Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-28-2010....Happy Days are here again

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Here we are once again the best day of the week...Friday.  I am so ready for the weekend.  The weather is suppose to be so nice for us here and I plan on having the kids outside and I am going to do some stuff and have a good time. I see bike rides and scooter fun in our weekend future.  Soccer and baseball, trips through the woods and I bet we may even get a bump and a bruise or two.

T is going to a baby shower Saturday night and it is for a mom friend who is like T, you know a natural mom. I can only imagine how many boobs will be out at this shower tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that T was Parent of the Week over at Avant Garde Parenting . I nominated her for this and just like always she downplayed herself but she wrote a great piece and she promissed to not kick me in the ball.....This time.

So I missed two days of the gym this week, both days I felt like assprin and didnt make it. T was busting my clipped balls about taking time off.  But I did finish the week with a great workout this morning and I am ready to hit it this weekend and try some new things at the gym.

So the past few weekends T has picked out the movies for our movie night and she a picked some winners. Well she put the ball in my court and I am the one choosing.  The pressure is on.

I don't what has changed (maybe me and the way I act???) but things have gotten a lot better when I get home from work. Snack is easier, brushing teeth is easier and the C's are sweeter.

So I am a stress'er and a worry'er.(yeah my spelling sucks too) I am bad now but I used to be a lot worse when I wouldnt sleep all night and toss and turn.  I get on T's nerves but since I give good rubs she puts up with it.  What does your spouse do that allows you to put up with some type of BS?

Now for some of my thoughts..(You know thats why its Fridays Final Thoughts)

Its funny how people want to cry and complain about our Government (and I do to) but then when something happens like whats going on in Egypt, people never voice opinions about how lucky we are that stuff like that doesnt happen here.

I cant believe that it has been 25 years since the Space Shuttle exploded. I was 13 years old.  There has been some crazy events in my 38 years that I can remember.

So a woman got jail time for lying to get her kids into better schools. Ok I can see getting in trouble for that and making the kids change schools, but JAIL TIME. UNREAL. See the public schools of America are worried about the wrong thing.

I am in need of a body shave.  Yes I am going to have T shave my back, I will do my chest and arms and get smooth.  Now that I am working out and I love to look at myself I am wondering if I should attempt to shave my legs too.  Hmmmmmmm.

Enjoy your weekend.

WOW, wife and kids locked were locked out of the house, but our great friend and Master Crook Laura broke into our super so not safe home. Wow I really feel safe now.




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