Monday, October 18, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun......The garage is clean & a Christmas Idea for us guys

I am on the run.  Sorry T and 4 C's, the bookie is after me and I don't want to put you all in harms way.  I owe a  ASS-LOAD of money. I went 2-4 again this weekend on my picks.  That sucks ass.  I also lost a bet to the wonderful wife over the weekly football sheets as she went a fucking impressive 18-8 and I went 11-15.  So guess I better rest my hands and get ready to become a massage therapist tonight.

Weekend overall was good, even the part last night when C2 was cursing me and T out in his bedroom.  I went to check on him, see he was pissed because he didn't get any ice cream since he couldn't clean up the Lego room.  As I was listening through the door, he was talking to someone in his room calling T and I "BUMS" ?????????????...Also saying that "Ice Cream was better than Mommy and Daddy"?????????  Yeah, that was some funny shit.

C4 took another hit while we were outside. This kid has had more blows to his head in his 16 months than the other kids had put together.  Time to get him a damn helmet. 

So Saturday the big garage clean up began

And then later Saturday it was all over

Now, being that I am a sick minded man and I am always thinking about having sex with my wife, T brought something to my attention Friday night.  One of the hottest toys of the holiday season is said to be
When she showed me this toy in a magazine, I started to laugh.  We both laughed.  The first thought in my head was "Uhhhh...look at the mouth"  We both started laughing.  When you squeeze the belly the mouth opens wide..????? And it makes noises???? Oh hell yeah....
Open mouth....insert foot??? Yeah,  not really, I'm gonna leave it at that.
This toy can be yours for the small price of $13. 

T a big thank you to you for taking care of me over the weekend.  You gave me great food, great fun and really great PO-DO.  You are awesome and thanks for all your help over the weekend.  I love you.

So the weekend was awesome and even though the Falcons lost, it still ended on a good note..We all sat in bed watched our favorite family show The Amazing Race and then went to sleep.


Disney Vacation 2010 T has more vacation pic's up



Erin October 18, 2010 at 11:40 AM   Reply to

I missed the amazing race due to being in Orlando last night. And I really want to know what happened. My dear husband better have recorded it for me or else :) PS. Your weekend recaps crack me up.

0007 October 18, 2010 at 2:05 PM   Reply to

Man! That wasn't a messy garage to begin with - that's it, I'm going to take a picture of our garage - then maybe you'll see why I dread it so much....and yea, I've gotten it to look like your before or after picture before, but then something else always comes up and something else gets sent to stage 1 of garbage! Stuff will stay in the garage until I deem that its been there too long, then I'll either set it on the curb or take it to the dump....
It is a really nice garage though!

Michael @ October 18, 2010 at 7:49 PM   Reply to

Oh, man that toy is hilarious. Does it come with a puncture repair kit? Thanks for dropping by my blog. Via your blogs I've made a few brief incursions into your head already, brother. I'd never try to get in there (your head, to be clear) and make another dad feel like a loser about anything. We do that so successfully all by ourselves. Besides your diaper situation is clearly fully justified... it's a quality and safety issue. You're kids are much better off, Scott. You think I could convince my wife of that at this late date? ;) Happy to hear you can work that pink bag, though.

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