Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ELFIE...Our Elf on the Shelf

Let me introduce you to Elfie the Elf.  The Elf we adopted on November 27, 2010.  Elfie showed up at our doorstep Friday night.  The kids had been wanting The Elf on the Shelf and I looked for one on Black Friday at the book store but they were all out of them (wink~wink). 

So Friday night as were started putting the tree up, T asked C1 to go plug the outside lights in and that really means all the kids are going to go.  As soon as the door opened C1 saw a wrapped box and the kids eyes grew big.

So he brought the box inside and we were all wondering what it was???  They opened it and loud screams of "The Elf on the Shelf" echoed across the living room.  Happy children danced for joy as The Elf on the Shelf had showed up on the doorstep.  What did this mean?  None of us knew.  So that is when T read the story of The Elf on the Shelf and at that point it was all clear what was about to happen.

First things first....Name the Elf.   That took a little bit, but the kids finally came up with ELFIE. (Which happens to be number 2 on the top 10 list of Elf names)  Then the rules had to be set.  And actually there is only ONE rule.  NO touching ELFIE.  If ELFIE is touched he loses his magic.  Elfie's job is to report back to Santa and let him know if the C's have been bad or good.

So once the kids knew the plan, we just had to wait and see what would happen.  He was in his box.  The kids asked how he would get out of his box???? Not sure we told them, guess that is part of the magic.  So Friday night we all went to sleep and Elfie managed to get out of his box and get a small Wall-E bag and make his way to the front door, where he used the bag as a sleeping bag and slept on top of the front door by the window.  When the kids woke up Saturday morning they were surprised and delighted to find he had moved. 

Saturday we went to the park and when we were gone all day.  When we got home Elfie had climbed up on top of the kitchen cabinets and got into one of the kids toys.  It took a while for the kids to find him, since he was up high watching them.

Next for Elfie, since we finished the Christmas tree on Saturday night was I guess to make himself feel good in our tree at the top next to the Doggy Angel.

So now that it has been a few days and Elfie has been adopted by us, I think he is starting to feel a little more comfortable being around the C's.  He is starting to get closer and try to be around them more.
Just look at where he was Monday morning when the kids got up.
He was hanging on by the window where the kids do their schoolwork.  From this spot he could look out front, look at the kids doing school work, look into the kitchen and the living room too.  It was a good high spot to keep track of the kids and report back to the Jolly ol Fat Man.

Well when I got up for work this morning, it didn't even occur to me to go look for him and see if he had moved.  But when I walked into the kitchen and found this
I wondered what in the world was going on.  Elfie had left the kids a treat.  I guess since the C's had been so good since he had been there, he decided to give them a Christmas book to read.  Now he did make a mess with the Cheerios but, I can over look that.  But I still wasn't sure where he was until I got ready to walk out the door and as I was walking down the stairs I found him
Sitting on the chandelier.  This is another elevated area in which he can see a lot of the house and keep an eye on the C's.

So as I passed by Elfie this morning, I gave him a friendly nod hello and a wink to let him know, I knew about the mess in the kitchen but I was going to make him clean it up.  Told him to have a nice day and hang in there.  Sometimes the C's can get a little crazy. 

This is going to be a wild ride and I will keep you updated on Elfie's happenings.

P.S.  No matter the reason you celebrate Christmas, getting The Elf on the Shelf can be a fun thing for parents and children.  I highly recommend getting one and I was not paid or compensated for that comment.

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Last but not least





Monday, November 29, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun.....The Tree, The Park, The Falcons...

All Winners....

So after I was surprised to learn that I was getting off work early, I made the trek home and let the kids know that we would be putting the Christmas tree up.  The Friday night after Thanksgiving is when we put up the tree and we have gotten more and more into letting the kids do it. 

Well before the kids could start grabbing the ornaments, T and I had to take each and every light off of the PRE-lit tree.  That was not fun.  Well we finally for them off and we finished the tree Saturday night.  Lights on...Check.  Ornaments on....Check.  C4 grabbing almost every ornament off the bottom of the tree...Check.

We also got a visit Friday night from our newest family member.  The ELF ON THE SHELF arrived at our front door.  The kids named him Elfie.  And Starting Friday night Elfie made his way around the house.  Breaking out of his box, to sleeping his first night atop the front door and then into some of the kids toys and then making his way to the Christmas tree.  This morning he had planted himself by the front windows so he could watch over the kids as they do their schoolwork.  Elfie sure does know how to get around and I will give you updates on him from time to time.

