Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for "Kisses"

So I started writing this while I was sitting in bed last night,  partly because I dont have ESPN so I couldn't watch the Monday Night Football blowout and partly because there is nothing on the cooking channels and then partly because I have watched every infomercial on the air now.  And last but not least, T is in the other room on her laptop that may or may not power down at any moment because it is a piece of shart. (didn't curse)

So T asked C2 what he was thankful for last night and his answer  'Giving Mommy Kisses".  I was so glad to hear that he had a awesome day.  He was a big help to T as she set up some Christmas stuff outside. 

C3.  T asked her the same question and her answer was "Giving Daddy Kisses"...That's my girl!!  T said that she was also a huge help yesterday. 

C1 didnt feel well yesterday, so he did a lot of sleeping and relaxing.  But he did go outside for a while to get some air and gave T the awesome idea of putting the lighted Christmas trees in the garden.  It made a huge difference and they look great.

C4, well he just hung out last night.  Ate lots of snacks and colored on the coloring pages that I finally brought home for everyone.  Zhu Zhu Pets, Toy Story 3 and Lego City coloring sheets.  Took me long enough but I finally remembered.

Now if I can only remember to bring home some stamps for T.   But I did get the rest of the Christmas stuff out last night.  See I am good for something when I get home.

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