt. 

I fuck up alot with T and the C's.  Who fixes that and makes it better?  ME.  Not FAITH.  ME!!  I make a mistake I fix it. 

Brett Farve MIGHT have done this.  Who fixes it for him and his wife???? Apparently GOD will cause she is using FAITH to get past it.  Is her FAITH and GOD going to make it better because he is BRETT FARVE??? 

Bullshit, I think her saying that is her right and her belief but my right is to say it is bullshit.  I would rather her say "You know, I'm pissed right now, and I don't know if Brett did this or not, but I am going to be a strong woman and fight against it" 

Back to Brett....If he really didn't do these acts that he is being accused of, then just say so. Say "I didn't do it and she is wrong"  He is either telling the truth or lying.  But to say "I have no comment on this matter, it is a league issue"  What the fuck does that mean.?????

Ok rant over, hit me up with your comments and let me have it, rip me an ass I don't care.  Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.  I won't stop you.

This was something that bothered me this morning as soon as I saw it on tv and it stewed in me the whole drive to work.

By the way, I am picking Brett and the Vikes to beat the FudgePacking CheeseHeads this weekend.




Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have a bleeder......

I might as well be standing in the line at Wal-Mart with a box of Super Overnight Xtra Absorbents because I am in the middle if having my usual MAN PERIOD.  I am regular.  Probably way to regular.  On time every month, maybe more than once a month.

Now my current MAN PERIOD is over my weight.  I am having an issue with my weight and it is really fucking pissing me off and that is making me not happy with myself.  And T can tell something is wrong and that makes her think I am not happy.  It also makes her not want to talk to me cause she knows I am going to be a sulky, sorry pain in the ass. 

The problem is that I know what I need to do, but I am just too fucking lazy to do anything about it.  I tell myself I am fat and need to lose weight but I  go home and don't do shit about it.  I don't get up early and do anything about it.  I blame it on no street lights so I cant run at night or early in the morning, I have the treadmill but don't get my ass on it.  So I keep making all the damn excuses and do nothing about it.

I have this guy I know 0007, who will probably comment on this and try to give me the good ol motivational speech but, I just have to fucking do something about it.  I have got to lose some weight.  I am just not happy with my body.  Now T, she is happy, shit she doesn't care, she is the great wife that loves me for me.  She is such a great wife that she has made me take salads for lunch, buys me fruit and yogurt for my smoothies I make at work, she is a positive force on me and the healthy part of me.  But she is so sick and tired of me always talking about being fat and not doing shit about it.

Bottom line is that I have to talk myself into doing something about my self hating issues.  Sitting on my ass at home is not helping.  I know once I get going I can keep the routine up.  I used to go to the gym early in the morning before work and that was awesome.  I loved it.  Made the day so much better.  I used to go running every night.  So I know I can do it, I just have to stop making excuses.

Besides I think T is tired of me using up bathroom cabinet space to store my tampons.  Time to pull the string and take the pad out and make a difference.  A difference that will make me feel better about myself.




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I lied to T

I lied to T.  All weekend I lied.  Was it wrong? Yes!  Did I feel bad about it?  No!

Was she mad?  NO!

Let me splain, ok.

See here at my job, we have a football sheet we play.  It has College picks and NFL picks. It has 28 total games.  It cost $10 to play and it is winner take all.  Well for years I have played the football sheet.....but for fun, not for money.  Well a few weeks ago on the football sheet I went 21-7, and that smoked everyone in the office.  T said to me "Why don't you play for real?"  "Cause then I won't win and I will lose $10" I told her.  Well since I have been playing for REAL, I haven't won shit.

So last weekend I got her to fill a sheet out for fun and what did she do?  She kicked ass and would have been in the running for the money.  So this past Friday, I asked her to fill out a sheet and let me see it and look at her picks and see who she liked....Well she did and sent her picks to my phone. 

"You going to play your sheet or mine?" She asked me.  "I am not sure about some of your picks"

So what did I do?  I decided to play BOTH of our sheets for $10. So now $20 in and a total of 7 people played for money this weekend.

Saturday, ok lets see, as T is running wild and going 10-4 on College picks, she is asking me how her picks are doing and how she compares to everyone else's.  I told her she is kicking ass but she only played for fun.  She starts with the talking shit about how I should have played her sheet....blah.....blah...blah...

