Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Snow Days Recap. Just some of the fun.

I am struggling today writing my post. I am in such a negative mood and I want to blog about something that is making me so mad and bothering me but I know it will keep me in such a bad mood.  So I am going to forget about it (yeah right) and recap my last few awesome days I have spent home with T and the 4 C's.

Even though we had food and wood and supplies to last us if we couldn't go anywhere for days or weeks, we had NO gloves for the C's. Well actually only one C had GOOD gloves. But they survived.

3 missed days of the gym replaced by one hour of shoveling ice off of our driveway.  Probably the same amount of muscles worked.

How in the hell does my Jamaican neighbor Danny have a snow shovel and I don't?

Skating with the Stars will now be held on our street. It is a Ice Rink

5, 325 hours spent dressing and undressing 4 C's for playing in the snow and coming in.

I ate Roast. Yes really I did. And it didn't kill me.

T made awesome PaSketti last night.

C2 has the WORST poker face.  This kids can't even play UNO without flipping the table upside down. But playing UNO as a family has been so much fun.

Number of animals we own that I am sick and tired of having? 2.

Number of hours I will spend dreaming of the Falcons beating the FudgePackers?  How many hours till 8 pm Saturday night.

Playing Hide and Seek in the Snowy Woods at home is the best time I have had with the C's in such a long time. They hid so well that T and I thought they might be lost for a minute. Crazy.

Getting attacked by C's and having snow smashed in your face and put down your pants is not fun for me, but it is fun for the kids.
I love it that T looks at my butt

Number of times I tried to slide down a hill or our driveway? 1 million

Number of times it worked? NONE

Number of hours I spent telling T, "Now I realize how tough your day is"?  How many hours was I home?

I realized how much I miss eating with my family.
See what happens to pizza when you leave it outside

I know there are so many memories I took away from having two extra days off due to weather, and they are all good.  Even though I have to use my vacation days to cover the days lost, it was still worth it, big time.

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Gretta January 12, 2011 at 6:29 PM   Reply to

Fun, fun .... the only sad part is that the "great blizzard" was more ice than snow! It was still fun though & looks like you guys had a great time together.

Helene January 12, 2011 at 11:52 PM   Reply to

Awwwww, looks like you had a blast being home with T and the kiddos!! You know what, I'll bet your kids grow up thinking you were a super fun dad! They're gonna have so many happy memories from their childhood! Makes me wanna run out and buy Uno to play with my kids!

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