Monday, January 31, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....The is in fact a Sun up above...And it came out

The weekend was awesome.  The weather was so nice and the kids actually got to spend so much time outside. We played and took them to the park. But it didn't seem like it was going to start that way...

Friday I get a call from T that C2 has locked them out of the house. All doors. No garage, no keys and no windows open. I told her I could leave the office at 4 (another hour) be home by 5 and let everyone in. It was at least 35 degrees outside. Kidding it was a nice day.  Well her great friend Laura once again come through in the clutch and gets over there with a credit card.  Shopping, they are going shopping....IN MY HOUSE.  Laura broke into my house with a credit card.  Well they all got in. And it ended well.

The kids had a best friend who is another C, spend the night. They watched Toy Story 3 and all slept on the pull out couch.  Then Saturday while T was at a baby shower I played with the kids outside.  The played in the woods and rode bikes and scooters and i fixed us nachos for lunch.

Saturday night T and I watched Ben Affleck's  "The Town".  It was a great bank robber movie.  I really liked it. A lot of guns and shooting but it really cool. Thumbs Up!

Yesterday we took them to a playground that they love going to. They played and found new friends to play tag with and talk Mario with. C4 showed us he can pretty much climb the rock wall and isn't limited to anything at all. Scary for us.  Fun for him. Then the kids helped me wash my car.

Overall it was a great weekend and I loved being home every second of it.  Even the part where I found out my home can be broken into with a credit card.  Well time to lock the bolts and keep the alarm on.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-28-2010....Happy Days are here again

This Daddy's Blog


Here we are once again the best day of the week...Friday.  I am so ready for the weekend.  The weather is suppose to be so nice for us here and I plan on having the kids outside and I am going to do some stuff and have a good time. I see bike rides and scooter fun in our weekend future.  Soccer and baseball, trips through the woods and I bet we may even get a bump and a bruise or two.

T is going to a baby shower Saturday night and it is for a mom friend who is like T, you know a natural mom. I can only imagine how many boobs will be out at this shower tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that T was Parent of the Week over at Avant Garde Parenting . I nominated her for this and just like always she downplayed herself but she wrote a great piece and she promissed to not kick me in the ball.....This time.

So I missed two days of the gym this week, both days I felt like assprin and didnt make it. T was busting my clipped balls about taking time off.  But I did finish the week with a great workout this morning and I am ready to hit it this weekend and try some new things at the gym.

So the past few weekends T has picked out the movies for our movie night and she a picked some winners. Well she put the ball in my court and I am the one choosing.  The pressure is on.

I don't what has changed (maybe me and the way I act???) but things have gotten a lot better when I get home from work. Snack is easier, brushing teeth is easier and the C's are sweeter.

So I am a stress'er and a worry'er.(yeah my spelling sucks too) I am bad now but I used to be a lot worse when I wouldnt sleep all night and toss and turn.  I get on T's nerves but since I give good rubs she puts up with it.  What does your spouse do that allows you to put up with some type of BS?

Now for some of my thoughts..(You know thats why its Fridays Final Thoughts)

Its funny how people want to cry and complain about our Government (and I do to) but then when something happens like whats going on in Egypt, people never voice opinions about how lucky we are that stuff like that doesnt happen here.

I cant believe that it has been 25 years since the Space Shuttle exploded. I was 13 years old.  There has been some crazy events in my 38 years that I can remember.

So a woman got jail time for lying to get her kids into better schools. Ok I can see getting in trouble for that and making the kids change schools, but JAIL TIME. UNREAL. See the public schools of America are worried about the wrong thing.

I am in need of a body shave.  Yes I am going to have T shave my back, I will do my chest and arms and get smooth.  Now that I am working out and I love to look at myself I am wondering if I should attempt to shave my legs too.  Hmmmmmmm.

Enjoy your weekend.

WOW, wife and kids locked were locked out of the house, but our great friend and Master Crook Laura broke into our super so not safe home. Wow I really feel safe now.




Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday and T is laughing at me!

You know whats funny....T always says that she can never eat and shouldn't even try to eat breakfast or lunch or dinner until the kids are finished.  She is up, down, to the fridge and to the table.

