Monday, October 4, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun......Call em 5-0 or Call em the PO-PO

You know it's not a party till the police show up.


Our phone was making funny noises Friday night.  Not really a big deal, C3 was playing with the phone while she was laying in her bed. A short time after that she came and got in our bed while T and I were watching t.v.  It was around 11 p.m.
(ding dong)
Our doorbell rang, I let out a startled "Who the fuck?"
I got up and headed to the door, not sure who would be at our house ringing my damn doorbell at 11pm, but I got to the stairs and it looked like it was the sheriff, I got down to the door and it actually was the sheriff.

Me- Can I help you?
Sheriff- Carroll County Sheriff here
Me- OK....And
Sheriff- Yeah we received a 911 call from here
Me- Shit, T turn the alarm off, turn the alarm off babe
Me- Ok, you got a call from here?
Sheriff- Yes, and they tried calling back and there was no answer.
Me and T- The phone, C3!!  Officer my daughter was playing with the phone.
Sheriff (shining his flashlight in the house, looking like he didn't believe me)- Is everything ok?
Me- Yeah, we are fine, she was playing with the phone.

So after a few minutes of chit chat, he left and T and I, were kind of laughing and talking about how crazy that is for the sheriff to show up.  C3 felt bad, you could tell, she was awake and we asked her if she called anyone but she didn't know, she was just playing with the phone.

It was weird though, cause all of our kids have played with the phone at one point in their lives and that was the first time the cops showed up at our house.

So that made for an exciting end to a Friday evening.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party at a jumpy place and the kids had a pretty good time. 

The kids NaNa (T's mom) had a movie night at her place and they watched the new Tinker Bell movie which they enjoyed and they ate pizza and candy and had a good time.

Yesterday T went through all the tubs of clothes for fall and winter and got them all separated and hung up.  Now with the weather getting cooler, the kids will have some clothes to wear.

And the Atlanta Falcons won another close game yesterday.  The Dirty Birds had to kick ANOTHER last second field goal to get the win at home against a team that has not won a game yet.

Over the weekend I went 3 and 3 in my pick so I broke even which means if you are betting with me, than you are still up.  That is a good thing.

Also over the past week T and I discussed something that I had been thinking about and that was making a move to start training and studying to try and become a firefighter.  It got in my head when T has mentioned it, but after talking to her and realizing that it was not a good move, that was pretty much the end of that.  Alot of things went into it, but at the end of the day, it really wasn't that hard of a decision.

Well it was a great weekend and hopefully the week will be too.



Anonymous,  October 4, 2010 at 10:52 AM   Reply to

would like to share that every once in a while all children can call someone on the phone by mistake. I remember the creater of this blog calling Australia one day and speaking to a very nice lady before I realized they were on the phone. It is very expensive to call Australia.


Gretta October 4, 2010 at 11:12 AM   Reply to

Our daughter did the same thing 2 years ago & the policeman did the same thing....asked to come in, looked around as much as he could from the front doorway, acted like we were hiding something, etc. Made me mad because I knew it was just our kid playing with the phone but I guess the upside least they showed up! By the way....ROLL TIDE!!!!!! :)

0007 October 4, 2010 at 1:32 PM   Reply to

That's funny! Snappy & T-Rex have both shown a bit of interest in the phone lately; we added a home phone a few months ago and now we let them answer that line sometimes...Its only a matter of time before they start deciding to call out.
Maybe its time C3 got her own line anyway - she's going to be using the phone quite a bit from here on out -hehehe
And yea, I had the "I wanna be a fireman" idea a few years back too...I just put it on my list of things to procrastinate to.

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