Sunday, as the early pro games finish up, she is still kicking ass and the closest person to her is Harold and he is 5 games behind.
"Should have played my sheet...dear"  She says.
"I know babe, I know" Say sneaky me.
She has NO idea that I played her sheet for real and that she is in the money.  She is STILL running her mouth and I am almost at the breaking point of telling her to shut it and that she won...but I don't.

T's sports / fantasy football name is YOUGOTBEATBYAGIRL.  Everyone at work yesterday was asking if she knew she won and I was telling them...."Nope, I will tell her tonight"

I got home last night and out of my
Yes, out of my sexy Hello Kitty boxer briefs
I pull out
$50.  Yes $50.  You sick bastards thought I was gonna say something else

She didn't believe me at first.  T won the office football pick em' sheet by going
19-8-1.....That's right.  She kicked ass.


So see, I didn't jinx her by telling her.  

So yes, I did lie to T the whole weekend about the football sheet
but that's ok.  It was worth it to pull out a 


I am going to say a $50 spot people.

You all are so dirty minded.




Monday, October 18, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun......The garage is clean & a Christmas Idea for us guys

I am on the run.  Sorry T and 4 C's, the bookie is after me and I don't want to put you all in harms way.  I owe a  ASS-LOAD of money. I went 2-4 again this weekend on my picks.  That sucks ass.  I also lost a bet to the wonderful wife over the weekly football sheets as she went a fucking impressive 18-8 and I went 11-15.  So guess I better rest my hands and get ready to become a massage therapist tonight.

Weekend overall was good, even the part last night when C2 was cursing me and T out in his bedroom.  I went to check on him, see he was pissed because he didn't get any ice cream since he couldn't clean up the Lego room.  As I was listening through the door, he was talking to someone in his room calling T and I "BUMS" ?????????????...Also saying that "Ice Cream was better than Mommy and Daddy"?????????  Yeah, that was some funny shit.

C4 took another hit while we were outside. This kid has had more blows to his head in his 16 months than the other kids had put together.  Time to get him a damn helmet. 

So Saturday the big garage clean up began

And then later Saturday it was all over

Now, being that I am a sick minded man and I am always thinking about having sex with my wife, T brought something to my attention Friday night.  One of the hottest toys of the holiday season is said to be
When she showed me this toy in a magazine, I started to laugh.  We both laughed.  The first thought in my head was "Uhhhh...look at the mouth"  We both started laughing.  When you squeeze the belly the mouth opens wide..????? And it makes noises???? Oh hell yeah....
Open mouth....insert foot??? Yeah,  not really, I'm gonna leave it at that.
This toy can be yours for the small price of $13. 

T a big thank you to you for taking care of me over the weekend.  You gave me great food, great fun and really great PO-DO.  You are awesome and thanks for all your help over the weekend.  I love you.

So the weekend was awesome and even though the Falcons lost, it still ended on a good note..We all sat in bed watched our favorite family show The Amazing Race and then went to sleep.


Disney Vacation 2010 T has more vacation pic's up



Friday, October 15, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-15-10..........Im a "Real Man of Genius"

This Daddy's Blog


I am at my desk this morning and it just hit me like the nasty aroma of C4's shitty diaper
I am a Genius....I really am..
Who else could come up with the shit I do?

Well, there was no sniffing of the Hanes last night, but as T and I laid in bed we cuddled and then she started smelling my hand.
Ok, either my wife had her nose opened up recently and she has found a new desire to smell me or maybe I just do smell that damn good.
Which has led me to believe that I may be this man

It also led me to this thought
When T and I first met......we danced
And for some reason she still married me

But I know she loves me so.  How do I know this.
Cause she will still be by my side when I look this

Anyways.  I love my wife. She turns me on all the time, she doesn't even know it but she does. 
Well we were going over the football picks and she started blurting out team names and I was like damn, this woman know all this shit. "What do you think I am f-ing stupid?" was pretty much her response and I was floored she knew all the NFL team names but one.
That right there is SEXY.