Saturday the weather was decent enough for all of us to make a trip to Grant Park in Atlanta.  For those of you that know MckMama, the whole family was down in Atlanta for the Thanksgiving break and she had a photo shoot.  Well T, I and the kids didn't take part in that but we did spend a lot of time with MckDaddy and their kids playing at the park.  The kids had so much fun playing together.  They ate snacks, climbed trees, played tag, and they just really had a great time.  It was a good Saturday to talk to a friend and to see how much the family had changed and grown since last year when they were here.  We then went out to eat in Little 5 Points, which is a "Well Lit, Well Populated" area in downtown Atlanta with another couple Raechel and Ryan and their 2 kids.  Sorry the well lit and well populated area was a inside joke.  It was funny for this bbq place we went to to see us (6 parents and 11 children) walk in.  The kids ate, laughed, played and had a fun time with each other.  I asked the C's if they had fun playing with their new friends and they all said yes and C3 even gave me this piece of info "They didn't use naughty words".  I thought that was to cute.  So to Big Mac, Nuggey, Small Fry, Stellan and Flurry, you kids were so polite and fun to be around and thanks for playing with the C's and they look forward to playing again soon.

So thanks again to MckDaddy and the kids for making time to meet us at the park to have a fun filled afternoon.  The C's enjoyed it and so did T and I.  Hope to see you again next year.

C1 & Nuggey

C3 & C4



So on to Sunday.  Know what happened?  Well besides the kids all being a little under the weather and us finally packing up the rest of the summer clothes and T getting her Ebay on......THE FALCONS BEAT THE PACKERS!!!!  Yeah baby, 9-2 and 6-0 in the Dome.  I love my Falcon football.  So while T was busy making mega money on Ebay, I was busy cheering on the Dirty Birds.  I did manage to do some laundry while the game was on.

The picks were 1-1 this past weekend since Bama....well they LOST, to put it politely. 

It is going to be a good week.  Watch out for posts about Elfie.  You just never know what the crazy Elf is going to do next.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-26-10......Good Eats and Surviving Black Friday

This Daddy's Blog


(Special Black Friday Edition)

So I actually (like a dumba**) made it to work today.  And the best part about it was there was NO traffic.  Why?  Cause everyone is shopping...It's "Black Friday"  For sure one of the craziest days of the year.  Like Jimmy Kimmel said the other night..."People have issues with TSA patdowns but have no problems humping complete strangers, while standing in line for hours to save a few bucks"
I am usually one of those early bird shoppers, but NOT this year.  T and I planned ahead and the stuff we are getting...well the stuff SANTA is getting for the kids was actually on sale before and was on sale online too.  So we lucked out.
T got out last night and went to Toys R Us.  But the line was SOOOOOO crazy and she was only getting two things.  So her mom who was waiting too, decided to hook us up and get one of the two things. (The other thing T got online) Since the other thing sold out already.
T then made her way to Wal-Mart for the Midnight sale and that is when I feel like I let her down a little.  This was the first year she went out sans kid.  I was nervous about keeping C4 at home with me, since he never really got into the whole male nursing thing.  I DID IT!!!!  I got him to sleep. (It's a big deal people) But he woke up and wanted the ninny and T decided to come home...

But she did get to go shopping

I got up this morning a little bit earlier to go get the "Elf on a Shelf" Book.  Used a coupon that made it 50% off and then got my free cup of coffee.  Then made my way out to Target and everything I needed to get was still there. Except for the playdoh.  So there was no need for me to be there at 4 am.

Operation Black Friday 2010
Mission Complete and a success!!!!!
And I didn't have to taser anyone or push any old people out of the way.

 C2  woke up around 4 am screaming for mommy saying he was gonna throw up.  Well I got him to the bathroom and he did, but only a little then he went back to sleep.

T is very tired today.  Not sure if she would rather have me there to help today or have me at work where I wont annoy her? 

Yesterday was a great day, everything went good and the food turned out really nice.  I was worried that I would mess up the "Beer Butt" Chicken being that it was my first time and all, but the birds turned out really nice.  Everything turned out good.

Birds on the grill 
Do birds care if there is a beer can in their butt? 
How sweet - Twins 
Wait - Quadruplet's 
Good stuff right there 
Roll over 
You little devil 
Fluffy like the clouds 
Sooo  cheesy 
Good Gravy 
Children of the Corn 
Desert....ohh so good. 

Only Two football picks today

Two huge games.  One College and One Pro.

Today's Iron Bowl
Alabama(home)-4.5 vs. Auburn - I know Auburn is undefeated but this is at Alabama's home field and it is a big time in state clash.  Bama is not a bad team and the Tigers like to let teams stay in the the game.  Take Bama to win the game and cover the line.

