Friday, October 8, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun........Naked Pic's and more Camel Balls

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Man, it has been a bad work week.  I can't find a car to repo at all.  The people are hiding from me pretty good this week.  Oh well, today I plan for next week.

Tomorrow we are going to a fall festival and we have to get up early since it starts at 8.  Sweet, cant wait to get up early on a Saturday. 

Ok, I finally found another pair of jeans to wear.  I was busy looking in tubs of winter clothes and there they were the whole time in my closet.  Awesome.  So now I dont have to have Camal Balls anymore.  This is what happens to your jeans when you have Camal Balls.
You get a hole in your crotch.  Guess I am well off
big balls and a big.....oh yeah.

So thank god I found a pair of jeans that are
So now my boys have some room

Now for a little rant.  ESPN the Magazine put out a BODY ISSUE where it has athletes, both men and women.  They are nude in poses with the important parts covered. My thing is, who chose the f-ing athletes.  I mean they have a few good ones.  On the women side there are maybe one or two.  Espn if you are trying to show the BODY, doesn't the face count?  Diana Taurasi, yeah you are a awesome basketball player, but you are ugly as shit.  The even have a naked old ass man and woman in there?????????  Get me a woman tennis player.  Get me a woman soccer player. Without naming names I know for a fact of some hot women athletes that are better than what they have.  On the men side, they did ok.  They have some studs in there. Patrick Willis of the 49ers.  A machince.  But come on a f-ing bobsleder.  He's fat. Im fat.  Doesn't men I want to see my fat naked ass in a magazine.  I want a do-over.

T and I are going to try and watch the Babies Documentary this weekend. 

Will the garage get tackled this weekend?  Who knows.
I know that there is no need for yard work this weekend.
We want to attempt to have a yard sale so finding items to sell will be interesting.

I know something that will happen this weekend.  A body shave.  Overdue on the back and chest and arms.  After that T will not be able to keep her hands off me.  Oh yeah.  gonna be some PO DO going on this weekend.

2 minutes on, 2minutes off.  This shit works.

And to the people in front of me when I drive, sorry about the high beams being on.  My headlights are f-ed up and I only have lights when they are on high beams.  When I have the money (never) to get it fixed, I will get it fixed.  Until then, I am sorry.  I will discuss it with you if you like and I appreciate all of the dirvers telling me that they want me to make love to myself.  I love you too.  For the guy that threw something at my car a week or so ago and put the chip in my windshield, I promise you if I ever find you or come across you again, I am going to beat your ass and then piss under your passanger floor mat.

Ok, and another thing, I know you all were wanting me to untuck my junk when I posted about the Jonas Brothers.  Just so you know, that was a phase.  I have moved on...and now I am in the process of burning me some Justin Beiber shit.

Now for your favorite time of the week
my football picks (against the spread)

Well last week I was 3-3, which mean you would have lost a few bucks on the juice but you would still be up for the season.
winners in bold

College Picks
Georgia-12 vs. Tennessee - UGA sucks and I will be shocked if they win at all. Take Tenn.
Alabama-7.5 @ South Carolina - I hate it but I can't go against Bama again. Tide covers the points.
Michigan-4.5 vs. Michigan State - The Spartans can't stop Qb Robinson.

NFL Picks
Atlanta-3 @ Cleveland - Enough of the close shit. Falcons cover easy.
Buffalo-1 vs. Jacksonville. Even at home the Bills suck ass. J-Ville wins.
Upset Special Alert
Chicago-2.5 @ Carolina.  Ok, Chicago is without Cutler and their O-line sucks.  Carolina at home finds a way to win the game straight up.




Taxi Driver October 8, 2010 at 12:33 PM   Reply to

A few years ago when I worked repo, I couldn't find any cars for almost two weeks. Then I realized we had a bunch of new "poleece". These jerks put fake lights on top and painted shields on the doors. They actually had the area code in front of 911. Anyway I got 'em. They're do'in time. I just can't go to Dairy Queen for a while, since the girl friends work there.

Sorry about throwing stuff at your car, I was just saying "hi". It was a can of tuna, they were on sale and I've giving them to all of my favorite bloggers, even ones with camel balls.

Here is another song for your gay song list: "Don't Fear the Repo", Blue Oyster Cult.


Lori October 8, 2010 at 12:45 PM   Reply to

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the festival. Hope your teams win!

Elan October 8, 2010 at 1:57 PM   Reply to

i wonder what sort of google searches are going to arrive at your blog with all this talk of nude pics and camal balls...

Gretta October 9, 2010 at 8:15 AM   Reply to

Glad to see you smartened up and can't beat against Bama! :) Maybe now that your not camel balling you can think more clearly and find some cars next week! Have a great weekend.

Q October 9, 2010 at 9:53 PM   Reply to

I'm with you on Diana Taurasi. Regardless of her body, her face looks like Joe Camel. I haven't seen the SI issue yet, but I'm with you on more women golfers, swimmers, track stars and tennis players than WNBA players. I can only name a handful of them worthy of that SI piece.

Sorry about your college picks. I like your pro picks, except I actually like Buffalo to beat J'ville.

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