So this week T went and picked up the kids costumes and C1 is Mario, C2 is Luigi, C3 is Princess Peach (in a Snow White costume) and C4 is going to be the Super Mario penguin.  So everyday they have been dressed in the gear playing the live version of Super Mario around the house.

No plans for the weekend, so that means the garage is getting a makeover this weekend.  Cleaned out, cleaned up and redone.  Trips to the dump, bags filled with shit, (not actual shit) and stuff thrown away and maybe we will have enough for a future yard sale.

Movie watching time also.  Iron Man 2 and I have some movies dvr'd.

Now for the portion of the program that you have come to love and expect every Friday.
My football picks against the spread.
Last week I went 2-4
Sucked ass.
Time to make it up

Winners in bold

College Picks
FSU(home)-21.5 vs Boston College. It's alot of points but BC has no defense and FSU is at home
Nebraska(home)-9 vs Texas. In Lincoln and Nebraska is awesome this year. Sorry Texas.
Alabama(home)-20 vs Mississippi.  Ok off the loss Bama kicks ass and doesn't care about names.

NFL Picks
Atlanta @ Philadelphia. They have this as a pick em'. Falcons win another close one.
Houston(home)-4.5 vs Kansas City. This was a tough one but KC has a good D. Sorry Texans.
Minnesota(home)-3.5 vs Dallas.  Ok Mr PhotoFarve and his team actually suck worse than the Cowboys.

There it is.
Like my ol buddy Justin Timberlake says
"Do you like well done- Cause I do it well"



Thursday, October 14, 2010

I thought I was the only one???????

If you were to peek in our windows on any given weekend you might find me doing laundry.  If you catch me at the right time, you might find me being a dirty perv old man and sniffing my wife's panties.  Yes it's true. Don't hate on me.  And I know I'm not the only guy out there that does this. I am just crazy enough to admit it.  Hey, at least I'm doing the laundry!!!

Well never in a million years would I ever imagine that my non perv, non dirty wife would be smelling my boxer breefers. (again that is what C2 calls em')

But she was and she did, so now I know.

This is the pair she was smelling.

We were all in our bedroom watching Survivor last night and T was folding some laundry and then these words are said

T - Your underwear still smells like talc.
Me - Are you smelling my underwear?
T - NO!...I can smell the talc, they still smell
Me - You are smelling my underwear
T - No I'm not!
Me - Uhhh, yeah you are
T - Yeah, ok.  Whatever

So I take my underwear and before I put them up, I smell them.  Shit, now I am smelling my own underwear, what the hell am I doing?  T has got me smelling my own underwear to see if they smell like talc.

Now I cant be the only male that talc's everyday.  I have to have fresh boys. Dry boys.  Us guys sweat down there.  They are all crowded in there and everything. So talc'ing makes them feel good.

For years I thought I was the only one in the house that smelled my spouse's panties.  Now, as I found out last night that T and I have another thing in common.  Sniffing each others undergarments.

I love you babe and I think its hot that you want to smell my boxer breefers.
I only have one request.....Can you try smelling them while I am still wearing them???




Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things on my list.....

I have a list of thing I love in life.  Yes, I actually have a list.  Hold on let me get it.

Ok, I had to go into the bathroom and get it, I keep it in my boxer breefers (that is what C2 calls that kind of underwear).  I keep it there in case of emergency. Damn it, it smells like talc.  Let me unfold it.

Topping the list of course is T and the C's. Ironing underwear, that shouldn't be on the list???  Rubbing T's feet?  Yeah, I guess that needs to stay on the list.  Change shitty diapers? HELL NO!  Man I need to make some changes to this list.     Now scrolling down the list I come to.....

Football.  I sure do love me some football.  Atlanta Falcons (4-1) football at that.  So I am bringing you perhaps one of the most awesome defensive plays of the year so far.
Kroy Biermann interception return for a touchdown.
Damn that shit was beautiful.

Scrolling down the list, you will come to Music.  I am a huge music fan.  For this next clip I throw out some t.v. love too.  I am a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.  Timberlake has mad skills and I think he is a musical mastermind.  This shit right here is so classic.
I so love this shit. 

Sports and Music.  2 cool things.  Little things.  Now add the top things on my list and add them to these two things.....That is even better.  I love when T watches football with me.  She says some off the wall shit and I just laugh.  But it is fun to have her watch.  C2 always comes by and asks if my team is winning and looks at the score.