Sunday Showdown in A-Town
Atlanta(home)-1.5 vs. Green Bay - Two very good teams and this may decide who has home field advantage in the playoffs.  Falcons are a great home dome team.  Take the Dirty Birds to win and cover and keep atop the NFC.




Thursday, November 25, 2010



While everyone is eating today and enjoying family and football.....Take a minute to enjoy a special tradition.  Here is a video.
Sing along if you know the words.

Have a great Thanksgiving

Enjoy your family time and dont forget to




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Im Thankful for....

Here we are the day before the day when we all eat ourselves into coma. 

Being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I would go over some of the things that I am "Thankful" for.  This won't be your average everyday sweet, caring and loving list, this is going to be a list that only I could come up with.  Let me get the auto "Thankful-nicities" (new word) out of the way.

T and the 4 C's.  Goes with out saying.  They are #1 every day and every year.
My Family and extended family - way to many to list, so you all get some love too.

So here are some of the things I am thankful for :

*Matt Ryan Qb of the Atlanta Falcons - You complete me! Seriously, you had me at hello.
*Brett Farve - You taught me to look at who I am texting before I hit send.
*Tiger Woods - Thanks for making all of us other husbands and fathers look good.
*Bristol Palin - What other dancing daughter of an idiot politician can we make fun of?
*The A-Holes that spread all the gravel in the street in front of my house - I always wanted rocks in my front yard.
*Miley Cyrus - C3 can look at you and learn how not to act.
*TSA Pre flight screenings - If I am ever in a state of where I don't feel loved by T, I can always go to the airport and get a pat down.
*Bathroom - Where else can I escape to when the C's are stressing me?
*New Pillows bought by T - I love trying to sleep on pillows that are more poofy than Snooki's hair.
*Certain pair of shoes in our house - I love it how they can over power the bad odor of my shoes.
*Jesus From Cleveland (Jamie) - It is so awesome to work with a guy that knows everything about everything. Even when he is dead WRONG, he still swears he is correct.
*Jesus from Georgia (Greg) - He also knows everything and who wouldn't want another guy sitting in his office that is Mr. Fill in Blanks.  He answers every question for me when someone comes into MY office.
*Nasty A** Bathroom at work - What a pleasure it is to be reminded of a rest stop men's room smell..Everyday. 
*The word BullS*** - Never has a word sounded so sweet coming out of the mouth of a 3 yr. old girl.
*Mel Gibson - You taught me to never leave very bad messages on a voicemail. 
*Justin Beiber - You and your stupid looking forehead hair comb over makes my bald spot look good.
*Lego's - You are everywhere..Like fleas. But better than fleas.  But still a pain in the butt like fleas.
*The Gym I pass 2 times a day - Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.
*Sirius Satellite radio - You should be up top next to T and the 4 C's.
*ESPN - You are like the Kim Kardashian of my tv channels.  When T is asleep, I am thinking of you all the time.  ESPN that is. 

There are so so so many more I can list, it has been a wild and crazy ride to get to Thanksgiving. See, I always feel thankful for the little things that help me in my everyday life, but certain things make a huge difference.  Somethings stand out more than others. 

Tomorrow I will have a special treat for you.  A special video for all of you on Thanksgiving.  I will also have up some Thanksgiving Day Football Picks. 

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for "Kisses"

So I started writing this while I was sitting in bed last night,  partly because I dont have ESPN so I couldn't watch the Monday Night Football blowout and partly because there is nothing on the cooking channels and then partly because I have watched every infomercial on the air now.  And last but not least, T is in the other room on her laptop that may or may not power down at any moment because it is a piece of shart. (didn't curse)

So T asked C2 what he was thankful for last night and his answer  'Giving Mommy Kisses".  I was so glad to hear that he had a awesome day.  He was a big help to T as she set up some Christmas stuff outside. 

C3.  T asked her the same question and her answer was "Giving Daddy Kisses"...That's my girl!!  T said that she was also a huge help yesterday. 

C1 didnt feel well yesterday, so he did a lot of sleeping and relaxing.  But he did go outside for a while to get some air and gave T the awesome idea of putting the lighted Christmas trees in the garden.  It made a huge difference and they look great.

C4, well he just hung out last night.  Ate lots of snacks and colored on the coloring pages that I finally brought home for everyone.  Zhu Zhu Pets, Toy Story 3 and Lego City coloring sheets.  Took me long enough but I finally remembered.

