Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Im Thankful for....

Here we are the day before the day when we all eat ourselves into coma. 

Being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I would go over some of the things that I am "Thankful" for.  This won't be your average everyday sweet, caring and loving list, this is going to be a list that only I could come up with.  Let me get the auto "Thankful-nicities" (new word) out of the way.

T and the 4 C's.  Goes with out saying.  They are #1 every day and every year.
My Family and extended family - way to many to list, so you all get some love too.

So here are some of the things I am thankful for :

*Matt Ryan Qb of the Atlanta Falcons - You complete me! Seriously, you had me at hello.
*Brett Farve - You taught me to look at who I am texting before I hit send.
*Tiger Woods - Thanks for making all of us other husbands and fathers look good.
*Bristol Palin - What other dancing daughter of an idiot politician can we make fun of?
*The A-Holes that spread all the gravel in the street in front of my house - I always wanted rocks in my front yard.
*Miley Cyrus - C3 can look at you and learn how not to act.
*TSA Pre flight screenings - If I am ever in a state of where I don't feel loved by T, I can always go to the airport and get a pat down.
*Bathroom - Where else can I escape to when the C's are stressing me?
*New Pillows bought by T - I love trying to sleep on pillows that are more poofy than Snooki's hair.
*Certain pair of shoes in our house - I love it how they can over power the bad odor of my shoes.
*Jesus From Cleveland (Jamie) - It is so awesome to work with a guy that knows everything about everything. Even when he is dead WRONG, he still swears he is correct.
*Jesus from Georgia (Greg) - He also knows everything and who wouldn't want another guy sitting in his office that is Mr. Fill in Blanks.  He answers every question for me when someone comes into MY office.
*Nasty A** Bathroom at work - What a pleasure it is to be reminded of a rest stop men's room smell..Everyday. 
*The word BullS*** - Never has a word sounded so sweet coming out of the mouth of a 3 yr. old girl.
*Mel Gibson - You taught me to never leave very bad messages on a voicemail. 
*Justin Beiber - You and your stupid looking forehead hair comb over makes my bald spot look good.
*Lego's - You are everywhere..Like fleas. But better than fleas.  But still a pain in the butt like fleas.
*The Gym I pass 2 times a day - Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.
*Sirius Satellite radio - You should be up top next to T and the 4 C's.
*ESPN - You are like the Kim Kardashian of my tv channels.  When T is asleep, I am thinking of you all the time.  ESPN that is. 

There are so so so many more I can list, it has been a wild and crazy ride to get to Thanksgiving. See, I always feel thankful for the little things that help me in my everyday life, but certain things make a huge difference.  Somethings stand out more than others. 

Tomorrow I will have a special treat for you.  A special video for all of you on Thanksgiving.  I will also have up some Thanksgiving Day Football Picks. 

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Erin November 24, 2010 at 1:38 PM   Reply to

You seriously crack me up! Thanks for putting a special spin on Thankfulness. Happy Thanksgiving to you T and the C's

Q November 24, 2010 at 8:54 PM   Reply to

I would definitely thank Favre as well because he's brought many laughs to me this season with his play.

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