Monday, November 15, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun.....Its all about Me and Me and oh yeah the kids...but more of Me

Out with the weekend and in with the rain.  Yes the rain has made its way back into the Atlanta area, and maybe the colder weather will stay and we can finally get the fall season in full swing. 

We did get to enjoy some great weather on Saturday though. We took the C's to this new playground that T has been taking the kids to.  It was nice to just run and play with the kids.  The C's also met some other kids and played a good two hours worth of  Tag-Your-It.  C1, also met a boy who happened to have the same name as him and also was the same age.  That was pretty cool.  And that kids brother was also the same age as C2.  The playground was a lot of fun.  We then made a few stops and got home in time to see some college football.

Movie night hit the house Saturday night and the kids choose...........(big surprise) Toy Story 3.  That gave T and I the chance to watch Grown Ups.  That movie was too funny. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and the rest of the crew are funny as well. 

Well I think I am making my comeback in the ol football picks department.  4-2 overall.  I went 1-2 in college and 3-0 in the pros.  Yesterday was a good day for football. And I won the office pool sheet, so I am the winner of the cash pot. Bout time, that is all I have to say.

A couple weeks ago a woman named Kali from sent me an email asking me if I would be interested in writing a weekly answer to the sites questions they would ask of some people around the country.  Of course I said "Yes". Write 500 or so words, hell yeah. Go to The Voices Of MainStreet and check out me and other people as we answer questions that might be on your mind.  Their website is awesome too because they provide you all kinds of information about everything from healthy eating to healthy spending and healthy saving.  Thanks Kali and Marc for the opportunity to be a part of your new feature. 

And just in time for the start of the holiday season I will be having a new GiveAway soon.  CSN Stores who carry everything from toys to Extra-Tall-Bar-Stools is giving me the chance to do a product review and host a GiveAway.  I will be doing a review on a item that is going to make a huge difference in my home and it can make a difference in yours too.

See all of this could fit perfectly in the
I already know where this would go too
Right in between there.  Move those suckers out and roll the cart right in.

So there you are. Lots for you to do today, beside all the other stuff you have planned.  Be jealous of our great weekend, go to, and check out the CSN Stores and get ready for a GiveAway soon.

You know I didn't even mention all the great food T cooked all weekend, like her awesome and famous Scallops, Pork Chops, Artichokes, and Cabbage, Corn on the Cob.....she rocked in the kitchen all weekend long....




Gretta November 15, 2010 at 11:13 AM   Reply to

It's raining here too and tell T I am jealous of her washer/dryer! With 6 of us we still have standard ones and it sux. Those are my dream machines! Looking forward to your review/giveaway also.

0007 November 15, 2010 at 4:07 PM   Reply to

wow, it worked!!!!
I tried to say earlier - I don't even do the laundry and I too am envious of the machines...nice....all that stuff on the floor? Man you could have at least gotten a table or maybe installed some shelving....

Scott S. November 15, 2010 at 4:10 PM   Reply to

0007, if I knew how to build shelves and install them, that would have been done. A table only give me an excuse to not take the clothes upstairs.......You dont do laundry? How did you work that out?

0007 November 16, 2010 at 10:01 AM   Reply to

Shelves?! Its a fargin BOX! Aiy-chingow! Take 2 boards of equal length, connect them on top and bottom with 2 other board of another equal length. Add the desired number of shelves between the top and bottom boards. Connect them at desired spacings. Oh yea, use screws and not nails. Apply finish coat of paint/stain, or go for the unfinished look....
Place items on newly built shelves.
Clean up the mess when the shelves fall due to overload of weight.
Go to hardware store, buy shelving brackets, screws and 1x8s. Paint the boards to desired color. Find the wall-stud. Screw brackets into wall-careful to keep them level. Place painted board on top of brackets. Screw a few screws through bracket into bottom of board. wa-lah! Stand back and admire your work.
Now place the detergents and what-not on the new shelves. Stand back and watch as the wieght of all that wash-soap rips your screws right out of the wall, causing you to realize that you've missed the stud or used shorty-screws.
Clean up mess. Get out wall spackle, repair the surprizingly large holes ripped out of the sheet rock by the screws. Apply touch-up paint to the wall putty/repair spots. Let dry.
Go to second hand store, find some cheaply priced pre-fabricated shelves. Paint them to desired colour and place in proper location. Place detergents/laundry supplies on shelves realizing the spacing doesn't allow for tall-ass liquid detergents to fit on any other shelve than the very top; eerily similar to a....wait for it.....table! Remove detergents from shelves. Carry shelves to drive way. Throw into driveway as far as you can. Get scraps from prior shelving attempts and crash the cheap unit to bits. Gather all leftovers in neighbors yard, and soak with starter fluid, light match and enjoy the inferno of your labor.
Repeat next time you do laundry, bending down to reach your detergents. You'll wish you'd been able to finish that job the first time - repeat as required.

Anonymous,  November 16, 2010 at 12:15 PM   Reply to

0007 was talking about your washer and dryer last night so I had to come take a look. Fancy schmancy! He's lucky I'm so cheap or I'd be whining for new ones like those.

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