Now if I can only remember to bring home some stamps for T.   But I did get the rest of the Christmas stuff out last night.  See I am good for something when I get home.

Ok.  Now for the portion of the program where I try and send you over to........

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The people at have been nice enough to have me participate in the
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun....An A-Hole sighting and I write the songs that...

make the young kids laugh and make my wife cry...

So the weekend before the big weekend is over.  As we prepare to clean, cook and eat our way to a Black Friday bonanza, I am left wondering am I really going to get anything accomplished this week?

Well, I know that I wasn't much help to T this weekend around the house.  She wanted me to get all of the Christmas stuff out Saturday and I decided to try and clean house and do some laundry and that seemed to leave me with two things.........1. A not so clean house and 2. A ton of laundry still left.  Another reason I love my wife......She is always so friggin right....Oh well.

And yet another weekend that I failed in my attempt to not be an A-Hole to someone in the house.  And the unlucky winner of my A-Hole-ishness was C2.  Man, this kid has sometimes become the mouthiest child on the planet.  He talks back to me and T, he has an attitude, doesn't know how to talk or answer us.  Sometimes he can be the sweetest child of them all.  He loves to have Mommy and Daddy time, but then it can be minutes later, he just gets a smart mouth.  Love and Logic, Nanny 911, Super Nanny, I mean I try all of the stuff and I get to a point where I just want to go outside and break something from being so frustrated by his actions.  I can't stand the way he talks to T.  I do not want my boys thinking they can be rude and disrespect their mom.  So, I just don't know what to do...I will keep trying and showing love and talking to him....He has my temper and does the same stuff I do when upset....hit things, kick stuff and he gets more mad by the minute.  I have got to improve my own behavior so maybe he will improve his...

Remember when I wrote about my sweet little C3 and her little adventure with the curse word BullS---...Well, I was in the kitchen Saturday and the windows and door were open and she was playing Lego's with the boys and then like a rapid fire machine gun, she let the word fly...I had to leave the room and call T, so I wouldn't laugh too hard.  Thankfully she does not know what she is saying..

T and I didn't have a Date Night Movie night this weekend, we were just so busy and tired.  And thanks to the well, ONE suggestion we got. 

We rocked the fire pit Saturday night and the kids played outside and we had marshmallows.  I sang songs that made the kids laugh and made T wonder why she married me. And the kids favorite went a little som som like dis....
"I like my marshmallows like I like my women---Hot, white and and fluffy" So yeah the kids loved it and T, well she wanted to rip out my vocal cords.

Yesterday we all went over to T's cousins for a pre Thanksgiving meal and it was a good time, the kids had fun and we ate well.  The Cornish hens on the grill "Beer Butt Chicken" were very good and I will be doing one on Thursday.  Then we ran to a few places and T was awesome enough to make sure C4 was sleeping in the van so I could listen to the Falcons game as we gave the Rams a little spanking.  That's right the 8-2 NFC leading Atlanta Falcons...And speaking of picks for the weekend went 4-1-1. 

So before we went to bed last night T and I, went downstairs and went through all the stuff we have for the kids so we can make the game plan for Thursday night and Friday morning.  This may be the easiest Black Friday trek we have had in the history of having our C's. 

Tomorrow I will have up TWO, that's right TWO giveaways.  One is the CSN giveaway I was telling you about last week and the other, well, this is going to be a great gift for a man who likes to man scape himself.

See Ya tomorrow!




Saturday, November 20, 2010

TD's or Pee Pee's.....That is the question?

This story shows that there is still hope.  I don't have to shut the door on a childhood dream of mine.


No kidding.  This guy is starting for the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.  Now take into consideration that come  the second quarter of the game, he is going to be wishing that he was at home changing a poo-poo, but for now this stay at home da da is under center and playing against maybe one of the most angry men in the world.....Ray Lewis....

Ray Lewis
this man has an 18 month old that needs nice

I will begin my training here this weekend.  Cause if Matt Ryan goes down.  And then if Chris Redman gets hurt.  And then John Parker Wilson, suffers a season ending injury.....well that leaves.....





Friday, November 19, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-19-10.........A-Hole Free Weekend(Yes that means me)

This Daddy's Blog


Man, I am so glad Friday is here.  I can think of a million things I would rather be doing right at this moment but I guess the job needs me to be here.  So I will make the best of it and do what I do best while I am at work.  Do my blog, read other blogs, surf the net, look at stuff for the kids for Christmas and bother the wife while she is at home doing home schooling.  Until she makes her Yahoo Im'er busy!!!