Music, the C's love music.  They love music they hear from movies they watch.  C1 and C2 actually know the words from the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.  So this video is for you guys.  Enjoys my little C's.

Hope you liked it kids.
I cant wait to be in the garage this weekend and listening to that song a million times and "Woodys Roundup" too.

Ok now let me go back to the bathroom and put the list back.  I am going to revise the list this weekend.




Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When your kids don't look like your kids???

Caricature's can be cool.  They can be funny, they can make you look absolutely crazy.  They cool thing about caricatures is that they look like you.

Except in the case of the one's we had drawn up this past weekend.
T waited hours in line to have these done.
I promise you that if we had to pay for these, I would have DEMANDED my money back.  I would have blown a gasket.  Yeah, I guess a guy can only draw as good as he can draw my kids but looking at the pic's I am just not seeing it.

Ok, this is C1



Ok, this was or is supposed to be C4.
This was the very last pic he drew.  I don't know
if he was tired or rushing but WTF.
This looks NOTHING like my little C4

I have to say that I am so glad that these were FREE.  Places like fairs, amusement parks like to charge you out the ass for these things.  After he did C3's T and I were like "Wow, thats pretty good, maybe we can frame these and put them in the house."  Then he did C1 and C2's and we were like "NO."  Then after he did C4's pic we just looked at each other and laughed and shook our heads. 

Just something about them.  They just don't look like my kids.




Monday, October 11, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun.......Movies and Football

Chris Columbus, you didn't do shit for me. 
I don't get a damn day off because of you.  I don't get to sit at home and play with the kids and aggravate T today.  I had to get up and drive an hour to work just like every other day.

That's ok though.  The weekend was fine like old wine. 

Friday night T and I watched the Babies Documentary.  And the kids watched it with us too.  They liked it and we loved it.  It was very interesting to see the families from 4 different countries and how they handle everything.

Also, Friday night, I had to go down to the neighbors and feed their dog and cats.   I mean first, I had to walk down the street with no streetlights.  I had my little flashlight, walking down the dark ass street, I was looking like the blair witch movie.  I was waiting for the cops to come up on me for walking to a house that had no lights on and there is me with a flashlight. 

Saturday we got up early and met T's mom at this thing that one of the local power companies was hosting.  It was like a big fair.  They had rides and all kinds of shit.

C1 and C3 did the rock climbing wall.  I will post video tomorrow.  They liked it, it was the first time they did that.
T stood in line for hours....yes hours to get free character drawing's of the kids.  That was a great idea.  I mean standing in line for hours.....yes hours to get drawings of our kids. Whats funny about these little drawings is, THEY DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE OUR C's.  I mean to be honest, C3's, well hers looks like her.  The boys, not so much.  Not really.  But what can you say, they are character drawings and they were free.  Kids loaded up on junk, cotton candy and snow cones.  So that was fun.

The kids watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  This was a funny movie.  Not too bad.

Sunday.  What a day.
The weather was awesome.  The kids were awesome.  Football was awesome.

The Atlanta Falcons...WINNER WINNER.  Are 4-1 and the Saints LOST LOST.  That is so awesome right there.  We are leading the division and they go play the Eagles next week.  Not going to talk shit cause we all know what happens then.

I would like to thank my oldest son C1 for taking a shit and wiping his ass.
I just with that when he took a shit he would FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET.
Also please don't use the ENTIRE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER when wiping your ass.

And if you bet with me over the weekend.......
Shit, Im sorry.  That is all I can say.
I went 2-4.  Ouch.

Ok, next weeks picks will be better.
You are still up on the year if you have been following me.

0007, damn dude, the Texan and the Saints????



Friday, October 8, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun........Naked Pic's and more Camel Balls

This Daddy's Blog


Man, it has been a bad work week.  I can't find a car to repo at all.  The people are hiding from me pretty good this week.  Oh well, today I plan for next week.

Tomorrow we are going to a fall festival and we have to get up early since it starts at 8.  Sweet, cant wait to get up early on a Saturday. 