Usually I am sitting watching all of this go down and like the non helping husband that I am.

Well last night I started making myself dinner when I got home.  I got the C's snack also. T was sitting down eating and laughing at me as all that I mentioned above happened to me...

First bite..."Daddy can I have....."  Get up and get more snack.
Second bite..."Daddy can I have...." Get up and get more snack

So T is laughing at me and I am like "Come on, can't Daddy eat his flipin' Kashi Pizza?" Damn.

So 2 green apples, 12 strawberries, 3 mini bagels later I finally ate my pizza.

C1 showed me how to do Mind Math last night. If Paw Paw would have shown me how to do Mind Math when I was younger, we may not have fought so much.  Don't worry Dad, I still suck at math, it wasn't you, it was me.

If you read my blog and I have Brain Power over you (Another Dinner For Schmucks line) then you might remember today is ......


(In Tone Loc voice) LETS DO IT....(ok you have to watch Jimmy Fallon Show to know bout dat)

C3...Thank You, for pee'ing in the bed last night. I love sticking my foot in the cold wet spot of the sheets at 4 am. (ps I do love you my little C3)

4C's...Thank You, for being the best kids on Earth, even though you can be a pain in the balls. Seriously, I had ball pain yesterday.

Michelle from The Bachelor...Thank You, for showing us it is ok to give yourself a black eye just to get attention.

Organic Strawberries...Thank You, for being so crazy expensive that I have to use a magnifying glass and super small knife to cut you so little to get the bang for the bite.

T...Thank You, I nominated you for Parent of the Week and you didn't kick me in the balls.

Guy at Home Depot...Thank You, for not sniffing the rug I returned to you the other night.

Sour Gummy Candy...Thank You, for giving me something to be addicted to. Your a lot cheaper than crack.




Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Makes Me Happy






4 C's

Going home to this makes me happy.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'd Rather be Lucky than Good

Whats that saying "I'd rather be lucky than good!" 

I need some luck.  I need a lot of luck right now.  I want to say that I deserve something good to happen to me but I do a lot of bad and ugly stuff so I am now thinking that karma is either going to work out for me in a good way or a bad way.

Be happy with what you have.  No!  I want something new.  Something different.

But, I have this feeling in my gut, yes the same feeling that has been making me sick now for 2 day that I am not going to get what I am asking for.

I know how much of a jerk and a-hole I am and I remember that day when T told me that a doctor wanted to do surgery on C1's neck.  I got so mad that I cursed God and started to doubt him and I felt like he was getting back at me...Well now my stomach is in knots and I feel like I am going to screw myself. 

It is never, NEVER this easy. There is no way I could be this lucky.  I used up all my luck in finding the best woman in the world to marry me and have kids with me and stay with me for this long.

Man, I just need something good to happen. 

Like a team that get the big win in the final seconds of a game.....

I would rather be lucky than good.  I just want to be lucky.

I am scared of letting down my team. (T and the 4 C's)  I mean I am so nervous and anxious at this point...I just don't want to let them down.

Most of all, T and the 4 C's...the ones who have stuck by me during the times of em acting like a jerk and yelling and being mean and hurting more than helping...they deserve for me to be more lucky than good.




Monday, January 24, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....With the C's and I thought I found it under the couch.

Laying in bed last night with T resting her head on my newly carved out man pecs, we both agreed it was a pretty good weekend.

Well except the part where I let our sick dog in and she decided she couldnt hold her pee and let loose on our new rug. You know the new rug that replaced the old rug that she pee'd on. I know she cant help it since something is wrong but, it really pissed me off yesterday.

So Friday I meet T and the C's at Taco Mac for her moms bday celebration.  A nice loud place where the kids can be kids.  I see an old friend / coworker and oh my god....That is all I can say. A drunk man he is. Reason number 5 why I dont drink anymore...You act like an ass!  He told me he loved me like a million times. But the best part of the night, besides his wife telling me a story and punching me in the stomach, was when he said "You have a beautiful family, and I love your wifes pink thongs, I have been staring at them all night"  Whhaaaat????  Ok. Yeah.  Thanks for that.

And I had to tell T and she laughed so hard.

Saturday, the kids and I played outside with T went to the store. 

