Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Putting the FREEZE on Daddy...."We want MOMMY!"

So much for it being HOTlanta.  I woke up this morning and it is a sort of chilly 25*.  I like the cold weather, don't get me wrong but if it is going to get THIS cold can we please get some snow.  Real snow, not the flurries that look like a scene out of the breakfast club when Ally Sheedy is shaking flakes from her hair to make an art project.  I want inches.  OF SNOW PEOPLE.  I want to be able to get all bundled up and get the kids all layered up and go outside and play.  I want it to snow so much that I can get a snow day off work.....wait, that will never happen.  Ok, well lets just get some snow ok.  Maybe a White Christmas??

Elfie was on the move again this morning.  As I was going around the house checking on sleeping C's, I made some discoveries....

Elfie trying to hide in C3 bedroom.
And he let the kids another Christmas treat
He left the C's a book.  But Elfie better stop using
Organic Raisins or he may not get any more Barbie parties.

Last night something occurred to me and it stressed me out.  Aggravated me, kind of pissed me off, but then I sat and thought that it really wasn't that big of a deal and then got slapped in the face by smartness and realized that it was my own fault. 

Most of the time when I get home at night the kids are going crazy, bouncing off the walls and they are excited for me to be home.  By then it is a team effort to get them under control.  Snack time and story time and teeth getting brushed and T and I both do certain things.  She does things good and I handle some things good.  Well last night T had to go to the store since we were out of Organic Milk and the kids hate the taste of regular milk.  Well guess what happened as soon as T left for the store?

No C4 actually didn't cry. He was the only one that didn't give me problems.  I put him in the sling,
And he went to sleep.

The other C's didn't have the same plan.  "Mommy this" & "Mommy that" & "I am not doing that until Mommy gets home". I mean shoot,  why wont the kids listen to ME?  I was so frustrated last night.  It started when I F-ed something up that I ordered for T and I let that bother me. (Which I hopefully can get fixed)   Then add on the fact that the kids would not listen to me.

But I know that it is all on me, cause I didn't use the time out, that works so well for us, I didn't use warnings that work so well for us.  I did use Elfie, and I did use some "Love and Logic" and that didn't work.  So I gave up and let T come home and handle getting the kids to bed.

The only thing I did right last night in handling the situations was that I didn't yell or lose my temper.  I don't feel that great though because I shouldn't do that anyways.

Well tonight is another night.  Tonight the kids will listen and if they don't I will adjust.




Gretta December 7, 2010 at 9:57 AM   Reply to

durn skippy that if it is going to be this freakin cold we deserve some snow to make it enjoyable! A cold 27 degrees here this morning and not one single flake...grrr!

Tracy December 7, 2010 at 10:02 AM   Reply to

Hell you don't listen and you are 38 years old.
Remember they are children.Andd if they listened they really wouldn't need us to parent them.

Muliebrity December 7, 2010 at 10:58 AM   Reply to

My husband just lets the kids watch Pokemon.

Lori December 7, 2010 at 12:22 PM   Reply to

I'll be happy to send all of our Colorado snow over to the East Coast this winter. I actually love when it snows too, but it's been so cold here lately that we can't put the thermostat up high enough to make us comfortable especially know we'll have to pay for it come the bill. 68 degrees in the house just doesn't cut it when it's in the 20's and 30's outside.

Love your attitute about tonight being another night and that you didn't loose your cool. Hope tonight's a great one for you and the kiddos.

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