Friday, October 15, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-15-10..........Im a "Real Man of Genius"

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I am at my desk this morning and it just hit me like the nasty aroma of C4's shitty diaper
I am a Genius....I really am..
Who else could come up with the shit I do?

Well, there was no sniffing of the Hanes last night, but as T and I laid in bed we cuddled and then she started smelling my hand.
Ok, either my wife had her nose opened up recently and she has found a new desire to smell me or maybe I just do smell that damn good.
Which has led me to believe that I may be this man

It also led me to this thought
When T and I first met......we danced
And for some reason she still married me

But I know she loves me so.  How do I know this.
Cause she will still be by my side when I look this

Anyways.  I love my wife. She turns me on all the time, she doesn't even know it but she does. 
Well we were going over the football picks and she started blurting out team names and I was like damn, this woman know all this shit. "What do you think I am f-ing stupid?" was pretty much her response and I was floored she knew all the NFL team names but one.
That right there is SEXY.

So this week T went and picked up the kids costumes and C1 is Mario, C2 is Luigi, C3 is Princess Peach (in a Snow White costume) and C4 is going to be the Super Mario penguin.  So everyday they have been dressed in the gear playing the live version of Super Mario around the house.

No plans for the weekend, so that means the garage is getting a makeover this weekend.  Cleaned out, cleaned up and redone.  Trips to the dump, bags filled with shit, (not actual shit) and stuff thrown away and maybe we will have enough for a future yard sale.

Movie watching time also.  Iron Man 2 and I have some movies dvr'd.

Now for the portion of the program that you have come to love and expect every Friday.
My football picks against the spread.
Last week I went 2-4
Sucked ass.
Time to make it up

Winners in bold

College Picks
FSU(home)-21.5 vs Boston College. It's alot of points but BC has no defense and FSU is at home
Nebraska(home)-9 vs Texas. In Lincoln and Nebraska is awesome this year. Sorry Texas.
Alabama(home)-20 vs Mississippi.  Ok off the loss Bama kicks ass and doesn't care about names.

NFL Picks
Atlanta @ Philadelphia. They have this as a pick em'. Falcons win another close one.
Houston(home)-4.5 vs Kansas City. This was a tough one but KC has a good D. Sorry Texans.
Minnesota(home)-3.5 vs Dallas.  Ok Mr PhotoFarve and his team actually suck worse than the Cowboys.

There it is.
Like my ol buddy Justin Timberlake says
"Do you like well done- Cause I do it well"



Gretta October 15, 2010 at 12:08 PM   Reply to

So, I have to know....where did T find a Super Mario penguin costume? My son would LOVE that outfit! He says he wants to be Mario but he is obsessed with penguins so I'd love to find that outfit for him just. By the way....ROLL TIDE!! Hope you and the fam have a great weekend.

Michael @ October 16, 2010 at 1:20 PM   Reply to

It's great to meet you. I enjoy your writing style. You have a great "voice" as they say... whoever "they" are. I'm still trying to find my voice... must have laryngitis. Anyway, you guys have a great weekend. I'll be back. No that wasn't said in with a Schwarzenegger accent.

Unknown October 17, 2010 at 11:58 AM   Reply to

I love the Halloween theme! Good luck on all the cleaning and organizing!

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