The kids collected rocks

Then we went on a trip through the woods

Looks like some Blair Witch Shizz right there, tough to video while holding C4

Then I had to show my X Games material

Saturday night we let the kids watch....Dispicable Me....It was funny and the kids loved it. I thought it was funny too. Then T and I watched Dinner for Schmucks. Now that was so damn funny. I think I pee'd the bed 4 times.  From the girl at the beginning saying how hard it is to get laid when you smell like cole slaw to Barry saying his wife left him cause he lost her clitoris...I f-ing loved that movie.

Yesterday we chilled and I finished my project that I had been working on.

Played with the kids had family game night and we played Toy Story Uno and Toy Story Yatzee.

So we had a pretty good weekend and I really enjoyed helping work with C1 and his school the most. We learned about Greek Gods and his favorite was Zeus.

Ok, well I just had a nervous feeling come over me and I want to throw up. Maybe I will be albe to explain later.  Oh and my spell check is messed up so if I spelled stuff wrong, sorry.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-21-2010....Back to Normal

This Daddy's Blog


Well we made it to another Friday.  That is a victory in itself.  Am I the only one that really looks forward to Friday so I can be at home with the wife and kids? Probably not.

So all the snow is gone and the threat of more bad weather is behind us.  What ever will we do with ourselves now?

Well I guess I could get out into the back yard and do Poo Patrol.  We have so much Poo piled up from holding C4 off the side of the deck and letting him Poo all over the place.  It saves on washing the cloth diapers if you think about it.

I took it upon myself to expose the C's to the food chain, fish style.  See last weekend we went and bought a new fish for the tank. We got an Oscar and we named him Oscar. If you have ever had an Oscar before then you know it...EATS OTHER FISH.  I stopped last night @ PetSmart to get some feeder fish for Oscar and after I let them in the tank, C3 and T noticed that Oscar had a tail sticking out of its mouth....Let the food chain lesson begin.

Is it wrong that when I am at the gym every morning to always give myself a little glance in the mirror and tell myself how awesomely handsome I am? No one See's me do this, so its OK right?

Is it wrong for the gym to have infomercials for weight loss products on the TVs while we are there working out?

Things I have found out so far since I have been going to the gym.
a. I hate cardio and it hates me
b. any ab work kicks my ass
c. I have way too much non workout music on the ipod

I wonder if I am the only husband who asks his wife every time she gets up in the night if she is OK?  "Yes, I'm going to pee!"  Again, are you OK?  "YES!"  Don't know what it is, but I have done that since we have been together.

I am hoping for a few goodies this weekend..
a. maybe some kind of chicken in the crock pot
b. legs rubbed
c. sour gummy worms

So everyone have a good weekend. Spend time with your kids. And aggravate your spouse in a fun way.




Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday

So Jimmy Fallon (@JimmyFallon) is closing in on the number one spot on my favorite list.  Yes while I do have a Top 10 list for the ladies, I also have a Top 10 list for the dudes.  On his show he does so many things that make me want to pee all over the bed but, I hold it in until I get up and go sit down on the toilet and pee. 

His Thank You Notes.  There are way too funny.  The looks he gives, the way he leans down to write as The Roots play sweet simple melodies. 

You know we all have people to thank. I don't have to wait till Thanksgiving to hand out some Thanks.  So I think what I might start doing is on every Thursday (or until Jimmy finds out and sues me) I am going to hand out some Thank You Notes.  A few here and a few there. To show I care.

So to start it off (que the music) Shoot. I dont have any music.  Ok pretend that I have some beautiful cords playing while you read this.

Jimmy Fallon...Thank You, for being the reason that my wife T stays up late and goes to bed with only one man on her mind..YOU

Twitter...Thank You for requesting the I follow Kim Kardashian (every day). You really want me to get into trouble dont you? You just keep teasing me.

Gwyneth Paltrow...Thank You for singing. Well not really. Please stop, you dont sound good.

Lady at my gym...Thank You for sneaking into the mens shower room when yours was locked.  I loved inhaling the fumes of White Rain as I stared at your fallen hair all over the floor.

Dr. Oz...Thank You for stating the fact that the average male last less than 10 minutes during sex. Now if I go over the 10 minute mark I can consider myself an over achevier.

