Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling like a Freshman again

This morning I felt like I was 14 again. A freshman in high school. A doofus with parted hair walking around looking and not knowing what the hell to do or where to go.

No pimples (knock on wood), no thick glasses (just thick contacts)   just a big blue bag full of clothes and grooming stuff ready to tackle a new world.

That new world.  THE GYM. Xpress Fitness which is open 24-7.

I have been wanting to go back to a gym for a while but money was tight. So I received some money for Christmas and thought perfect, I will now join and get to it.  So T went and paid and got my door key for me and that meant it was time for..........

The 5:30 am alarm.  It came so fast.  I went to bed early  (bout 11 something) and that meant T had to stay up by herself for a bit and she wasn't thrilled about that but I will be staying up with her, I just had to make sure I got up at the right time this morning. Don't worry honey I will be up with you and bugging you for PO-DO just like I always do.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP .....The alarm went off and I got up and got the coffee and was out the door. Made the drive to the gym and as I pulled into the parking hit me.  OH NO!  I am at the gym. And there are people here. Dang it. Ok. Collect the thoughts and don't be nervous.  Where is my locker and home room, wait I'm not in school...Hello!

I walked up to the door. Wondering what was waiting for me inside.  Swiped the key card. The door opened. I walked in. I looked around and tried to figure out where to put my bag. I walked over to the door with a MENS sign on it.  Hey there are lockers in this room, and a toilet.  Ok, this is a joke, someone is going to stuff me in a locker and put my head in a toilet?? No, remember Scott, I'm 38.

As soon as I put my bag down and walked out of that little room, I saw where I was supposed to put my stuff. Oh Well. I began the workout.  Easy, some treadmill action. It was in a spot that gave me the chance to look around and see where everything was located. 

Checked everyone out in the Jack Bauer kind of way, to make sure no one was looking at me the new guy. 

It all went good, I had a decent workout considering it was the first time in years that I had been to a gym. Last time I was in a gym was the morning when I had emergency surgery for appendicitis and a hernia.

Found the showers and no one was in there to make me feel insecure about myself. It would have been weird if someone was in there anyways considering it is a one shower room.

So as I was leaving I said to myself  "Self, this wasnt so bad, had a good workout, didnt embarrass myself, didnt have to talk to anyone, no one talked to me, Cool!"

And then it hit me. THE DOOR...IT HIT ME. I had no idea that the key card I used to get in the gym....was the same key card I needed to swipe to get out of the gym.

The comparison for first gym day to freshman year of high school is spot on. Tomorrow is sophomore year. Lets see if I can do a better job of bag placement and getting in and out of the door.


Naughty Little Stamp (there is a story, and its funny, I will explain later)



Gretta January 5, 2011 at 3:09 PM   Reply to

I can so picture you just walking right into that door...TOO FUNNY!!!!!! Hope your 2nd day of "gym" goes better tomorrow. :)

Anonymous,  January 6, 2011 at 12:18 PM   Reply to

Yeah Bro's at the gym! He's a new man!

Stay tough!
Mark L.

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