So T noticed something very funny yesterday morning when she got up early.  I should have gotten pictures but I didn't. So C3 was sleeping in our bed and she had her hands above her head and T noticed that she had gloves on her hands.  Little pink gloves on her hands.  Guess she was cold.

I have to remember to do something today for C3.  She has been on me to print her out some Zhu Zhu pet coloring sheets.  So before I leave today, someone please remind me to print out some sheets for her.  Thanks.

C1 and C2 want more Toy Story 3 Lego Coloring sheets. 

T and I are thinking about having another in house date night.  I need some movie suggestions.  In the past weeks we have seen, Karate Kid, Date Night, Grown Ups.  I need some good calls here.  She doesn't like blood and guts or sci fi.  I need more of a comedy and or (sigh) love story.

Lets see.  I am going to beg T to cook, Artichokes, Cabbage, and some Scallops this weekend. 
If she fixes that for me, she will get an extra special 15 minute rub.
Actually, if she gets some stuff for the boiler, I will hook it up and go to town.

This weekend honey we WILL go through all of the Christmas stuff to see what we have and if we need anything else.

I will be cleaning the ceiling fans. I will be spraying for bugs all over the house.  I will be doing whatever is on my honey-do list. 

Another reason I am glad it is Friday, I get another chance tonight to be a nice daddy.  For some reason last night I had NO patience.  I don't what the deal was. The kids wouldn't listen to me, I mean I know it was me and not them, but I need to go home tonight and relax and just let it be. The house will be A-hole free this weekend.

I think part of it may be that I am falling back into the same hole where I am bringing the negativity from work home.   I do this sometimes.  I mean, my boss' are negative, and that gives me no reason to be positive here at work.  We had pay cuts a while back and I lost a lot of money since the company was not doing good.  Well now that the company has started to pick back up, have I seen any of my money back? NO.  They said we would, but its all lies. Im at work from 8:45 a.m. to to after 8 p.m. every night and I sit at my desk and eat lunch and I never miss work. I even come in if I am sick, since we get NO sick days. And after 8 years of working here, you would think I would get more than 1 week paid vacation..NO.  No benefits either, so I have no health insurance. Neither does T.  I just need to tell myself over and over again that I am here to provide for us as a family so T and the kids can stay at home.

I know it is no excuse but to T and my C's, I am sorry for being an A-Hole the past few nights.

Ok so football picks.
I got back on track last weekend winning some games and I actually won the office pool.
Bet your house with me this weekend.
(yes your actual house)
(winners in bold)

Boise State(home)-30.5 vs. Fresno State - At home on the blue turf. The Bronco's cover the big number.
Penn State-10 @ Indiana - Penn St. has a young qb. No way they cover the 10 at Ind.
Florida State-4.5 @ Maryland - Yes Maryland it is basketball season. Be thankful. FSU covers big.

Atlanta-3 @ St. Louis - Sorry Rams this is the Falcons year.  Even a W by a Td. covers the points.
Baltimore-10 @ Carolina - Baltimore had 10 days off and Carolina is using a stay at home dad as qb.
New England(home)-3 vs. Indianapolis - I like both teams but Tom and the Pats are at home.

 I am interested in hearing anyone else's big game predictions.  Or what big plans do you all have this weekend?

Also, can anyone in the entire reading area of the world tell me where I can find some organic strawberries?  See C2 eats strawberries and that is all he really loves and guess what?  They are out of season and we cant find them anywhere......I NEED SOME GOSH DOGIT ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES!!!

Thanks and




Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Sex in the Champagne Room....or the master bedroom room..

Or the guest room, or anywhere....Gosh Darn it....(remember no cursing)

To ****block is to prevent someone, intentionally or inadvertently, from having sex with another person.

As many of you know I love to blog about the intimacy of my awesome wife and I.  I'm not shy about it.  I don't care who knows that we do the Pants Off - Dance Off (PO-DO) all the time.  I mean why would I?  She rocks my socks.  My T, knows how to treat her man. But lately we, or shall I say I have had a problem in that department. 

Stop laughing people the problem is not with me!  Trust me, I have NO problem.

The problem is that my kids are becoming a major..............

See the kids don't go to sleep till later anyways.  And then you have to remember that I have to work the mood.  A little romance, some candles, shave the body, oil myself know looking good.  I can't give T just any ol night of the goods, I have to make sure the goods are GOOD.  Really I just mean I have to give T the over the top massage.