Jonas Brothers...Thank You for making a return to my ipod during my workout at the gym.  Nothing get me more pumped while I am leg pressing more than 300 lbs.

The 4 C's...Thank You for getting back to normal and climbing in our bed in the middle of the night,  My balls have been wondering why they werent being smashed for so long.

So there you are.  Do you have anyone you would like to send a Thank You note out to?  Tell us.

And with that




Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream Vacation?

I am a 38 year old kid.  T will tell you the same. We joke that sometimes I am the 5th child she has to take care of.  Being that I am a big kid, there are some things that I like, that most kids like.  One of them being Disney World.  We have gone to Disney World almost every year since C1 was 2 or 3.  I love that place and so do the C's.

But, now I have a bone to pick with Disney....Kind of. I'm sure its not really them I'm picking the bone with but some other company that I have never even heard of. And I'm not really complaining but just a little pissed that Disney has now raised the stakes in the game called.....


I am referring to the NEW, MASSIVE, beautiful, stylish and newly finished Disney Cruise Liner called Disney Dream. I am reading the article this morning at The USA . This 130,000-ton, 2,500-passenger ship is awesome.

I guess its awesome. I mean I haven't been on a cruise since I lived in Germany and sat on a ship that went up and down the Rhine River, if that even counts.  But whatever.  It looks awesome.

Just check this stuff out (and just in case you were wondering, I didn't take these pics)

The Disney Dream
Damn that's big
Really Big
The Captain of the Ship
30 foot screen overlooking the pool
The pool area with slides
Andy's Playroom
More of Andy's Playroom
Monsters Inc. Playroom

Just with that stuff alone, how can you ever let your kids see that and then not take them on a cruise?  A huge boat, with pools, slides, movies, food (organic too) and playrooms that are done after the Disney Movies.  This is great and the C's have already said that they want to go on the ship when they saw the commercial on tv that show Buzz and Woody shooting off fireworks, Wall-E bringing out towels to the pool.  So Disney, what am I to do?  Did you have to go and make a brand new state of the art cruise liner?  Couldn't you have left well enough alone and stayed in the park business?  Let me apologize in advance for the beating that Mickey will receive. Minnie, sorry no more flowers for you. Pluto, no more bones. Goofy?  I am still trying to figure out why you are a dog and walk on two legs?  Donald, you have a temper so I am leaving you alone.  To all the Princess', Why?  Why?  OK, my bone picking is finished.

So anyone spending their life savings on a Disney Dream cruise?  If so, take pic's and tell me how it is.  That way I can tell the C's.

And its funny, we will be just as happy if not more so, sticking to the wonderful Disney World in Orlando, Fl.




Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Im about to rewrite the script on my life

The past two days I have had so much trouble writing a post. I love my blog. But I have been in a place that has had me writing, deleting and rewriting and then deleting everything I have written. Why? Because it has been nothing but NEGATIVE. So I finally figured out a way to get it all out. And I’m hoping that this is going to be the end of a few demons that are circling around me. I am going to get the life size toilet snake and unclog my life.

Do you believe in such things a "Products of Environment"? Yes I do. But I think because the person (ME) may not be strong enough to make the right choice. A follower and not a leader. This sucks because I think of myself as a strong person sometimes and I do think of myself as a leader. But for a long time I have been in a place that is very negative and it has wrapped me up like a cocoon. I yes, saying I am allowing this to disrupt my home life. It is going to change and in a huge way.

Do you think that you can turn into something just because you are always around it? Yes, this is me too. I fall into this category. I didn’t used to be like this. I was always the funny clown, happy go lucky character. Now I am a huge A-hole. And again I allow myself to be like this. I am around it all day long and just because my certain place allows me to be like that doesn’t mean I have to be one and most of all be one at home.

Are you strong enough to take on things directly that get in your way or do you need to let it keep hitting you and then you find a way around it? Well, I am finding out that I have not been strong enough to handle things in a head on manner. Cause if I was, then I would have done something a long time ago, instead of just sitting still and taking what I am taking. I can do much better for myself and my family and even if I have to go around it, over it, under it or even trick it, I am getting around this wall called misery.

