Monday, October 11, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun.......Movies and Football

Chris Columbus, you didn't do shit for me. 
I don't get a damn day off because of you.  I don't get to sit at home and play with the kids and aggravate T today.  I had to get up and drive an hour to work just like every other day.

That's ok though.  The weekend was fine like old wine. 

Friday night T and I watched the Babies Documentary.  And the kids watched it with us too.  They liked it and we loved it.  It was very interesting to see the families from 4 different countries and how they handle everything.

Also, Friday night, I had to go down to the neighbors and feed their dog and cats.   I mean first, I had to walk down the street with no streetlights.  I had my little flashlight, walking down the dark ass street, I was looking like the blair witch movie.  I was waiting for the cops to come up on me for walking to a house that had no lights on and there is me with a flashlight. 

Saturday we got up early and met T's mom at this thing that one of the local power companies was hosting.  It was like a big fair.  They had rides and all kinds of shit.

C1 and C3 did the rock climbing wall.  I will post video tomorrow.  They liked it, it was the first time they did that.
T stood in line for hours....yes hours to get free character drawing's of the kids.  That was a great idea.  I mean standing in line for hours.....yes hours to get drawings of our kids. Whats funny about these little drawings is, THEY DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE OUR C's.  I mean to be honest, C3's, well hers looks like her.  The boys, not so much.  Not really.  But what can you say, they are character drawings and they were free.  Kids loaded up on junk, cotton candy and snow cones.  So that was fun.

The kids watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  This was a funny movie.  Not too bad.

Sunday.  What a day.
The weather was awesome.  The kids were awesome.  Football was awesome.

The Atlanta Falcons...WINNER WINNER.  Are 4-1 and the Saints LOST LOST.  That is so awesome right there.  We are leading the division and they go play the Eagles next week.  Not going to talk shit cause we all know what happens then.

I would like to thank my oldest son C1 for taking a shit and wiping his ass.
I just with that when he took a shit he would FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET.
Also please don't use the ENTIRE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER when wiping your ass.

And if you bet with me over the weekend.......
Shit, Im sorry.  That is all I can say.
I went 2-4.  Ouch.

Ok, next weeks picks will be better.
You are still up on the year if you have been following me.

0007, damn dude, the Texan and the Saints????



Gretta October 11, 2010 at 9:37 PM   Reply to

I kept waiting all weekend to have some smart-ass comment from you about the Bama game.....hehe! Roll Tide anyway!! :P

Q October 12, 2010 at 8:48 PM   Reply to

Columbus Day is garbage any way. My Cowboys are in trouble. They're a talented team with no direction. They look like the Bad News Bears out there. Whoever loses the Boys/Vikes game next week will likely miss the playoffs.

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