Ok, I finally found another pair of jeans to wear.  I was busy looking in tubs of winter clothes and there they were the whole time in my closet.  Awesome.  So now I dont have to have Camal Balls anymore.  This is what happens to your jeans when you have Camal Balls.
You get a hole in your crotch.  Guess I am well off
big balls and a big.....oh yeah.

So thank god I found a pair of jeans that are
So now my boys have some room

Now for a little rant.  ESPN the Magazine put out a BODY ISSUE where it has athletes, both men and women.  They are nude in poses with the important parts covered. My thing is, who chose the f-ing athletes.  I mean they have a few good ones.  On the women side there are maybe one or two.  Espn if you are trying to show the BODY, doesn't the face count?  Diana Taurasi, yeah you are a awesome basketball player, but you are ugly as shit.  The even have a naked old ass man and woman in there?????????  Get me a woman tennis player.  Get me a woman soccer player. Without naming names I know for a fact of some hot women athletes that are better than what they have.  On the men side, they did ok.  They have some studs in there. Patrick Willis of the 49ers.  A machince.  But come on a f-ing bobsleder.  He's fat. Im fat.  Doesn't men I want to see my fat naked ass in a magazine.  I want a do-over.

T and I are going to try and watch the Babies Documentary this weekend. 

Will the garage get tackled this weekend?  Who knows.
I know that there is no need for yard work this weekend.
We want to attempt to have a yard sale so finding items to sell will be interesting.

I know something that will happen this weekend.  A body shave.  Overdue on the back and chest and arms.  After that T will not be able to keep her hands off me.  Oh yeah.  gonna be some PO DO going on this weekend.

2 minutes on, 2minutes off.  This shit works.

And to the people in front of me when I drive, sorry about the high beams being on.  My headlights are f-ed up and I only have lights when they are on high beams.  When I have the money (never) to get it fixed, I will get it fixed.  Until then, I am sorry.  I will discuss it with you if you like and I appreciate all of the dirvers telling me that they want me to make love to myself.  I love you too.  For the guy that threw something at my car a week or so ago and put the chip in my windshield, I promise you if I ever find you or come across you again, I am going to beat your ass and then piss under your passanger floor mat.

Ok, and another thing, I know you all were wanting me to untuck my junk when I posted about the Jonas Brothers.  Just so you know, that was a phase.  I have moved on...and now I am in the process of burning me some Justin Beiber shit.

Now for your favorite time of the week
my football picks (against the spread)

Well last week I was 3-3, which mean you would have lost a few bucks on the juice but you would still be up for the season.
winners in bold

College Picks
Georgia-12 vs. Tennessee - UGA sucks and I will be shocked if they win at all. Take Tenn.
Alabama-7.5 @ South Carolina - I hate it but I can't go against Bama again. Tide covers the points.
Michigan-4.5 vs. Michigan State - The Spartans can't stop Qb Robinson.

NFL Picks
Atlanta-3 @ Cleveland - Enough of the close shit. Falcons cover easy.
Buffalo-1 vs. Jacksonville. Even at home the Bills suck ass. J-Ville wins.
Upset Special Alert
Chicago-2.5 @ Carolina.  Ok, Chicago is without Cutler and their O-line sucks.  Carolina at home finds a way to win the game straight up.




Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Que Motley Crue.......

Last night was weird.  Kind of messed up.  I am not sure how to feel about it or what to think.

See, usually when I talk to T on my way home, everything is peaceful, kids are fine, but then as soon as I hit the door, all hell breaks loose.  Kids running and screaming, C4 flipping out if T is not in his sights. Me acting all flustered and aggravated.

Well last night I get home and it is quiet and calm.  C4 is sleeping.  C2 is in a freezing ice bath, you know the kind that the football players sit in after games to heal the wear and tear.  C1 and C3 are playing nicely.  T is getting ready to go the store for groceries and this is usually the time I start to freak out cause the kids are going crazy and she is leaving them with me......ALONE!!!!

But man, something was different.  Ok, since C4 was passed out in our bed, I got C3 out of his self made ice bath and then got the kids snack.  This shit was smooth.  No fuss, no romper room shit.  Kids ate snack, then we read Tales from Peter Rabbit and then we watched Survivor. Me and 3 of the C's on the couch watching Survivor and all chillin'.