Asking other for help. Is it a sign of weakness or a sign of maturity? I used to think it was a sign of weakness. But learning and reading and discovering things have shown and taught me that asking for help is ok. It is a sign of maturity. Do I sit around and wonder what I do, or ask for help? Ask for help. Yeah. Where I am at right now in my life with everything, trust me...You..yes You might be getting a call or email and I may be asking you for some kind of help. Any of you. Be ready.

Know when to say "Enough is Enough" and getting off your ass to do something about a problem you are having.  Just when I think things can’t get worse, they do. Just when I think things can’t get any lower or any more disgusting and repulsive, they do. Last week I reached my boiling point. Actually it was like the 100, 000, 000, 000 th time I have reached my boiling point. But now I am getting off my ass and doing something about it.

All of these things I mentioned above are things I have dealt with in the past, present and I want to change myself so I know how to handle this stuff in the future.

I am tired of always complaining and not doing anything about it. T is tired of me complaining and sitting on my ass waiting for something to fall in my lap. I’m tired of excuses. I’m tired of not searching and seeing if there is an avenue out there that will get me and my family on a track to success.

A huge Thank You goes out to T who has so much patience to deal with my Man Periods. These Man Periods are going to be a thing of the past. I love you honey more than anything in the world and know you are by my side no matter what.

Coming Soon....Changes!!!




Saturday, January 15, 2011
















Friday, January 14, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-14-2010...The End of the Storm and Falcon Friday

This Daddy's Blog


Wow, another Friday and it got here fast. Guess it helps when your snowed and iced in for 2 days and your work week is cut down to next to nothing.

I 100% enjoyed my extra days at home with the kids and T. It was a blast. Here see for yourself.
Here are some other videos from the Snow/Ice Days we had
We let our kids play in the road
And Again
And we finish with this....Listen to T

Yeah it was so much fun.

I have a few thoughts on the Great Winter Storm of 2011.
Hey, how bout we take the side of caution and work before it hits and have it taken care of just in case it is bad and if it is not bad then oh well.

And look, I love the snow, but the Ice. Not so much.  I was a little upset that I couldn't find a way to do some kind of crazy stuff down our driveway, but I didn't hurt myself and that is a good thing.

Winter Storm 2011. Just as I got into a rhythm of getting up at 5:30 am, you come and F it all up.  Now I have to get back into my routine of building my better body. (Stop Laughing)

OK, I have a deep dark secret to share. I did something that I don't like doing. And it didn't kill me which may have not been a good thing, cause I may have to do it more often now.

Does any or everyone know what tomorrow is? Yes Saturday I know but it is something much bigger than that.

Falcons vs Packers.  Man I love my Falcons and I hate the Packers. I am so nervous about this game. The Packers are good. I need Turner to run his butt off. I need Ryan to be smart. I need the D to step it up.  Man as much as I cant wait till tomorrow night 8 pm for this game, I am so on edge about it. 
I will have the #2 Ryan jersey on ready to rock.  
DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT CALL MY 770-***-**** 
I will curse you out. Just cause I don't curse on the blog anymore, doesn't mean I wont curse you out on the phone. Parents and Mom In Law included. This is too big of a game.

However I will be live, yes live tweeting during the Falcons game. Come one, Tweet all. Oh, and there is the chance you get cursed out on twitter too. Just be careful.

I am worried about T and the C's tomorrow. I am a hard person to be around during a game. T will tell you. It is scary. 

Go Falcons and Defend the Dome!!!!!!!!

And I have received a lot of comments about me changing up the ending of my posts.  See what happened was C2 was running his mouth and being a smart azz and he got mad at me.  So in his own curse words way he started calling me a
I couldn't stop laughing. He was so mad and all he could come up with was that!  Wow, I mean I am glad he couldn't come up with something else, but that was too funny.
So I thought I would change the ending of my post to that cause when I said it, it made me laugh.
Well, I am going to go back to the line I stole from Ochocinco to end my posts. After thinking about it, I also like it better. So with that being explained and said..........



Thursday, January 13, 2011

I got this phone call.

