Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The boy is back in town.

And so it begins. 

T and I are viewers of reality tv.  The kids go to bed and we turn on the tv and watch and discuss, analyze, make fun of the people.  How can you not?  And up to bat now is Brad Womack and the women making the new season of The Bachelor.

I am sucker for this stuff.  So we dvr it and watch it. Now let me tell you that this is the first season that I let T tell me who "Reality Steve" says Brad picks.. But that wont make my opinions any different.

So my first thought is the producers need help.  There were some (not so pretty) women/girls on this show last night and some of the ones he kept....(scratching head)...seriously.  Hello, Welcome to Wal-Mart. Come on Brad, open your eyes.  First impressions my arse. Pick the hot ones then move on.

20 women to receive a rose are: Ashley S., Ashley H., Madison, Chantal, Emily, Jackie, Shawntel, Raichel, Marissa, Michelle, Keltie, Alli, Stacey, Kimberly, Britt, Melissa, Sarah P., Lisa M., Meghan and Lindsay.

Its too early to make too many judgements on some of them. Madison the fang girl. Maybe T and I got too wrapped up in the Twilight movies but this chick needs to go home. That is not cute nor sexy. And what if...nah never mind, I will leave that alone.

Chantel is hot. Good job on keeping her. But Brad needs to tell her "Slap me once, that's a turn on, Slap me twice and you run the risk of a azz kicking"

Now Emily. I am not a guy that thinks a lot of blonde's, but she is by far the best looking blonde that has been on the show in a long long time. Soft, sweet voice and has a kid.  Shes a keeper.

Keltie the Rockett.  Go back to NY. You and your high kicks and your Tenley like personality get on my nerves already.  Shawntel, you are not hot. Sorry your not. And I am so glad that he did not keep Sarah L.  How in the world did that girl get her hair to curve so perfectly around her head.  No way. Bye.

And the girl that got only 4 or 5 30 second sitting with Brad. Come on get some balls or ovaries and sack up. Tell the other chicks to get a move on.

The hair waxer girl.  He needs to take her along and get the treatment. Use her for the hair removal and then let her go. And be glad she didn't slap you, she had some arms and that might have hurt.

Next week I will have another recap for you. Just the kind a guy could give you. And I promise this season to keep it clean.

Lessons I can teach my kids from this show. See I can always find a lesson in something.  Boys, never never date a girl with fangs. Just don't.  C3 never get fangs.  And boys if the girl slaps you, get her number. She is feisty and has fire, just like your Mommy.

Tonight is V. T and I watch that too. So watch for my thoughts on twitter tonight. 

Kiss the Baby



Chels January 4, 2011 at 10:21 AM   Reply to

My husband couldn't keep his jaw shut every time Emily was on screen. Heck, III couldn't keep my jaw shut. She's absolutely flawless. And not slutty, to boot. She's our favorite so far.

And something tells me that the producers told Brad to keep fang girl on. She's seriously weird.

Aaaand, I didn't see Brad's season. But he doesn't seem like anything to swoon over. Except when he's not wearing a shirt...

Connie January 5, 2011 at 6:11 PM   Reply to

I love that you're recapping the show!

You need to come back to my post and join my Fantasy Bachelor Team!!

John July 24, 2021 at 1:22 AM   Reply to

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