So, the first battle, get the kids to bed.  That means, C1 who is the midnight snacker has to somehow fall out before I do.  That means that C3, who likes to make her way to our bed, falls out quickly in our bed so I can move her back to her bed.  Then the hardest blocker to beat is C4.  The breast feeder.  The snuggler.  The one who when T's body moves away from his, he starts to flip flop around the bed.  How can a soon to be 18 month old be such a master of the
But trust me his is the best in the bizz.

So not only and I being blocked by one C, I have three C's trying to make sure that daddy gets

Now in the C's defense, they don't know that they are being a
But they are.

So I now have to come up with a game plan, cause this is not how I roll.  Maybe I could just stay up later, but then that means I have to try and keep T up, cause Im already UP....Get it?   Yeah.. Lets move on.

  Dag nabit!!! (remember I am not cursing anymore)

I am going to figure out how to beat this.  Ohhhhhh K.  That didn't sound good, and I am leaving it in since it is funny.  But that is not what I am talking about...

T and I are going to have the last laugh, well as long as we are both laughing and it's not just her laughing, that would be bad for my self esteem.

So to my three C's, guess what little one's?  There is a new sheriff in town. (Ok just so you know, we don't dress up)  

And that means NO MORE

Trust me C's, when you are older I will explain all of this to you.  Well not you C3.





Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't YOU and YOU and YOU know what time it is?

Night owl is a term used to describe a person who tends to stay up until late at night.

We have 2 of these in our house and we are on the verge of adding another to the mix.

C1, who has been a night owl for as long as I can remember.  Which actually isn't very long since I don't have a great memory, but take my word for it, its been a long time.  He loves to stay up and read, look at his Lego instruction manuals and draw.  Sometimes he even lays in bed and totally dismantles his Lego creations just so he can rebuild them again.

We just recently he started his own little trend of being the Night Owl Midnight Snacker.  And when I say Midnight Snacker, I mean exactly that.  That past few nights, he has walked into our room around midnight and said "Mommy - Daddy, I'm hungry"  So we tell him to go into the kitchen and find a snack.  He does, and minutes later I walk into the kitchen and find him eating Pistachios.  2 piles of shells on the table.  Full and empty.  This boy has gone through almost the whole bag.  So, the next night and then again and then another night, he is coming into our room wanting his midnight snack.

The other Night Owl, C3 is the one that no matter how tired she is, no matter what she has done during the day, she will always say "I'm not tired"  She will sit in her bed with the light on and play with every toy and look at every book and come to our room to ask us every five minutes if C4 is asleep yet so she can climb in out bed for what she calls "A few minutes".  She is up, going to get a drink of water, going pee, trying to catch a peek at the shows T and I are watching. 

Now coming into form as the 3rd Night Owl is C4.  The almost 18 month old, who used to be out like a year old light bulb, is now staying up late, getting in and out of our bed and running to his room to get toys to bring back and never mind that he is bringing back the LOUDEST toy he can find.  We sit on him so he doesn't get up, he cries, we shut the door, he cries, we tie him to the dresser he cries.  T gives him the Ninny and he stops crying.  He finishes Ninny and he tries to escape. 

So T and I could easily be asleep and 3 out of 4 C's would be taking over the house. C2.  Asleep.  Even if he has a 7 hour nap, by the time 11 pm hits, if hes not asleep in his bed, he is asleep somewhere in the house.  He is not a Night Owl and he does rise early.  So Me, T and C3 (that rhymes) (I'm a rapper) can all hit the hay and never fear that the house would be under control with a 7, 3 and soon to be 18 month old. 

I mean whats the worst that could happen?  Right.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More cursing and crying. And why is my head ringing?

Reminder Alert...Reminder Alert...

What company can provide you extra tall bar stools for a Thanksgiving get together or give you just about anything else you might need for the busy day? can, thats who!  I will be having a GiveAway soon so make sure you stay tuned.......

Now on to the fun stuff.  Fun, I guess that is what you can call it.  Now I know there are a lot of you out there that think I swear, cuss, and use too much nasty language......yeah whatever...I know.  Well get ready to say good bye to the cursing and it is going to start here on the blog and then at work and then at home and then who knows, maybe I will be curse free.  Who would have ever thought me curse free?  Maybe its a pipe dream but hey I gotta start somewhere.  Or maybe I will just curse so much it becomes my

It first started when C3 repeated the word Damn it. Yeah, my fault.  Hasn't happened in a while so that is good.  Then it went to C1 when he asked me at his own bday party this past Sept. "Daddy, why do you say Shit all the time?"  Yeah that was a proud moment.....And wow, just this past weekend, it got even better.....Better you ask?  Yes! It got better..  So this past weekend the C's were playing Mario and my little darling princess C3 starts yelling.........

