Monday, December 20, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun....A lil of dis and a lil of dat...Plus a Video

So we made it home from Lake Lanier yesterday and the kids were happy. 

I know T was happy to be home. She can't stand not being in her own bed and she had a rough Saturday night.  It started when C4 did not want to go to sleep and he was being grumpy.  First I tried taking him for walks around the resort and I thought that may have worked but as soon as we got back to the room, well he started being grumpy again.  I took him for a second round of mood changing scenery and then I thought that did the trick as he went to sleep, but later in the night he got up and got a case of the grumps again and beside that T said he wanted to eat all night. So we will just leave it like this....T did not get a lot of sleep.

Kids did see Santa after eating breakfast and only C2 and C3 got brave enough to go up to him. C1 didn't leave the table and C4 got close but not close enough.

I enjoyed the trip this weekend, especially the part where we were driving home and I was singing Christmas songs to T. I just happened to change the words in every song to make it a dirty song. I think the only part she found funny was that I amused myself. You know for the record, I wouldn't have started singing dirty songs if she wasn't looking hot over there in the driver seat. FOR THE RECORD!

We got some stuff done that we needed to once we got home. Wrapped some gifts, did some laundry and watched some football. Had to get the football in. The Falcons came on at 4 so I was able to clean out the van and get everything unloaded before kickoff.  The Falcons are back in the playoffs and ready kick some A$$.  First we have to take on New Orleans Monday night and then Carolina both games at home. By the way I am 3-0 out of 4 games this weekend. I am back on track and I will win the football pool again at work for the 3rd week in a row if either MinneyMouseSota can beat the Bears or if the Bears win and both teams score 40 or more points.  So I will take a Vikes win or 40 points.

With Christmas right around the corner the kids are as excited as ever and counting down the days. Gifts are under the tree and the kids have been helping wrap some gifts too.  I really wish I had the entire week off, I just know that I could be home helping.....or getting on her nerves but at least I would be doing something.

Elfie has a few days left visiting our house before he has to go back and I am wondering if he has a few special things in store for the kids.  He left gifts at the resort, he must have know we were going because he was in the garage staring in the van as we got home.  This morning he was hanging out in some cereal and he left the kids another Christmas book.

So with the big day only days away, here is a favorite of mine for you to enjoy

Keep counting the days, we are almost there.




Unknown December 20, 2010 at 2:06 PM   Reply to

You remind me so much of my husband. He can't sing a normal song without being dirty and then he says it is my fault. Shithead.


Anonymous,  December 21, 2010 at 7:05 AM   Reply to

Hey Brother,

Nice post, you sound pretty relaxed, must have been a good trip!

Once I changed a few words to some church songs, my wife looks so good Sunday mornings! I had a good life, she smiled a wicked smile.

Mark L.

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