Friday, November 5, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-5-10............T has a new girlfriend!

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Today is a much cooler Friday and that's ok, cause today I am on fire....Yeah baby.

What a week it has been and it has gone by kind of fast too.  Its had it ups and downs.  All of the ups have been at home with T and the C's and the downs...well they have been elsewhere.  But, who cares?

My rides to work now suck ass since my Sirius Satellite Radio subscription ran out and due to the fact that we are trying to save some cheese, I decided to not renew.  Riding to and from in the peace and quiet gives me time to think, and that scares me cause it also gives me time to stress..

I never knew how lame late night tv was until we cut ESPN off recently.  I tried watching some shit last night and since we cut most of our channels out on the satellite, we now have more infomercial channels than we do regular channels.  By the time the month is over I will know how to Zumba, I will have bought these pants that slim you up, and I may buy more HSN jewelry than my wonderful NANA ever did.

10 year girl in Spain gives birth - All I have to say about this is BULL MUTHA F***ing shit.  No way in hell.  I don't even know what else to say about this except it is disgusting.

Town in Italy bans miniskirts - This town must be run by a bunch of women that look like shit in miniskirts.  There is no way on Gods green Earth that a dude would ban something so hot.

Cats can make owners happier, healthier, and gentler - Ummmm yeah, I feel happier when I get the cat, I always feel healthier when I have some cat, and I always treat the cat gentle.....Are we talking about the same thing here??

School kids still have access to surgery drinks and whole milk - They still have access to corners with crack too, but maybe parents will step their ass up and teach their kids some health lessons.  Come on parents.

Last night T got her 15 minute rub.  But it wasn't free.  See I touched her boob. Then she got another 15 minutes for breaking the rules.  Then out of the blue I asked her if she would look at my balls and that got her another 15 minutes of the rub.  Sorry for breaking the rules babe, I just love your boobs and I love it when you look at my balls. Well at least you got the good end of the bargain, a good night of rubbing.

T has got us watching a new show on Thursday nights now. The past few weeks we have gotten into watching Greys Anatomy.  We never watched it before but we have now made it one of the dvr'd shows we watch.  Why am I bringing this up?  Im glad you asked..............See..........
Sara Ramirez who plays the hot lesbian Callie Torres is becoming a tv favorite of mine.  
And she has become T's tv girlfriend. Well since she is a lesbian and she is now single after last nights episode, I told T that she was going to be her new girlfriend.  Hot damn, I would love that shit.  And while I was telling T about her new tv girlfriend, all T could do is bust a gut from laughing at me and telling me to keep my fantasies in my head.
That's ok babe, every Thursday night from now on, you are dating a doctor. Nuff said.

I was just talking to T on the ol yahoo IM and she was laughing about me having a Top 10 and she types to me
"I would love to know your top 10 guys you think I would choose"
Ok, so Im on it. It won't be easy but I am going to gather a list of the Top 10 guys I think T would pick.
I will be posting the list tomorrow. Come back and check it out.

Now for the weekend's football picks.
Screw past records, Im coming out LL Cool J style today
Don't call it comeback, been here for years, rockin' my peers
My picks are gonna knock you out, Im gonna knock you out.

Remember the winners are in bold
Does everyone understand the point spread thing?  Tell me if you don't and I can break it down for you.

College games
Florida State(home)-10 vs. N.Carolina - Carolina has never won in Tallahassee and the Seminoles look to lock up the ACC with this game.
South Carolina(home)-3 vs. Arkansas - Both teams score a ton of points and neither play any D, so I am going with the Hogs to pull the upset and win the game.
Texas-3.5 @ Kansas State - Texas is so not normal this year but the have already lost enough games and I believe they bounce back big this Saturday.

NFL games
Chicago-2.5 @ Buffalo - Bears qb Cutler lays on his back more than a busy porn star and the Bills are at home and they have been playing very good. Bills pull the upset here.
Atlanta(home)-8 vs. Tampa Bay - The Bucs head coach says his team is the best in the NFC, well Matty Ice is 15-1 in the Dome and they beat down the Bucs this Sunday.
New England-5 @ Cleveland - Man, really 5 points to the best team in the NFL.  Tom Brady is on fire and this will not even be close. Tom and his pretty hair kill the Browns.

Have a good weekend and remember to


Q November 5, 2010 at 11:48 AM   Reply to

I don't watch Grey's, but Sara Ramirez seems worth giving an episode one shot. LOL!

Gretta November 5, 2010 at 3:01 PM   Reply to

Can't wait for the ol' Top 10 list there! And your Friday would be amiss without my big ol' ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Alex Johnson November 5, 2010 at 4:23 PM   Reply to

Town bans miniskirts? What the ****?!? Morons...

Unknown November 5, 2010 at 10:39 PM   Reply to

Poor T. My husband is always trying to get me to look at his balls too.

Decorating My Soul November 10, 2010 at 10:38 AM   Reply to

LMAO. The randomness of this totally make me laugh out loud. Love it!

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