You know I have those days when I feel like a complete loser.  It is so hard for me to even admit that.  I mean if you know me, or have ever talked to me, hell if you read this blog you know I am a huge trash talker. I am big on myself.  I think I am the king of all kings and I am better than anyone else.  Really, I feel like that. You are not better than me.  I can run faster than you. Better at basketball than you. I am awesome in the sack (another time and place). I mean I am like James Brown, just gotta jump back and kiss myself.

But recently one of my C's, C1 the one who I would never expect it from, has been giving me a hard time.  He doesn't want to have snack at snack time and he doesn't want me to brush his teeth and he doesn't want to get into bed when its time.  I think I even said to T, that  C1 is giving me such a hard time and it is frustrating. I know it is something I can change but it drives me nuts that he is acting like this. 

Out of all my boys he is being such a little *&^@ to me and it pisses me off. 

Well rewind to our Snow Days Lock Down.  He and I had such a good time playing in the snow. We built Ice Houses in the backyard and he tackled me and put ice in my face, it was a blast and I think he had a good time. We had two days of that. Eating as a family and playing games and it just felt good again to have him Quote Un Quote "On my side again"

Well Yesterday I got up and decided to try and make it to work. I left before the kids were up. Like usual. But I think he may have thought I was staying home again.  Well when T called me to check on the drive in, she said that he was sad that I wasn't at home and he was crying in his room, and he didn't want to talk to me on the phone.

Then I got a call from my Big Buddy C1. He had tears in his eyes and I could tell he was crying. He told me he missed me and asked why I had to go to work and said he was sad. He was in his room all by himself talking to me. I explained to him that I had to make a decision and it was a hard one, to go to work.  I told him I loved him and we would spend some time together when I got home. It was by far the hardest phone call I have had to take. It sucked. Sucked real bad. I wanted to cry. I hate hearing my kids cry like that. He was crying for me like he really missed me and it was hard to hear, being that I could have stayed home and I didn't.  I didn't want him to think I was tired of being at home, I just felt like I had to go back to work.

So I got home and C1 was happy to see me. He said he was happier to see me than he was happier to play his DS.  He didn't stop playing when I got home, but him saying it was enough for me.  I asked him if he wanted to come into my room after everyone was asleep and he did. We talked about some stuff and he asked me some questions about work and we talked about our sick dog. He was full of questions yesterday. T said he was asking all kinds of stuff.

He spent time with me and then went off to bed.

At least I know he went off to bed in a good mood.

Getting that call with C1 crying was tough. But it let me know that I am doing a good job as a daddy. If I was this big AHole like I always think I am, then my kids wouldn't want me there.  And it also let me know that C1 even though he is being tough with me sometime is still my Big Buddy.  Damn I hate my kids growing up and I am going to take more time with them being as that I am hardly at home.

See parenting is weird like that. And I learn something everyday.  My kids are going to do things that make me shake my head and wonder what they are doing. But at the end of the day, they are kids. So he doesn't want snack when I fix it. OK, leave it there. So he doesn't want to brush his teeth. OK, do it later. He doesn't want to go to bed, OK, he will be tired tomorrow. Its OK.  I learned even though I may think my boy is not wanting ME, he actually does NEED ME.

So, I am NOT a loser, I am still better than you and I am still going to talk trash.

So with all that said.  Please give me more snow days so I can stay at home with the kids.




Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Snow Days Recap. Just some of the fun.

I am struggling today writing my post. I am in such a negative mood and I want to blog about something that is making me so mad and bothering me but I know it will keep me in such a bad mood.  So I am going to forget about it (yeah right) and recap my last few awesome days I have spent home with T and the 4 C's.

Even though we had food and wood and supplies to last us if we couldn't go anywhere for days or weeks, we had NO gloves for the C's. Well actually only one C had GOOD gloves. But they survived.

3 missed days of the gym replaced by one hour of shoveling ice off of our driveway.  Probably the same amount of muscles worked.

How in the hell does my Jamaican neighbor Danny have a snow shovel and I don't?

Skating with the Stars will now be held on our street. It is a Ice Rink

5, 325 hours spent dressing and undressing 4 C's for playing in the snow and coming in.

I ate Roast. Yes really I did. And it didn't kill me.

T made awesome PaSketti last night.

C2 has the WORST poker face.  This kids can't even play UNO without flipping the table upside down. But playing UNO as a family has been so much fun.

