Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More cursing and crying. And why is my head ringing?

Reminder Alert...Reminder Alert...

What company can provide you extra tall bar stools for a Thanksgiving get together or give you just about anything else you might need for the busy day? can, thats who!  I will be having a GiveAway soon so make sure you stay tuned.......

Now on to the fun stuff.  Fun, I guess that is what you can call it.  Now I know there are a lot of you out there that think I swear, cuss, and use too much nasty language......yeah whatever...I know.  Well get ready to say good bye to the cursing and it is going to start here on the blog and then at work and then at home and then who knows, maybe I will be curse free.  Who would have ever thought me curse free?  Maybe its a pipe dream but hey I gotta start somewhere.  Or maybe I will just curse so much it becomes my

It first started when C3 repeated the word Damn it. Yeah, my fault.  Hasn't happened in a while so that is good.  Then it went to C1 when he asked me at his own bday party this past Sept. "Daddy, why do you say Shit all the time?"  Yeah that was a proud moment.....And wow, just this past weekend, it got even better.....Better you ask?  Yes! It got better..  So this past weekend the C's were playing Mario and my little darling princess C3 starts yelling.........

(sounded like)
Push it
Push it
So, T and I are in the kitchen and we are trying to figure out what in the world she is saying.  T thinks it is and I dont think so but she keeps saying it....Then T says "C1, what is C3 saying?"  He responds to her "She is saying Bullshit, Mommy"  Oh man.  Great, now my daughter is saying Bullshit. 

I wonder what else I can teach them......Mutha Fu....see let me stop...

Who has seen Toy Story 3?  All of you, good.  Remember the part when Woody and Slinky Dog are going to try and take out the Monkey?  Yeah, you do. And remember when the Monkey is slamming the symbols on Woodys head?  Sure you do.  Here ya go, here is a reminder....
That is what my head felt like last night when T went to the grocery store.  See C4, seems to have this thing where he love to trick mommy and make her think he will be fine when she goes to the store..
Yeah, not so much. 
See about 5 minutes after she leaves, he starts going nuts.  Crying, screaming "MaMa" and running around the house and looking out the windows.  Nothing works!!  I try to hold him and he cries.  I get his cup, he cries, I get him a snack, he cries.  I tried breastfeeding him, he cried more. 
Oh my, the crying stopped..Guess what happened...Yeah, T walked through the door.

Well, as soon as C4 was back in T's arms he was all better....

I still have that ringing in my head and echos of my sweet C3 yelling Bullshit at Mario..

Never a dull day



Anonymous,  November 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM   Reply to

TRex was playing video games yesterday and Snappy was watching him and she told him "Man, you need to get your act together!" I seem to recall one of the children calling 0007 a "biatch" this weekend. You'll have to ask him about that one.

0007 November 16, 2010 at 1:37 PM   Reply to

OK...yea the cussing thing is something we could work on too around the fucking house. I don't really like it when little kids cuss, I can't stand that shit. I think its bullshit. In any fucking case...did anyone else notice that you said you 'tried breastfeeding him'>? What the fuck!?!
T-rex throws a bomb every now and then, but I don't really recall Snappy saying anything on a regular basis, I'm sure she's said some, but nothing really stuck.

Gretta November 16, 2010 at 2:54 PM   Reply to

Best of luck on the no cussing thing! Your blog will still be great fun to read even without those colorful words, I promise! :)

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