Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-29-10...........Scary stuff

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Ok sing it with me, everybody get in a Sinatra voice mode

Hey Mr. Sunshine, Im gonna outshine your shine
Its just the beginning of a happy day
Im feeling kinda Friday......

Wanna meet someone that is not feeling kinda Friday?
Meet Mrs. Bryant aka Diamond Princess of Crime Mob and her whole crew.  The whole crew that was filming a music video in the ATL. late last night.  And what were they using? A nice brand new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro- BumbleBee edition, like the one in Transformers.  Watch and see what happens when my drivers track a car that has gps on it.

Sorry Princess, can't pay, you dont play!
Now that is scary

Guy's ever have something that you thought was a sure thing backfire on you?
Yeah me too.  Last night as a matter of fact.
I do the treadmill...Well, I don't actually DO the treadmill that would be pretty nasty.
I run on the treadmill and then take a shower, and I put a touch of the smell good on thinking that T would love the way I smelled and as soon as the kids were asleep, she would give me the goods.
Yeah didn't happen.
"I have a headache and feel sick to my stomach" T says
"Yeah that shit you put on gave me a headache" T finished with
Operation Sure Thing PO-DO.......FAILED
Now that is scary

I did share a great moment in father - son history last night.  Really, I did.  When T was changing C4's diaper before bed, he laid back with a smile and started to play with himself.  He looked just like I do when I do that exact same thing. 

Now, I will ask all of you to pray for me.  I suffered a loss this week. 
I (yes I) cut back our satellite package and ESPN is gone.
I've lost ESPN. (tear drops are falling)

Something occurred to me this morning after I got out of the shower.  No people, I already knew that I am well taken care of.  I started to dry my body off and I thought why do I dry my balls off and then dry my face.  Why do I dry my balls and then dry my hair.???????????
Now that is scary

Another thing I found out this morning...T got up with me this morning before I left for work and she sat with me on the couch and we watched the news.  It was awesome.  Now, not as awesome as getting some morning PO DO, but it was great.  Thanks babe.  Love you.

I get a text pic this morning (no not from Brett Farve) from T and it is a picture of a green bead.  A green bead that C2 blew out of his nose.  C2, please don't put shit in your nose. What the hell are you thinking putting beads in your nose?
Now that is scary

This is a weekend filled with fun for the kids.  The kids are so excited to be having fun things to do on both Saturday and Sunday.  So all weekend T and I will be parents to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and a Penguin.  I plan on dressing up as a daddy who changes shitty diapers.  I know scary right.
Now that is REALLY scary

T has been doing an awesome job putting together our Disney 2010 Vacation blog.

Time for your College and Pro Football picks.
Last week I bounced back with a 4-2 record.

I tried to do a video pick segment again but I rushed through it and it sucked ass.
So just read it.
(winners in bold)
College Picks
Texas(home)-7 vs. Baylor - Texas off a loss last week kills Baylor.
Auburn-7 @ Ole Miss - I know Cam Newton is bad ass but I like Ole Miss to cover.
Iowa(home)-6 vs. Michigan St. - MSU, continues to roll Big 10 foes.

NFL Picks
Dallas(home)-6.5 vs. Jacksonville - Oh man. Dallas wins and covers without Romo.
New England(home)-5 vs. Minnesota - Brady is playing, nuff said.
Pittsburgh-1 @ New Orleans - Even 0007 knows that the Saint's Aint got it this year.
The Steelers win in the SuperDome.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween.



0007 October 29, 2010 at 2:00 PM   Reply to

OH yea, Steelers will roll the saints, I think you got it right there.
Dallas...probably not.
& I'm going with the upset...Vikings over Pats...just a hunch.

Erin October 29, 2010 at 3:03 PM   Reply to

I like how you think 0007, Vikes will win. They really need to win

Scott S. October 29, 2010 at 3:08 PM   Reply to

Ok, boys and girls...Pats have won 23 in a row at home and they have Brady, and Farve doesn't even have an ankle. Be smart, the Vikes will be lucky to cover the 5 points.

0007 November 1, 2010 at 10:29 AM   Reply to

Did you sense sarcasm before? Saints Win!

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