Number of animals we own that I am sick and tired of having? 2.

Number of hours I will spend dreaming of the Falcons beating the FudgePackers?  How many hours till 8 pm Saturday night.

Playing Hide and Seek in the Snowy Woods at home is the best time I have had with the C's in such a long time. They hid so well that T and I thought they might be lost for a minute. Crazy.

Getting attacked by C's and having snow smashed in your face and put down your pants is not fun for me, but it is fun for the kids.
I love it that T looks at my butt

Number of times I tried to slide down a hill or our driveway? 1 million

Number of times it worked? NONE

Number of hours I spent telling T, "Now I realize how tough your day is"?  How many hours was I home?

I realized how much I miss eating with my family.
See what happens to pizza when you leave it outside

I know there are so many memories I took away from having two extra days off due to weather, and they are all good.  Even though I have to use my vacation days to cover the days lost, it was still worth it, big time.

Naughty Little Stamps



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More of The Great Snow Storm 2011. Having Fun

So I hijacked T's blog yesterday and did a post on hers.  I didn't get kicked in the nuts so I guess it was not a big deal.

Today the conditions were not good enough for me to go into work again so I got to listen and watch the C1 and C2 do some school sessions on the computer.  It was cool. Listening to the kids talk to their teacher over the computer was awesome.  And I have learned the past two days how hard T has it at home.

Today we went out for another round of what I like to call the glove less ICEcapades.  The C's are troopers though, playing and running with out very good gloves. We waited till the last minute, so we got screwed. We didn't know that it would be this crazy. Playing hide and seek in the woods was so much fun with the C's.  They hid so good one time that I couldn't find them and T and I thought they might be lost. It was kinda funny.

Then I shoveled the ICE off of our driveway, just in case I am dumb enough to try and go to work tomorrow on the icy roads.

But we played
and stayed warm
someone got too cold
someone had fun
And someone got attacked.

It has been a lot of fun.  I know I am stressing about not working and not making any money, but you know what? F it.  The kids will remember The Great Storm of 2011 and that will be my best memory.

More pics and video to come later..

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-7-11...Am I a Twitter Whore? And 5QF

This Daddy's Blog


My first FFT of the 011.
Lets get to it. Ready for some of the things that are on my mind?
If you said your not..then too bad, read anyways...
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might pee,
But...You will enjoy

Twilight Movies..T and I watched all 3 of you and we liked you. And for the record I am Team Alice.

Note to self..When C3 is having snack..Avoid asking her how many! Because the other night as I was handing out strawberries she said "Can I have 6?" and all T and I heard was "Can I have Sex?"..No you may not, you can have 5.

C1 & C2..Not even a 2 week winter break can slow them down. They jumped right back into the homeschooling and kicked ass as usual.

T called me a Twitter Whore. And I liked it.

I am doing something this weekend that I have not done in several months.  Im taking a shower. Ha, yeah. Im shaving my face clean. T hates it but I am starting fresh. Trust me by the time I blog again it will be back.

C4..Look, I like that you climb. I get it your outgoing. But seriously, do you have to climb on everything? And next time you want to battle me over a piece of chicken..Guess what my little 19 month old beast..I will share with you again. Love you

Ok so last night I make a stop at Babies R Us. A place I do not like going into cause you will never get out..Anywho, I find myself in a coupon conversation with a woman while I am on the phone with T and I have no clue so I put the woman on the phone with T. Then I find myself telling this woman whose baby is due in July that she needs to use cloth diapers. I almost told her she needed to breatfeed too.

Dear local gym..You broke my heart. You were trying to steal from me, so I had to take my sweat elsewhere. I have done my first 3 days and I am feeling good...sore but good. (And the gym has ESPN which I dont have at home)

Football time. In case you are new to this, I take football games and go over them and pick the games with the point spread.

(winners in blod)
NFL Wild Card Weekend

Indy(home)-3 vs. NY Jets - Man for some reason I just cant find it in me to go against Peyton at home. Colts cover.