(sounded like)
Push it
Push it
So, T and I are in the kitchen and we are trying to figure out what in the world she is saying.  T thinks it is and I dont think so but she keeps saying it....Then T says "C1, what is C3 saying?"  He responds to her "She is saying Bullshit, Mommy"  Oh man.  Great, now my daughter is saying Bullshit. 

I wonder what else I can teach them......Mutha Fu....see let me stop...

Who has seen Toy Story 3?  All of you, good.  Remember the part when Woody and Slinky Dog are going to try and take out the Monkey?  Yeah, you do. And remember when the Monkey is slamming the symbols on Woodys head?  Sure you do.  Here ya go, here is a reminder....
That is what my head felt like last night when T went to the grocery store.  See C4, seems to have this thing where he love to trick mommy and make her think he will be fine when she goes to the store..
Yeah, not so much. 
See about 5 minutes after she leaves, he starts going nuts.  Crying, screaming "MaMa" and running around the house and looking out the windows.  Nothing works!!  I try to hold him and he cries.  I get his cup, he cries, I get him a snack, he cries.  I tried breastfeeding him, he cried more. 
Oh my, the crying stopped..Guess what happened...Yeah, T walked through the door.

Well, as soon as C4 was back in T's arms he was all better....

I still have that ringing in my head and echos of my sweet C3 yelling Bullshit at Mario..

Never a dull day




Monday, November 15, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun.....Its all about Me and Me and oh yeah the kids...but more of Me

Out with the weekend and in with the rain.  Yes the rain has made its way back into the Atlanta area, and maybe the colder weather will stay and we can finally get the fall season in full swing. 

We did get to enjoy some great weather on Saturday though. We took the C's to this new playground that T has been taking the kids to.  It was nice to just run and play with the kids.  The C's also met some other kids and played a good two hours worth of  Tag-Your-It.  C1, also met a boy who happened to have the same name as him and also was the same age.  That was pretty cool.  And that kids brother was also the same age as C2.  The playground was a lot of fun.  We then made a few stops and got home in time to see some college football.

Movie night hit the house Saturday night and the kids choose...........(big surprise) Toy Story 3.  That gave T and I the chance to watch Grown Ups.  That movie was too funny. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and the rest of the crew are funny as well. 

Well I think I am making my comeback in the ol football picks department.  4-2 overall.  I went 1-2 in college and 3-0 in the pros.  Yesterday was a good day for football. And I won the office pool sheet, so I am the winner of the cash pot. Bout time, that is all I have to say.

A couple weeks ago a woman named Kali from sent me an email asking me if I would be interested in writing a weekly answer to the sites questions they would ask of some people around the country.  Of course I said "Yes". Write 500 or so words, hell yeah. Go to The Voices Of MainStreet and check out me and other people as we answer questions that might be on your mind.  Their website is awesome too because they provide you all kinds of information about everything from healthy eating to healthy spending and healthy saving.  Thanks Kali and Marc for the opportunity to be a part of your new feature. 

And just in time for the start of the holiday season I will be having a new GiveAway soon.  CSN Stores who carry everything from toys to Extra-Tall-Bar-Stools is giving me the chance to do a product review and host a GiveAway.  I will be doing a review on a item that is going to make a huge difference in my home and it can make a difference in yours too.

See all of this could fit perfectly in the
I already know where this would go too
Right in between there.  Move those suckers out and roll the cart right in.

So there you are. Lots for you to do today, beside all the other stuff you have planned.  Be jealous of our great weekend, go to, and check out the CSN Stores and get ready for a GiveAway soon.

You know I didn't even mention all the great food T cooked all weekend, like her awesome and famous Scallops, Pork Chops, Artichokes, and Cabbage, Corn on the Cob.....she rocked in the kitchen all weekend long....





Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-12-10............The ups and downs of life

Just like a football game, life has ups and downs and what matters is how you close out the game.  Finish strong and never quit.
This Daddy's Blog


Today is kind of a weird day for me.  It was a year ago today that I had two coworkers shot and one killed on the spot during a repo.  Crazy, I can still remember getting the call from one of the other drivers that morning on my way to work.  All over a Mustang. A lot has happened since then and I wont go into it, its just too much of a mess.
Brandon the guy that was killed, had a wife and two young kids.  Going to his funeral and seeing his wife and kids, really messed me up for a long time.  Thinking about it now, it still makes me want to cry.  His son and daughter, left without a dad, for a stupid car.
A video was done in memory of Brandon

Now time for some happy thoughts

I have a good feeling that this is going to be a great weekend.  We have no plans, no where to go, so that means I can get a lot of stuff done around the house.  The weather is going to be decent so I can work a little outside while the kids play, the kids also want to do some lego building and some drawing. I also think it is going to be the time where I get all of the Christmas decorations pulled toward the front of the storage room and look with T to see what gifts we already have for the C's this year.

