Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nothing like a kick in the nuts!!!!

The only reason she made the comment is because I didn't flip my shit last night, I didn't lose my temper with the C's, I didn't show my stress, and I helped out around the house before we relaxed and wound down for the night.

"You were very sweet tonight"  Yeah that's what T said to me as I sat in bed and she came over to me and hugged me and made that comment.  Holy shit, it occurred to me right then and there that I am the big asshole and impatient daddy and husband that I sometimes claim to be.  That is not anything to brag about either.  I know she was being nice but it hit me like the breath of a dog who just ate cat shit.

Why does my wife have to come out and say something like this out of the blue?  It's because I really am that much of an asshole a lot of the times.  Shit.  You know after the whole stress battle T and I had the other day and then posting about how it affects the C's, I just decided that nothing was going to bother me last night.  Well except for the fact that T was so damn tired that she didn't want to do the PO - DO, but that's ok, I will cut her some slack.

I knew as soon as I called home when I left work that T was super busy.  She took the C's to the Children's Museum and got back and had to do dinner baths and clean before today when her mom came over to watch a couple of the C's while she took C1 to and appointment along with C4.  I got home and she was knee deep in cleaning and shit had to be done. I put all my petty shit in the rear, no not my ass and made it a point to help her out.  Remember 15 minutes a night is all she has ever asked for helping out wise.

I walked in the door and did a quick treadmill session and then went upstairs to eat the damn good dinner T made.  Scallops and pasta with cauliflower.  That shit was very good. The kids love scallops and were nice enough to leave me some. 

I helped her out around the house and I don't know if that is why she made the comment or if it was because I didn't have a screwed up night like I normally have.

It really doesn't matter, for whatever the reason T felt is necessary to say to me "You were very sweet tonight"  and just so you know I married a woman who is not the cheerleading wife.  She is not going to tell me something like that just to stroke my ego.

I know for sure that I am 100% percent a family man.  I love T and the 4 C's more than anything in the world but I also know that I am a huge asshole and can be a total dick to my wife and kids.  But when my wife says shit to me that makes me totally rethink how I act at home, it fucking sucks.

My kids are getting to the age where they are going to remember how much of an ass I am.  Time to get the shit straight, stop being a stressed out assclown and get T back to saying things to me like...

.."You are such a great lover and you rock my world in bed"




Gretta November 10, 2010 at 1:03 PM   Reply to

Since you mentioned scallops, you guys should check out this recipe. Our family loved it and I blogged about it:

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