Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream Vacation?

I am a 38 year old kid.  T will tell you the same. We joke that sometimes I am the 5th child she has to take care of.  Being that I am a big kid, there are some things that I like, that most kids like.  One of them being Disney World.  We have gone to Disney World almost every year since C1 was 2 or 3.  I love that place and so do the C's.

But, now I have a bone to pick with Disney....Kind of. I'm sure its not really them I'm picking the bone with but some other company that I have never even heard of. And I'm not really complaining but just a little pissed that Disney has now raised the stakes in the game called.....


I am referring to the NEW, MASSIVE, beautiful, stylish and newly finished Disney Cruise Liner called Disney Dream. I am reading the article this morning at The USA . This 130,000-ton, 2,500-passenger ship is awesome.

I guess its awesome. I mean I haven't been on a cruise since I lived in Germany and sat on a ship that went up and down the Rhine River, if that even counts.  But whatever.  It looks awesome.

Just check this stuff out (and just in case you were wondering, I didn't take these pics)

The Disney Dream
Damn that's big
Really Big
The Captain of the Ship
30 foot screen overlooking the pool
The pool area with slides
Andy's Playroom
More of Andy's Playroom
Monsters Inc. Playroom

Just with that stuff alone, how can you ever let your kids see that and then not take them on a cruise?  A huge boat, with pools, slides, movies, food (organic too) and playrooms that are done after the Disney Movies.  This is great and the C's have already said that they want to go on the ship when they saw the commercial on tv that show Buzz and Woody shooting off fireworks, Wall-E bringing out towels to the pool.  So Disney, what am I to do?  Did you have to go and make a brand new state of the art cruise liner?  Couldn't you have left well enough alone and stayed in the park business?  Let me apologize in advance for the beating that Mickey will receive. Minnie, sorry no more flowers for you. Pluto, no more bones. Goofy?  I am still trying to figure out why you are a dog and walk on two legs?  Donald, you have a temper so I am leaving you alone.  To all the Princess', Why?  Why?  OK, my bone picking is finished.

So anyone spending their life savings on a Disney Dream cruise?  If so, take pic's and tell me how it is.  That way I can tell the C's.

And its funny, we will be just as happy if not more so, sticking to the wonderful Disney World in Orlando, Fl.




Gretta January 19, 2011 at 5:06 PM   Reply to

Reckon we can get the opportunity to do a blog review for this cruise?! HAHA!! Sign me up...I'm a big Disney kid too!

Gina January 20, 2011 at 12:02 AM   Reply to

Haha! I was thinking the same thing, Gretta! We love Disney World. In fact, we've had Disney on the brain lately. We're hoping to go this September for their homeschool day. We have talked and talked about a cruise, too. The kids and I have never been on one and this looks amazing! Perhaps we can go...when we win the lottery!

EYE can make that! January 20, 2011 at 5:49 AM   Reply to

Wow, my kids would love to go on a Disney cruise, it looks amazing! Is it really expensive?

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