Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

Today is the day before the day that is the Eve of the day the we call the big day.  Or you could call it Christmas Eve-Eve. Or you could just simply call it the 23rd.

I am so tired today.  For some reason I got up at 3 am to let the dog out, and as I was waiting for her to come back in, I decided to go to the fridge and scarf down a few chocolate peanut butter balls. The older I get the more I feel like a woman. First it is the whole shaving my body thing, then it is the pee-ing while sitting down thing and now it is eating BALLS in the middle of the night. Ok, sorry for the dirty-ness, just had to make that joke. I amuse myself most of the time

Speaking of being an only child....I am thinking about the C's and how much fun they are going to have this year sharing (stealing) each others gifts. How much fun they will have showing (shoving in our face) what they got from Santa. I know they will enjoy (painfully) playing with each other and their toys.  I know that more than anything they are going to love opening packages of clothes and then trying them on. Wait. No they wont but we will make them anyways.

Brothers and Sisters.  They might not get along sometimes but I know that on this great day we call Christmas they are going to love and share the fun with each other. 

Ok, now on to the "Stupid ME" portion of the post.  Black Friday, I bought night gowns for C3. Got home and showed T, to make sure the size was correct. I put them somewhere.  Where? Beats the poo out of me.  I cant find them. I looked all over the house.  I dont know if we wrapped them or if I just hid them that good.  To be continued..........

Are we ready for Christmas, who knows. But I do know that I am ready to be off for a few days to enjoy the kids, the parents, the friends and the rest of the family.

And now for an annoying Christmas Music Video to make you want to punch yourself

I can not stand that song. But look at the hair.




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