Thursday, October 28, 2010

See that bus, don't throw your spouse under it....

Being the sports maniac that I am, it is so funny how I can take stuff from the world of sports and bring it into the the world of parenting and still have it make sense

So here it is.  Sunday night my all time favorite qb Brett Farve had a not so great game.  After that not so great game his coach Brad Childress decided to call him out in front of the media.  Now is you follow sports, you know that this happens all the time. Players call out coaches, coaches call out players, and as Bruce Hornsby once sang "That's just the way it is, somethings will never change".  So then in his press conference, Farve decided to let the media know he didn't have to be told how bad he played by anyone (meaning his coach) he already knew himself how bad he played.

Some of you might be thinking WHERE IN THE HELL IS HE GOING WITH THIS?  While throwing people under the bus is common, there is one place it shouldn't be.....THE HOME!  I used to do this to T all the time, when she would put one of the C's in timeout or have one of the kids do something, I always used to make a comment or say something about it and how she was doing it.  She would make this for the kids, I would bark about it.  So alot of the times T was making a decision, I would throw her under the bus.

Then it hit me like a nasty f-ing diaper from C4. T is the qb of our team.  She is the one that leads the team through the good and the bad.  Who am I to come in and second guess her.  She has been a winning mom for years.  So when I second guess her and try to correct her in front of the C's, that is like me throwing her under the bus.  I am only home for a couple hours a night before the C's go to bed. Then I am home on the weekends.  In fact to have it make more sense, T could be considered the head coach and I am the qb that needs to play in her system.  If I go out of her system and screw something up, she is not going to throw me under the bus in from of the C's, she will pull me aside and give me a way to correct what I did.

That is what it is all about...Working together to make this a championship team.  If  T and I work together and discuss our problems and differences behind closed doors, it will make us stronger because the C's will never even know that we had a fault in the game plan. 

As the Vikings Childress/Farve World Turns, that is a soap opera that is not going to end in a happy way.  They have already broken the trust of working as a team and keeping everything behind closed doors.  They have set each other up for embarrassment in front of the public.

What you can do to make sure this doesn't happen to you and your spouse?  Work as a team.  Together.  A unit.  Before you throw each other under the bus, remember the other teammates...your kids.  Who will your kids look to as a leader if you start bashing each other????!!!!  As long as everyone is on the page, I feel like having two leaders, two head coaches, two qb's can never be a bad thing.

I am glad that T can wear the headset and go in the game to be the qb as well.  Cause if I was the qb this is how it might turn out...........

Oh, come on.  You really didn't think I could make it through an entire post and not write or post something goofy did you?  You must have forgot what blog you were reading.




Anonymous,  October 28, 2010 at 12:02 PM   Reply to

"She has been a winning mom for years." Yeah bro, pay her with praise! She probably works harder than anyone realizes, keep encouraging!

Walk like you're blessed!

Q October 29, 2010 at 9:49 PM   Reply to

That Peyton video is a classic!

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