C2 was the next one out.  While watching tv, he just did his thing and passed right out.  Then C3 had a toy that C1 was playing with and I gave her 5 minutes then it was time to give it up.  Well she knew after 5 minutes that she would lose the toy, so she went and hid in her room.  In her bed. She got in her bed and covered up with C1's toy and before you know it........she's out.   Soon after that, C1 said "I'm going to bed"  and he was off to bed. 

So there I am sitting on the couch at 10:45 pm, watching the Spankee's vs. Twins and thinking to myself that this is awesome.  Peace in the house, sports on the tv but I was missing the main ingredient.  T, shit man, she has been gone for a while and usually I am such the worrier that I would have called her to see where she is but, not tonight. I let her shop and do her thing without bugging her. She finally made it home just after 11 and I helped her with the food and we put it all up.

I was telling her about the kids knocking out early and with no problems and she was telling me that they played hard today.  So they were already tired.  Damn it.  I thought they were just being good for me, I didn't know she wore their ass' out.  Oh well, whatever.  I still chalk it up as a W.

We talked about the ESPN Mag, that came in the mail. It was the BODY ISSUE (more on this tomorrow) and laughed at it some, went to bed after she washed her stank feet from those nasty ass shoes she wears.  All her friends talk about how they love those damn shoes but they stink and make her feet smell like ass in a plastic seat on a hot summer day.  She was tired too, cause she passed out in bed while I was rubbing her head and watching tv.  I took her glasses off and looked at her and thought......Should I try and wake her up for some Pants Off Dance Off?  Nah, just let her sleep.  She must have played hard too.

So for a night, the house and the kids were nice, quiet and calm.  Everyone crashed out with no fuss and here I am wondering what I enjoy more?  The loud, crazy romper room house I come home to every night or the way it was last night?

I like the way it was last night, but last night was not normal.  I LOVE the norm.  The norm. lets me know that no matter what happens in a day that my house will always have my awesome wife T and the 4 pieces that make up my puzzle of a life.




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm sending out a SOS or something like that...

There I was staring at the tv.  Dazed, mesmerized, frozen by what I was watching.  I couldn't move.  I was in the bedroom getting ready for a bday party, then I was in the kitchen fixing the C's breakfast, eating my brick disc waffles that my Rick James SuperFreak wife had made for me.

I had to make sure that the tv was now on in the living room while I ate.  I was in shock.  But I am not sure what shocked me more.  The fact that I was watching the Jonas Brothers live concert or the fact of how big the Jonas Brothers actually are.

It was like a warp shield from the tv kept sucking me back into the range of the tv.  Every time I tried to leave, the Jonas Brothers did something to get me back. It was like the kid with the curly hair was my puppet master. The one brother with the long hair, was talking to me and brainwashing me. The other brother with curly hair was seducing me with his sweet guitar play.  Shit I don't know, but I was all in.  They had me at hello or whatever.

Remember my children are 7, 5, 3, and 16 months old and they don't give a shit about the Jonas Brothers.  I have never really given a shit about the Jonas Brothers and I cant even tell you all of their names. I had to look at the info on the tv to learn the names and I am not sure which is which, or who is who.???? All I know is that I couldn't stop watching. 

All I know is that I was staring at the tv and listening to the songs and watching them play the instruments and thinking "Holy Shit, these kids are really that popular!!!???"  T was laughing and shaking her head at me wondering why I was even watching this shit.  The young girls and young women were going nuts over these 3 brothers.  I knew they were popular and had the backing of Disney, but I never really knew how hot theses guys were to the public.

Dude, so there I was trying to get ready and help get the kids ready for this party and now I am singing half of some Jonas Brothers songs and not knowing what the hell I am singing. Some "SOS" song and some song that has the words "I'm hot and your cold"  beats the shit out of me.  To make things even larger than life to me, these guys had Taylor Swift sing one of her songs with them.  How big is that shit.?????????????

Now after about an hour of this madness has been soaked into my brain, the wheels started spinning.  The Jonas Brothers, 3 brothers, 3 good looking kids, talented, active, I mean that is perfect.

I have 3 boys.  3 brothers. 3 C's.  3 good looking kids, talented, very active.  We have a match. "Alex, I will take future brothers that rule the young music world for $1000"  Man, I can turn our 3 C's into the newest boy band!!!!!!

