Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More of The Great Snow Storm 2011. Having Fun

So I hijacked T's blog yesterday and did a post on hers.  I didn't get kicked in the nuts so I guess it was not a big deal.

Today the conditions were not good enough for me to go into work again so I got to listen and watch the C1 and C2 do some school sessions on the computer.  It was cool. Listening to the kids talk to their teacher over the computer was awesome.  And I have learned the past two days how hard T has it at home.

Today we went out for another round of what I like to call the glove less ICEcapades.  The C's are troopers though, playing and running with out very good gloves. We waited till the last minute, so we got screwed. We didn't know that it would be this crazy. Playing hide and seek in the woods was so much fun with the C's.  They hid so good one time that I couldn't find them and T and I thought they might be lost. It was kinda funny.

Then I shoveled the ICE off of our driveway, just in case I am dumb enough to try and go to work tomorrow on the icy roads.

But we played
and stayed warm
someone got too cold
someone had fun
And someone got attacked.

It has been a lot of fun.  I know I am stressing about not working and not making any money, but you know what? F it.  The kids will remember The Great Storm of 2011 and that will be my best memory.

More pics and video to come later..

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The Zany Housewife January 11, 2011 at 6:17 PM   Reply to

It looks like all of you (except for crying child) had fun!

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