Thursday, December 16, 2010

OPTing OUT of P.E. Seriously?

Are you ready?  Well I am either going to make some people mad or impress people with a serious post.  I am going to win people over or lose some readers.  I really hoping that you will just read and take it for what its worth...MY OPINION. Maybe it will make you do some serious thinking today.

Let me start by saying I read this article this morning online at USA and it got me shaking my head and repeating to myself "I am so glad we home school".  The article headlined More states let students opt out of P.E classes makes me think that this is a huge reason of why some of the children of our country are having weight and health issues.

P.E.???  Kids can opt out of P.E.??  When I was in school many many years ago, the biggest problem I had was being nervous about changing in front of the other kids. I can remember some kids wouldn't participate cause of this or that but it was never a big enough deal where a kids could OPT OUT!   The article says that kids can opt out if they sign up for other activities like sports, band or other activities.  Seriously, WTF?  If a kids doesn't want to be in P.E. why would they want to do a sport, or walk around carrying around an instrument?  Makes no sense to me. 

Why would a parent sign a waiver for their child to NOT take part in P.E.?  Look I get it that some kids CANT take P.E. for some reason or another but, shouldn't parents try and motivate kids that they can do it, instead of letting them off the hook.  If they don't do physical activities at school the chance they do it at home are less to none. 

My kids are home schooled.  How easy would it be to let them sit around all day after school work is complete and watch tv or play wii and not get any physical activity?  Well luckily T and I pride ourselves in not letting the kids just waste away.  "You are going outside"  "Get dressed and go out and play"  We tell them this, and our kids have no trouble going outside.

Part of taking P.E. is learning health. So if they can OPT OUT does that mean they don't have to take the health part of the class?  All of this is so crazy to me. 

We parents and schools and the Government all complain about the Obesity level of our children in America and what do we do?  Let them OPT OUT.  BS Man, make them take P.E. and get them on track to a better more healthy lifestyle.  You see complaints about vending machines in schools and the food that is served but do they tackle those issues, do they OPT OUT of eating that crap? NO!

Stress.  Kids in school have stress.  What is know to relieve stress? Exercise! Exactly. 

Look I believe that if parent and schools and the Government can focus on things that are important to the future of our children then we can make a difference.  Our kids can outlive us, our kids wont have to be forced to eat good only so they can GET Healthy instead of STAYING Healthy.  Play with your kids at home.  Run with them, exercise and also here is a big thing.  If your kids do go to a public or private school and your child is one of the active one, get your child to be a positive influence in another child's life.  Have your child make them feel wanted.  Children will play and have fun if they are invited and see that it WILL be fun.  If kids are told it is ok to OPT OUT and not participate in making themselves healthy then they are going to always take the easy way out.

How many times do we as parents see other kids and say to ourselves or our spouses something about a child and how they should be doing something different with themselves.  If you are being honest today, then you are saying "some or a lot or all the time".  It starts with US.  Be a good role model to your kids. Be a positive example.  Have your kids do the same.  I may not be Super Dad and I may have a lot of issues in my adult life as a parent but I will never let my kids or give my kids the chance to OPT OUT of physical fitness or ANYTHING for that matter.




Lenzey December 16, 2010 at 12:28 PM   Reply to

I could not agree with you more! It doesn't make any sense at all. A few years ago, there was a pretty big issue on a few schools REMOVING playgrounds and recess from the elementary schools.

Pent up energy leads to what? Lack of concentration. Which leads to what? "ADHD"...

It's one huge, crappy chain of events that will bite us all in the "rear" sooner or later.

~Rachel December 16, 2010 at 12:30 PM   Reply to

Seriously? There has to be something we aren't being told?
Physical Education is so important. Teaching kids to be active is good for their hearts, their physical well-being, and their mental well-being. I am a parent of a kindergardener in a FL public school. He has PE 7 out of 8 days, along with Recess.He has music or art on the 8th day. Unless a student has a medical condition, they should have to participate in PE. By allowing our children to "opt out" of PE, we set an example that in life, if you don't feel like doing something, you just "opt out." Like, going to work. Or following the law. Or being married. You wouldn't teach your children to opt out of these things, right?
Okay...well, sorry for the rant. This just ticks me off.

The Zany Housewife December 16, 2010 at 12:30 PM   Reply to

Stupidest thing I have heard today. Honestly though, P.E. in my day was a bore. I did it because I had to, but I HATED every second of it. I would prefer to sit outside and read. I still participated though, and even if given the chance to opt out, my parents wouldn't have let me. And for that I'm thankful.

I think schools allowing kids the choice is just their way of saving cash, honestly. They claim they want healthy students, but can then say "well little jonny didn't WANT to go..." and therefore extra money back in the budget. If enough kids say to hell with P.E., schools will cut the program completely. Plain and simple. Which is bs.

I think as a society, we have become stagnant. It makes me think of those people in the movie Wall-E. Corpulent lazy bastards on floating lawn chairs with oversized sippy cups.

Kat December 16, 2010 at 1:33 PM   Reply to

Hear! Hear!! Totally agree with you. Students should not have a choice on participating in PE. They should just do it. And if they are injured, they sit on the sidelines. That's what I had to do. I also feel like there is more attention to catering to the students self esteem these days. Should kids work on their self-esteem?? Of course. But it is not up to the school to cater to that. And maybe a little butt kicking in gym class is just what these students needs. Its not only about getting active. Its about team work, interacting with others, learning about how your body works, etc, etc, etc.

I am ashamed at the parents that sign off on this. Even if your child is running sprints all day at track practice, they need to participate in PE. Period, end of sentence.

S.I.F. December 17, 2010 at 2:08 AM   Reply to

Just one more reason to home school friend. The priorities in schools are leaning more and more to helicopter parenting, and it's not good for anyone. Certainly not the kids who never learn proper nutrition or health care because their parents are too busy protecting them from a million unseen threats.

Q December 19, 2010 at 4:39 PM   Reply to

Good post. Too many people "baby" their kids which has led to today's man-less society. Something as simple as P.E. doesn't sound like much, but physical fitness and competition develops the leadership and toughness genes if you ask me.

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