Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leading up to Christmas.. Are you ready?

Lets see. Its a few days before Christmas and there is so much going on, in my world and in yours and just in general.

For instance.  I am married to T. SuperMom and Home schooler. Cloth Diapering and Breastfeeding Extraordinaire.  Green Earth loving healthy cooking sexy a$$ woman.

But last night when I get home it looks like I am married to a combo of Paula Dean, Martha Stewart, but with the sex appeal of a Rachel Ray and a Giada. I love it when T is in the kitchen with her sexy a$$ self.

I know 4 C's who were crazy as hell last night. Sugar? Maybe.  T cooked up the est batch of chicken nachos and I went to town, they were so good.  She was busy cooking all kinds of Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls.  Hmmm, made me think of this...

Elfie (ahem) was slacking this morning and didn't get his lazy elf-self up in time to make a move around the house even though he left some coloring sheets for the C's thinking that might help keep them out of T's rear all day so she could get some stuff done.

Ok, so tonight is the night S*#T gets done.  Presents get sorted and bagged and tagged and we make the beginning prep touches for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We watch the news every night. T and I do.  You know I have not heard anything about Baby Jesus being stolen.  Usually there are news stories about statues/ displays of Baby Jesus being stolen.  Whats up with that anyways?  How come no one ever messes with the Wise Men or Mary? Just curious.

So are you ready for Christmas?  Are your kids ready?  Do you have family coming to town? 

Remember no matter what you do to prepare, it is almost a safe bet that it will be somewhat of a stressing time. So much is crammed into a short time.  Just remember that if you have kids it is about them.  Let them have fun and watch them have fun. The mess will still be there.

So again I leave you today with a favorite of mine, this is a true classic



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