Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't YOU and YOU and YOU know what time it is?

Night owl is a term used to describe a person who tends to stay up until late at night.

We have 2 of these in our house and we are on the verge of adding another to the mix.

C1, who has been a night owl for as long as I can remember.  Which actually isn't very long since I don't have a great memory, but take my word for it, its been a long time.  He loves to stay up and read, look at his Lego instruction manuals and draw.  Sometimes he even lays in bed and totally dismantles his Lego creations just so he can rebuild them again.

We just recently he started his own little trend of being the Night Owl Midnight Snacker.  And when I say Midnight Snacker, I mean exactly that.  That past few nights, he has walked into our room around midnight and said "Mommy - Daddy, I'm hungry"  So we tell him to go into the kitchen and find a snack.  He does, and minutes later I walk into the kitchen and find him eating Pistachios.  2 piles of shells on the table.  Full and empty.  This boy has gone through almost the whole bag.  So, the next night and then again and then another night, he is coming into our room wanting his midnight snack.

The other Night Owl, C3 is the one that no matter how tired she is, no matter what she has done during the day, she will always say "I'm not tired"  She will sit in her bed with the light on and play with every toy and look at every book and come to our room to ask us every five minutes if C4 is asleep yet so she can climb in out bed for what she calls "A few minutes".  She is up, going to get a drink of water, going pee, trying to catch a peek at the shows T and I are watching. 

Now coming into form as the 3rd Night Owl is C4.  The almost 18 month old, who used to be out like a year old light bulb, is now staying up late, getting in and out of our bed and running to his room to get toys to bring back and never mind that he is bringing back the LOUDEST toy he can find.  We sit on him so he doesn't get up, he cries, we shut the door, he cries, we tie him to the dresser he cries.  T gives him the Ninny and he stops crying.  He finishes Ninny and he tries to escape. 

So T and I could easily be asleep and 3 out of 4 C's would be taking over the house. C2.  Asleep.  Even if he has a 7 hour nap, by the time 11 pm hits, if hes not asleep in his bed, he is asleep somewhere in the house.  He is not a Night Owl and he does rise early.  So Me, T and C3 (that rhymes) (I'm a rapper) can all hit the hay and never fear that the house would be under control with a 7, 3 and soon to be 18 month old. 

I mean whats the worst that could happen?  Right.



Gretta November 17, 2010 at 11:33 AM   Reply to

We sympathize with ya'll ~ Our 9 & 5 year old are night owls that we literally have to force to go to bed and even then they can entertain themselves in bed with nothing in the bed except themselves & their pillow for hours! Our 7 year old is zonked out by 10:30 every night and could sleep through a tornado!

Helene November 17, 2010 at 11:34 AM   Reply to

My kids do the same thing...just roaming the house at night as if sleep isn't a necessary thing. I remember when they were all babies and I couldn't wait for them to sleep through the night. It never quite happened and I guess it never will.

At least the boy was eating pistachios. If it were my kids, they would've found Tim's private stash of cookies.

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