So Jonas Brothers, you got me.  You were the pied pipers and your music and stage act lured me in.  I had to watch the whole thing before we left for the party.  So now I am a fan.  I have to admit, they put on a good show.  I do feel lucky though that none of my kids are old enough to follow that shit.  No posters on C3's walls, no Teen mag in her room, no writing in a notebook "I heart Joe Jonas" none of that shit


It amazes me sometimes the shit I can start watching and think what will 5 minutes hurt, and then all of a sudden an hour later, I'm singing Jonas Brothers songs.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to get off of my ass

Know what time it is?

It is time to get my ass back on the healthy eating - workout bandwagon.  And there are many reasons I need to get back on the healthy eating - workout bandwagon. 

The main reason......Ok, so the weather is getting cooler here and since we got all of the tubs out this weekend with the fall and winter clothes, I decided to get some jeans out last night to wear to work today.  I put them in the dryer and got them ready for this morning.

And my my my, what did we have when I finally got them on this morning....

That's right Camel Balls.  Ahhhhhh, nothing better than having Camel Balls first thing in the morning when you are rushing out the door for work, sitting in your car for an hour and then sitting at a desk all day.  Yeah, its not like I have a nice ass and the jeans make it look better, not like I have sculpted thighs and the jeans make my legs look good. NO!  Its the fact that my jeans are tight and my balls are trying to escape.

So, what are my options?  Wear a size 40 and be a fat fucking bastard and accept it?  Keep shoving my balls into these jeans and maybe the jeans will form around my package?  Its not like us guys have a tuck move or anything, we have to have them in there.  Balls make the man.  But Camel Balls make a not so hot man.

So, I am going to take it upon myself to get back in shape. Baby steps, slow and steady, but I have to do this. Running, Wii Fit, anything I can find to help me get in better shape and lose a few pounds and loosen up the jeans. 

What are the benefits?  Better and healthy lifestyle.  Yes!

And my balls will be able to breathe and they will be more comfortable!




Monday, October 4, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun......Call em 5-0 or Call em the PO-PO

You know it's not a party till the police show up.


Our phone was making funny noises Friday night.  Not really a big deal, C3 was playing with the phone while she was laying in her bed. A short time after that she came and got in our bed while T and I were watching t.v.  It was around 11 p.m.
(ding dong)
Our doorbell rang, I let out a startled "Who the fuck?"
I got up and headed to the door, not sure who would be at our house ringing my damn doorbell at 11pm, but I got to the stairs and it looked like it was the sheriff, I got down to the door and it actually was the sheriff.

Me- Can I help you?
Sheriff- Carroll County Sheriff here
Me- OK....And
Sheriff- Yeah we received a 911 call from here
Me- Shit, T turn the alarm off, turn the alarm off babe
Me- Ok, you got a call from here?
Sheriff- Yes, and they tried calling back and there was no answer.
Me and T- The phone, C3!!  Officer my daughter was playing with the phone.
Sheriff (shining his flashlight in the house, looking like he didn't believe me)- Is everything ok?
Me- Yeah, we are fine, she was playing with the phone.

So after a few minutes of chit chat, he left and T and I, were kind of laughing and talking about how crazy that is for the sheriff to show up.  C3 felt bad, you could tell, she was awake and we asked her if she called anyone but she didn't know, she was just playing with the phone.

It was weird though, cause all of our kids have played with the phone at one point in their lives and that was the first time the cops showed up at our house.

So that made for an exciting end to a Friday evening.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party at a jumpy place and the kids had a pretty good time. 

The kids NaNa (T's mom) had a movie night at her place and they watched the new Tinker Bell movie which they enjoyed and they ate pizza and candy and had a good time.

Yesterday T went through all the tubs of clothes for fall and winter and got them all separated and hung up.  Now with the weather getting cooler, the kids will have some clothes to wear.

And the Atlanta Falcons won another close game yesterday.  The Dirty Birds had to kick ANOTHER last second field goal to get the win at home against a team that has not won a game yet.

Over the weekend I went 3 and 3 in my pick so I broke even which means if you are betting with me, than you are still up.  That is a good thing.

