Monday, November 8, 2010

To DS or not to DS....That is the question?

Again on a Monday, I had the negativity bug running through my mind as I drove to work today.  Seems to be like that alot. Not much I can do about it at this point.  Suck it up and make it happen.  As long as I don't have the same bug on the drive home I will be fine.

Again with no Sirius Satellite radio in the car, I had plenty of time to talk to myself since I am not going to listen to regular radio.

Topic of conversation today between me and myself.............Christmas Wish Lists, the C's to be specific. To be exactly specific, C3's wish list.

Topping the wish list of the kids this year is the Nintendo Ds.  I mean they want this thing so bad and it is all they talk about.  Being that the boys want one and that they have seen them from friends and their uncle, it leaves C3 wanting one.

C3, my sweet, beautiful, curly haired princess, who is also as rough as they come has this on top of her wish list.  I am struggling with this.  She will be 4 years old 2 days after Christmas.  I have gone over this in my mind ever since it has become a discussion between T and I.

Here is some of what I have been thinking about. First of all she will be 4.  Would T and I have ever allowed C1 or C2 to have one of these when they were 4, no, probably not.

Then there is the matter of how rough she is.  This girl has no fucking boundaries to which she will limit herself. I guess that comes from having 2 older brothers she has to keep up with.

Ok and lets not forget the fact that I am alot of the times an anal asshole who tries to watch over the C's and their shit too much.  I never allow them to just have their shit and have fun, I always try to monitor it and that means I am a hovering helicopter parent aka asshole daddy.

So all of that shit running through my head is telling me "No, she doesn't need one and she will be fine without it".................

Then the "That's my little girl" part kicks in and fucks my head all up.

Even though she will only be 4, she is more mature than the boys were at that age, since she has the older brothers and she does keep up with them.  Why do damn girls have to mature faster than boys. Sucks.

Even though she is rough, T and I don't allow the kids to have free reign with shit like this.  They don't get to just play the v smiles when ever they want. They have allowed time in which they can play this stuff and then they get put pack in our closet until next time.

The biggest thing that is bothering me is that, if Santa or someone else gets the Ds's for the boys and she doesn't get one, she is going to be so upset. I have this feeling that it is going to ruin her day. Now that is the selfish part of me and I know that kids don't always get what they want and or ask for, but man, I don't know if I can handle seeing her get upset on Christmas.  That will kill me and break my heart.

Coming from a guy (me) that is a wanting person, (yeah, I'm shallow like that) I would trade anything to have all my kids get everything they want on that special day for kids.  Yes, yes, come out all the people who say that is not what the day is about, I know, but shut up, I don't care about the true meaning of Christmas when it comes to my 7, 5, 3, and 17 month old.  They can learn a little of that now and a little later on.

T and I have talked about it.  We have both one back and fourth and yes and no, and old enough and not old enough and man I just don't know.  And it is really bothering me.  And when shit bothers me, it fucks with my head.

I have looked on Craigslist, Ebay, and pawn shops for cheap one, just so she will be happy.  I really don't know what to do about this and how to feel about it, but man I just have to get some clarity on it.

I am curious, how would you other parents handle this?  Would you get your 4 yr. old a DS? Dad's, is it harder to tell your son or daughter no?



The Mullins Life... November 8, 2010 at 11:49 AM   Reply to

Nerf makes a case for the DS. She could throw it out the window and the Ds would be fine with this case. I would get her one since that is all she is asking for:) Or you could scratch the ds and get her some jogging pants with words "Daddy's Girl" across the butt.....LOL!!! I know she would love those!

Lori November 8, 2010 at 2:01 PM   Reply to

Gosh, that's a tough one. My son was 7 when he got a Game Boy Color. My younger children got other hand-held games like Candy Land and things like Leap Frog. It worked out well here and everyone was a happy camper, but I know how that can work out when one wants something the others get. There are so many other electronic game systems out today to pick from, and maybe she won't notice if you make a really big deal about it.

Megan M. November 8, 2010 at 9:48 PM   Reply to

We finally broke and got the crew DS's this last Christmas - they were 8, 7 & 6 at the time, and my youngest is a girl. Oldest had only been asking, honest to God, since he was 3. We started them with Leapsters, did other hand held game stuff, but I wasn't putting that much money into it until they showed me they could take care of it.
Daughter "lost" hers within a month. She left it laying around at my office, instead of putting it in the designated spot. I found it (eventually, after nearly an hour and a lot of mumbled bad words)and we decided to not give it back for a while. She wasn't ready.
Perhaps Santa should write her a special letter explaining that, like mommy & daddy, he has some rules, and one of them is that she has to be XX years old before she gets to have one from him. Or, has to show him she can do a really good job taking care of another gift he brings, and if she shows him ALL YEAR that she can do a good job with it, then next year. I think you'll end up really frustrated if you get it for her now.

Catrina November 9, 2010 at 9:53 AM   Reply to

My older girlies want DS's too (7 & 4), well my older one wants her own (since they play with mine, yes I have one and they don't). But we would probably get our daughter one. I was going to say if you were so worried about getting her a DS then get her a leap frog (or vtech) one since they have learning games on them and not just mindless games. (I'm thinking about getting our 4 year old a leap frog handheld game)

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