Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Que Motley Crue.......

Last night was weird.  Kind of messed up.  I am not sure how to feel about it or what to think.

See, usually when I talk to T on my way home, everything is peaceful, kids are fine, but then as soon as I hit the door, all hell breaks loose.  Kids running and screaming, C4 flipping out if T is not in his sights. Me acting all flustered and aggravated.

Well last night I get home and it is quiet and calm.  C4 is sleeping.  C2 is in a freezing ice bath, you know the kind that the football players sit in after games to heal the wear and tear.  C1 and C3 are playing nicely.  T is getting ready to go the store for groceries and this is usually the time I start to freak out cause the kids are going crazy and she is leaving them with me......ALONE!!!!

But man, something was different.  Ok, since C4 was passed out in our bed, I got C3 out of his self made ice bath and then got the kids snack.  This shit was smooth.  No fuss, no romper room shit.  Kids ate snack, then we read Tales from Peter Rabbit and then we watched Survivor. Me and 3 of the C's on the couch watching Survivor and all chillin'.

C2 was the next one out.  While watching tv, he just did his thing and passed right out.  Then C3 had a toy that C1 was playing with and I gave her 5 minutes then it was time to give it up.  Well she knew after 5 minutes that she would lose the toy, so she went and hid in her room.  In her bed. She got in her bed and covered up with C1's toy and before you know it........she's out.   Soon after that, C1 said "I'm going to bed"  and he was off to bed. 

So there I am sitting on the couch at 10:45 pm, watching the Spankee's vs. Twins and thinking to myself that this is awesome.  Peace in the house, sports on the tv but I was missing the main ingredient.  T, shit man, she has been gone for a while and usually I am such the worrier that I would have called her to see where she is but, not tonight. I let her shop and do her thing without bugging her. She finally made it home just after 11 and I helped her with the food and we put it all up.

I was telling her about the kids knocking out early and with no problems and she was telling me that they played hard today.  So they were already tired.  Damn it.  I thought they were just being good for me, I didn't know she wore their ass' out.  Oh well, whatever.  I still chalk it up as a W.

We talked about the ESPN Mag, that came in the mail. It was the BODY ISSUE (more on this tomorrow) and laughed at it some, went to bed after she washed her stank feet from those nasty ass shoes she wears.  All her friends talk about how they love those damn shoes but they stink and make her feet smell like ass in a plastic seat on a hot summer day.  She was tired too, cause she passed out in bed while I was rubbing her head and watching tv.  I took her glasses off and looked at her and thought......Should I try and wake her up for some Pants Off Dance Off?  Nah, just let her sleep.  She must have played hard too.

So for a night, the house and the kids were nice, quiet and calm.  Everyone crashed out with no fuss and here I am wondering what I enjoy more?  The loud, crazy romper room house I come home to every night or the way it was last night?

I like the way it was last night, but last night was not normal.  I LOVE the norm.  The norm. lets me know that no matter what happens in a day that my house will always have my awesome wife T and the 4 pieces that make up my puzzle of a life.




Erin October 7, 2010 at 3:50 PM   Reply to

Twins have tonight's game! Spankees are going down!

0007 October 8, 2010 at 9:48 AM   Reply to

No matter how hard I play, I never go to bed early...maybe I should play even harder...but yea, I'm like you. I do like it when everyone is tired and things are calm, but I eventually feel guilty thinking, damn, don't you want them awake when you're around for the few evening hours>? Yea, I do, but its nice to have some peace & quiet too.

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