New Orleans-10 @ Seattle - I hate the Aints. The PeeHawks suck. That being said, N.O. has no rb's left and Seattle has nothing to lose.  PeeHawks cover the 10 and pull the HUGE upset

Philly(home)-2.5 vs. Green Bay - Going on a limb here and going to take Philly. They have a game changer in Vick. Nuff said

Baltimore-3 @Kansas City - Kansas City is a surprise and the Ravens have experience. Take the Ravens all day even in KC.

Just when you thought you have read enough

I havent done a 5QF in a while but since she used one of my questions I am going to make this post a bit longer for you today. Go to Mama M's Blog and do your own.

1. What is your current favorite book, and why? Book? Uhhh. Do magazines count? ESPN. I need to be reading the parenting books we have in the house. Why hell I need to

2. Do you go to the dentist regularly? NO. I dont go at all. Sorry. If there is one thing that I am so scared of it is the dentist. From start to finish. F the dentist.

3. What is your worst memory from High School? Probably going to prom with a girl that I had no business going with and she left me and spent the whole night with someone else.

4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life?  A good husband, good father, good friend, good son, and good person. And a funny s.o.b.

5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions? Yes sort of. I have to watch games a certain way. Gotta have my jersey and hat on. I stand alot during the games, only cause I pace back and fourth.

Told you, long post. But if you made it, then your awesome and just like me you are a bad azz blogger and blog reader. If your a daddy blogger then your even cooler.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Writer's Workshop presented by Mama's Losin' It! My first time

Mama's Losin' It


This is my first time doing Mama Kats Writer's Workshop but the prompt DRUNK just seemed to be a good one for me to start with.

Coming up in February it will be 3 years since I have quit drinking. Wow 3 years. Yeah. I feel good about not drinking. I used to drink and get drunk a lot. And when I say a lot, man I mean a lot. Never really got into the reasons why I drank so much except the sorry excuses like work, stress, relaxing and other things like that.  Never thought of it being a problem or me being an alcoholic while I was doing it, but isn't that the way it goes? 

A lot of things happened while I was doing all of this drinking.  T and I were fighting all the time. I had no patience (still don't but...) Was nasty to T, nasty to the kids, I was a big A-hole. I was doing anybody any good. Not T, not the kids, not myself. Getting home at 9 pm on a weekday and drinking till I go to bed.  Every day.  Drinking on the weekends from afternoon on. Why?  Just felt like it.

I tried cutting back to the weekends. Hell that just meant I drank more on the weekends and then it slipped back into the weekdays. Couldn't do it. It was at the point where the C's associated drinking with me. They saw beer commercials and would say to me "That's what you drink daddy"  Enough was enough. Too much fighting with T, she wasn't happy with me and I wasn't happy with me. Our home was a mess. The only way to fix it was to quit. So I did.

I quit cold turkey. It was awesome.  It has been awesome. No more fighting with T, no more being drunk or drinking all the time. No more wondering if I may have missed something the C's said to me. No more falling asleep early while T is awake in bed. (Well not from drinking).

So as the 3 year mark nears I do have a sort of huge reminder that I once drank too much....A beer belly. I know many of you might think I resemble Matthew Mcconaughey but I do have a beer belly.

So to people out there that spend their time being drunk or for that matter even drinking all the time, I just say to you..."WHY?"  You don't need to. I'm not even talking about the health part of it. If you have kids, do you want your kids seeing you like that all the time and then the risk of your kids drinking at an early age.  Not worth it.

I am also torn about something right now on this topic. I have a close friend who I would do anything for, cause I know he would do the same. I think he may have a drinking problem and I think it may be affecting his home life.  I love this dude. (Easy people, don't go there)  I want to say something to him but I don't know if I am suppose to know anything?  That would create a problem for his wife who is also a great best friend. I don't want to stick my nose (very large nose) into someone else's business. I have done that recently and it has not worked out well. (Example - I will never be a marriage counselor. I'm 0-2)  This guy has been married a long time and I don't want him to look back and say "If I only stopped sooner"  I don't know. I guess I only say that cause I was there.

Drunk. For me it means wasted time, wasted chances and wasted memories.

Go check out Mama's Losin' It! She is funny.  Maybe next time I do this I can be my normal funny, crazy self.  Until then just keep those thoughts of me being Matthew Mcconaughey alive.

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