Monday, November 22, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun....An A-Hole sighting and I write the songs that...

make the young kids laugh and make my wife cry...

So the weekend before the big weekend is over.  As we prepare to clean, cook and eat our way to a Black Friday bonanza, I am left wondering am I really going to get anything accomplished this week?

Well, I know that I wasn't much help to T this weekend around the house.  She wanted me to get all of the Christmas stuff out Saturday and I decided to try and clean house and do some laundry and that seemed to leave me with two things.........1. A not so clean house and 2. A ton of laundry still left.  Another reason I love my wife......She is always so friggin right....Oh well.

And yet another weekend that I failed in my attempt to not be an A-Hole to someone in the house.  And the unlucky winner of my A-Hole-ishness was C2.  Man, this kid has sometimes become the mouthiest child on the planet.  He talks back to me and T, he has an attitude, doesn't know how to talk or answer us.  Sometimes he can be the sweetest child of them all.  He loves to have Mommy and Daddy time, but then it can be minutes later, he just gets a smart mouth.  Love and Logic, Nanny 911, Super Nanny, I mean I try all of the stuff and I get to a point where I just want to go outside and break something from being so frustrated by his actions.  I can't stand the way he talks to T.  I do not want my boys thinking they can be rude and disrespect their mom.  So, I just don't know what to do...I will keep trying and showing love and talking to him....He has my temper and does the same stuff I do when upset....hit things, kick stuff and he gets more mad by the minute.  I have got to improve my own behavior so maybe he will improve his...

Remember when I wrote about my sweet little C3 and her little adventure with the curse word BullS---...Well, I was in the kitchen Saturday and the windows and door were open and she was playing Lego's with the boys and then like a rapid fire machine gun, she let the word fly...I had to leave the room and call T, so I wouldn't laugh too hard.  Thankfully she does not know what she is saying..

T and I didn't have a Date Night Movie night this weekend, we were just so busy and tired.  And thanks to the well, ONE suggestion we got. 

We rocked the fire pit Saturday night and the kids played outside and we had marshmallows.  I sang songs that made the kids laugh and made T wonder why she married me. And the kids favorite went a little som som like dis....
"I like my marshmallows like I like my women---Hot, white and and fluffy" So yeah the kids loved it and T, well she wanted to rip out my vocal cords.

Yesterday we all went over to T's cousins for a pre Thanksgiving meal and it was a good time, the kids had fun and we ate well.  The Cornish hens on the grill "Beer Butt Chicken" were very good and I will be doing one on Thursday.  Then we ran to a few places and T was awesome enough to make sure C4 was sleeping in the van so I could listen to the Falcons game as we gave the Rams a little spanking.  That's right the 8-2 NFC leading Atlanta Falcons...And speaking of picks for the weekend went 4-1-1. 

So before we went to bed last night T and I, went downstairs and went through all the stuff we have for the kids so we can make the game plan for Thursday night and Friday morning.  This may be the easiest Black Friday trek we have had in the history of having our C's. 

Tomorrow I will have up TWO, that's right TWO giveaways.  One is the CSN giveaway I was telling you about last week and the other, well, this is going to be a great gift for a man who likes to man scape himself.

See Ya tomorrow!




Gretta November 22, 2010 at 11:47 AM   Reply to

Excited about your giveaways & looking forward to the CSN..David wants their SOG set of 3 throwing knives for Christmas! Your song lyrics at the fire pit remind me of something Adam Sandler would do...haha!!

S.I.F. November 23, 2010 at 3:13 AM   Reply to

OK, I'm going to need video of C3 dropping that bomb... too funny!

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