Also over the past week T and I discussed something that I had been thinking about and that was making a move to start training and studying to try and become a firefighter.  It got in my head when T has mentioned it, but after talking to her and realizing that it was not a good move, that was pretty much the end of that.  Alot of things went into it, but at the end of the day, it really wasn't that hard of a decision.

Well it was a great weekend and hopefully the week will be too.




Friday, October 1, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-1-10.........Feelin kind of cool....

This Daddy's Blog


Ok, so I know I write alot, once I get going I just cant stop.  My mind is like a bowl of gumbo.  It has all kinds of shit in there, you never know what you get with each bite.????  I dont know just read the shit and laugh and have fun, make fun of me.

Damn, October is here and the weather is cooler.  I love it, time to get the outdoor activities under way and have some fun.  Hittin' the farms and hay rides and pumpkin patches and all kinds of shit to do.  For some reason I think that cooler weather brings families together.  You dont have as many fights, and you get closer to each other and snuggle more. Hear that T, we can snuggle more.  I will keep my shorts on too....Maybe?

I am going to see if I can get T to (she knows what I am going to say and I know she is laughing and rolling her eyes right now) If she doesn't know, remember what I gave you shit about all last weekend.

I have a feeling this is going to be a busy weekend.  There are so many things to do and T and I were talking about things we would like to get done.  I think tonight may be the night that I start to get all of the tubs that have the fall and winter clothes out.  They say we may have a high of 70 come Monday.  The cooler weather is nice.  Open the windows, turn the a/c off and cut the bill down.

There is also the garage that needs to be cleaned.  Triple 0007 and I were discussing that matter this week, and how it has to be done but how it is such a pain in the ass.  I also need to cut the back yard and that wont take any time at all.

We have a bday party to go to Saturday and then the kids NaNa is hosting a movie night for the kids and they are excited about that.  We are going to try and get a fish for the tank since I cleaned it and got it looking good.  We seem to get these cheap little fish and sometimes they last and other times they die in a week.  I told T we need to get an Oscar, cuz those fish can live through anything and they eat little fish, that is cool to watch.

I am also going to try and get C1 and C2 up to the tennis courts and try and teach them how to play tennis. That will be fun and I hope they enjoy it, I would love fro them to find something they enjoy that they can do and then as they get older they can play against each other.

(que Top Gun, Kenny Loggins music)
I went to the Danger Zone last night.
For some reason T was looking so fucking hot and sexy last night and I wanted to do the Pants Off - Dance Off.  I mean, I wanted her bad. So I put in the work, gave her the ol back, neck, head rub down and thought I was good to go untill........

(que Snoop Dogg, Gin and Juice music)
C4 was..
Sleepin' in the bed
Grabbin' Boobie
Sippin' on Ninny Juice
laid back, with his mind on his ninny and his ninny on his mind

(que Bon Jovie, Young Guns music)
Shot down in a blaze of Glory

I love me some football and if T let me, I would sit around all day in my boxer briefs and watch games.  I know there is more to life than that, but im being honest.  If I had it hooked up and could, I would have me a nice set up in the garage and chill outside all day and have the games on.

So with that, like I have the past 2 weeks, it is time to make you all some money and give you the College and NFL picks.

winners in bold

Oklahoma  -3.5 vs Texas.  As much as I hate it...Oklahoma will cover the points.
Georgia Tech -10 @ Wake Forest.  Dude Wake sucks, alot more than Tech, Take Tech
Miami -3.5 @ Clemson.  Seriously, I know Death Valley is tough and all, but 3.5 points. Shit take Miami all day long

Pittsburgh-2 at home against Baltimore. Sorry Steelers, you lose your first game of the year.  Baltimore wins outright.
Atlanta-7 at home against San Francisco. Only 7?. AT HOME? Dirty Birds in a blowout.
NY. Giants -4 at home against the Chicago Bears.  Take the Bears to cover the 4 and win straight up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD.  His birthday is this weekend and he already knows not to expect anything in the mail YET.  I am the worst at getting something for my parents and getting it to them, on time.  Mom do me a favor, find something in the closet he hasnt seen in a long time and wrap it for me.


Photobucketps, if you made it to the end and read all of this, your are fucking awesome. look in the mirror and kiss yourself

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