Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I lied to T

I lied to T.  All weekend I lied.  Was it wrong? Yes!  Did I feel bad about it?  No!

Was she mad?  NO!

Let me splain, ok.

See here at my job, we have a football sheet we play.  It has College picks and NFL picks. It has 28 total games.  It cost $10 to play and it is winner take all.  Well for years I have played the football sheet.....but for fun, not for money.  Well a few weeks ago on the football sheet I went 21-7, and that smoked everyone in the office.  T said to me "Why don't you play for real?"  "Cause then I won't win and I will lose $10" I told her.  Well since I have been playing for REAL, I haven't won shit.

So last weekend I got her to fill a sheet out for fun and what did she do?  She kicked ass and would have been in the running for the money.  So this past Friday, I asked her to fill out a sheet and let me see it and look at her picks and see who she liked....Well she did and sent her picks to my phone. 

"You going to play your sheet or mine?" She asked me.  "I am not sure about some of your picks"

So what did I do?  I decided to play BOTH of our sheets for $10. So now $20 in and a total of 7 people played for money this weekend.

Saturday, ok lets see, as T is running wild and going 10-4 on College picks, she is asking me how her picks are doing and how she compares to everyone else's.  I told her she is kicking ass but she only played for fun.  She starts with the talking shit about how I should have played her sheet....blah.....blah...blah...

Sunday, as the early pro games finish up, she is still kicking ass and the closest person to her is Harold and he is 5 games behind.
"Should have played my sheet...dear"  She says.
"I know babe, I know" Say sneaky me.
She has NO idea that I played her sheet for real and that she is in the money.  She is STILL running her mouth and I am almost at the breaking point of telling her to shut it and that she won...but I don't.

T's sports / fantasy football name is YOUGOTBEATBYAGIRL.  Everyone at work yesterday was asking if she knew she won and I was telling them...."Nope, I will tell her tonight"

I got home last night and out of my
Yes, out of my sexy Hello Kitty boxer briefs
I pull out
$50.  Yes $50.  You sick bastards thought I was gonna say something else

She didn't believe me at first.  T won the office football pick em' sheet by going
19-8-1.....That's right.  She kicked ass.


So see, I didn't jinx her by telling her.  

So yes, I did lie to T the whole weekend about the football sheet
but that's ok.  It was worth it to pull out a 


I am going to say a $50 spot people.

You all are so dirty minded.




Erin October 19, 2010 at 10:40 AM   Reply to

You don't have hello kitty boxers, do you? And I am pretty sure that your back isn't that hair free judging by the posts that you make about how hairy you are :)

Elan October 19, 2010 at 2:30 PM   Reply to

haha well played! I'm sure she was really excite to see you whip out your.... $50

Unknown October 22, 2010 at 12:53 PM   Reply to

Hahahahaha!!! I love her name! That's awesome that she won...and that she was talking smack the whole time. Congrats T!

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