So let me get some thoughts off my chest here and I am going to start with

Sarah Palin, yes really.  She has a Reality Show coming on TLC.  All I can say to that is thank god we canceled some channels and lost TLC.  I dont even want to have the chance to land on that channel when she is on.  Am I the only one who is sick of her and doesnt care about her PR move to make her look like something she isnt.  Wait let me guess, the show will be scripted on her hands so she wont forget what to say!!!!

Next.  Spanking.  Molly at The Snyder5 did a post the other day on this topic and her post bothered me. It bothered me for the simple fact that some people still cant seem to get over the fact that spanking a child really wont do any good.  Now that is my opinion and apparently a lot of people in the US disagree. Because this spanking poll taken, show that by a 2 to 1 margin that most approve of spanking.  Go ahead, HIT your child, yes I said it HIT your child and see if it teaches them anything other than hitting is ok.  T and I dont spank, I will never put hands to my kids in that manner.  And I will be the one in a public place that if I see you do, I will say something.

For some of you that might have missed the CMA's the other night, let me fill you in on a quick fact...Gwyneth Paltrow can not sing. 

Let me tell you how great my wife is.  With all the stuff she has to do on a daily and nightly basis, she took time to go to the tv and set it on the channel for the Falcons-Ravens game last night and then pause it for me so I could watch it from beginning to end after the kids were in bed.  And she even let me give her the massage I owed her while WE watched the game together. AND she didnt even yell at me last night or this morning when she fell asleep and I jumped out of bed, threw my hat and cursed and screamed as the Falcons let the Ravens score with a minute left.  She then let me wake her again and put her glasses on so she could see the Falcons score a game winning TD with 20 seconds left.

Thats love!!!!!!!

Time for some good ol football picks.
Ok so I have really picked some stinkers here the past few weeks, sorry.
Lets see if I can turn it around.
(winners in bold)
College Games
Miami-3 @ Georgia Tech - Both teams without starting qb's, Tech has a better running game and its at home.
Auburn(home)-8.5 vs. Georgia - Cant stand the Bulldogs and as long as Cam Newton is playing, Tigers win by more than 10 points.
Utah-5.5 @ Notre Dame - The Utes get back on track after getting smoked last weekend.

NFL Games
NY Jets-3 @ Cleveland - Sorry Colt McCoy, the Jets D makes you look bad this week.
Buffalo(home)-3 vs. Detroit - Both teams can score, the Lions will score just a bit more.
Pittsburgh(home)-5 vs. New England - Tom Brady doesn't lose many back to back games.

Look, I know I usually talk a lot of trash and blog about a lot of silly stuff, but make sure you start this weekend to make a difference.  Teach your kids, have fun with them, try new things, and most of all love them.  Love your wives and husbands too.  Remember its all about being a team. We all need each other and we need the kids to make us feel great again.

What is one thing you can do differently this weekend to make a positive impact on your kids?
And the same thing for your spouse. What can you do to make your spouse smile this weekend?

Have a great weekend.




Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is why I am the smartest man alive today

Damn leave it to me to mess up a good thing.

This is how it went

I got an idea yesterday and if Billy Mays were still alive I would have pitched this idea to him and I'm sure he would be doing a commercial about it today.

Check it out

Hey Guys, Billy Mays here and do I have a great deal for you!
Want some tips on how to get your wife to

Of course you don't, but being that I am Billy Mays, I am going to give it to you anyways.

I am going to offer you this one time some FREE tips on how to piss your wife off and get yourself a brand new doghouse.

So here you go...
Four easy steps...

Step One...Engage in a email conversation with your wife

Step Two...Open email that your wife sends you.

Step Three...Send back generic response to your wife without reading the email she sent you.

Step Four...Try every excuse known to man to explain why you didn't read her email.

This is a FOR SURE way to get your wife to NOT do the PO-DO with you.


If you act now, I will throw in my free advice on how to try and get yourself OUT of the doghouse and get your wife to give you the PO-DO.

By acting now you will receive there helpful tips...

*Start kissing ass ASAP
*Go home and do as much as you can to help
*Give your wife massage's.  Rub Rub Rub
*Pray that she finds you even the slightest bit amusing

This advice is not available in stores.



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