Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-21-2010....Back to Normal

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Well we made it to another Friday.  That is a victory in itself.  Am I the only one that really looks forward to Friday so I can be at home with the wife and kids? Probably not.

So all the snow is gone and the threat of more bad weather is behind us.  What ever will we do with ourselves now?

Well I guess I could get out into the back yard and do Poo Patrol.  We have so much Poo piled up from holding C4 off the side of the deck and letting him Poo all over the place.  It saves on washing the cloth diapers if you think about it.

I took it upon myself to expose the C's to the food chain, fish style.  See last weekend we went and bought a new fish for the tank. We got an Oscar and we named him Oscar. If you have ever had an Oscar before then you know it...EATS OTHER FISH.  I stopped last night @ PetSmart to get some feeder fish for Oscar and after I let them in the tank, C3 and T noticed that Oscar had a tail sticking out of its mouth....Let the food chain lesson begin.

Is it wrong that when I am at the gym every morning to always give myself a little glance in the mirror and tell myself how awesomely handsome I am? No one See's me do this, so its OK right?

Is it wrong for the gym to have infomercials for weight loss products on the TVs while we are there working out?

Things I have found out so far since I have been going to the gym.
a. I hate cardio and it hates me
b. any ab work kicks my ass
c. I have way too much non workout music on the ipod

I wonder if I am the only husband who asks his wife every time she gets up in the night if she is OK?  "Yes, I'm going to pee!"  Again, are you OK?  "YES!"  Don't know what it is, but I have done that since we have been together.

I am hoping for a few goodies this weekend..
a. maybe some kind of chicken in the crock pot
b. legs rubbed
c. sour gummy worms

So everyone have a good weekend. Spend time with your kids. And aggravate your spouse in a fun way.



Lenzey January 22, 2011 at 12:53 AM   Reply to

Haha. My husband always asks me if I'm okay when I get out of bed. Every single time. I don't mind it though.

Unknown January 25, 2011 at 12:17 PM   Reply to

LOL! The Hubble never even notices that I get up 5,000 times each night. He goes to sleep and stays asleep until his alarm rings. Once I even heard something downstairs and he wouldn't wake up to go check on it. I had to do it, scared out of my mind. The bastard had left the television on. But no...there's never "are you okay?" from him. LOL!

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